Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Muslim Immigration Squashed at Iowa Caucus

Whether or not you agree with Donald Trump it seems that the mainstream media and GOP establishment has successfully squashed the issue he brought to the fore: ending Muslim immigration.  At a time when the DHS is cutting back on surveillance operations on the southwestern border and POTUS is visiting a Virginia area mosque with clear ties to Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood; the GOP candidates have gone silent on this issue. 

The number one threat to American sovereignty and security has been buried beneath a barrage of cable news sensationalism and GOP shenanigans.  Rubio is clearly an open borders advocate and Cruz stance on issues concerning immigration, specifically the HB1 Visa program, is questionable at best.  Trump in all his bombast and flip-flopping still has it right on immigration.  Socialism, which creates an atmosphere ripe for widespread illegal immigration, has racked Europe and caused it to be overrun by hordes of Muslim savages.  Americans are potentially facing a similar threat.

The Iowa Caucus was co-opted by the cable news media and the GOP establishment and turned into a personality contest rather than a serious discussion on the threat facing America. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


God shines through even after the horror
Death and Islam are inseparable.  Islam preaches death to non believers and even worse to followers who stray or are perceived to stray from its patriarchal and asinine dogma.  Beyond the politics and grandstanding of the 2016 General Election is the harsh reality of the theological virus that is Islam.  The only thing worse than the virus and those 1 billion or so infected with it is those who try to rationalize it and minimize its effects.  It is absolutely inconceivable that any sane human being who remotely values the sanctity of human life could advocate the spread of Islam. Whether or not one believes Islam is a "religion of peace" is besides the point.  The fact of the matter is that the bloodthirsty savages committing countless atrocities all refer to themselves as "Muslims".  This blog post is not about Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, it is not about posturing and pandering.  It is about the basic right to live in peace on Earth as human beings free from the fear of persecution.  

The American political elite are a wicked and inhuman bunch of money-hungry, power-crazed ingrates who have proven time and time again that they will sacrifice our families, women, and children for the sole purpose of consolidating political power and wealth. Human life is no more sacred to Paul Ryan than it is to Hillary Clinton.  Paul Ryan, the newly appointed Speaker of the House of Mis-Representatives has argued for "defunding" Planned Parenthood but in the dark of night pushes through a 2,000 page Omnibus Bill that includes funding amnesty for Muslim men who outright murder Christian children and babies.  Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) for decades has rightly condemned police officers who brutalize black civilians but then has absolutely nothing to say to black men who routinely rape, maim, rob, abandon, desert, and outright murder black children on a day-to-day basis.  With all his might Rep. Cummings defended the nationwide human chop-shop Planned Parenthood that specializes in setting up butcher camps in black ghettos; dismembering black babies, and selling their body parts to the highest bidder.

Recently, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) argued that Donald Trump was "wrong" to suggest a moratorium on Muslim immigration to America for fear that even the mere public suggestion would lead to "radicalizing" Muslims already within our borders.  This is the equivalent of saying that law enforcement should refrain from publicly advocating the arrest and incarceration of gang members because that may inspire them to commit more drive-by shootings.  Or better yet, refrain from publicly calling for harsh sentences for rapists because that may lead rapists to rape more women.  This is pure insanity.  

The one thing that is lost in all of this back and forth is the sheer reality that the most fragile and innocent suffer: children.  As a human being and a Christian the plight of innocent children be they Christian and/or Muslim weighs heavy on my heart.  I feel and pray nightly God protect Christian children from the horrors of this religious and political savagery not just in the Middle East but here in America and globally.  I also pray that God protect Muslim children from being herded across Asia and Europe in harsh and brutal environments to be used as political ploys and human shields to further some sick religious ideology.  I pray for the children here in America who are daily subjected to the horrors of drug addicted parents; sex-crazed adults, dope dealers, child traffickers, gang members, witch doctors and outright sickos who refuse to acknowledge and embrace the beauty of God manifest in the innocence of children.  

This is where I digress from my professionalism and Christian discipline to emphasize that this world is totally fucked up.  God please forgive me.  But there is simply no other way to put it.  I simply cannot imagine that any human being can look at the picture I posted of a Muslim mother and daughter burned beyond recognition and advocate for those who embrace this wickedness.  The picture is horrific and frightening but it is also beautiful in the sense that it displays the will of God in this mother and daughter who after experiencing something so Satanic and horrific find the strength to persevere.  I do not give a damn if they are Muslim, Christian and or otherwise.  God transcends the base human desire to place a label on every aspect of human existence.  Children and humanity are for the political elite simply a game and pawns on a chessboard in a sick game to usurp the will of God.  There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to protecting all of God's children because they simply want to destroy them. 

Friday, December 18, 2015


Speaker Paul Ryan has continued the GOP tradition of selling out Americans to the growing one world government.  His omnibus bill not only reinforced all the initiatives of the current socialist regime but has completely surrendered the sovereignty of American citizens. America's enemies need only look at the key areas of Ryan's massive omnibus bill and conclude that they not only have one friend in Washington but many.  The hordes of Middle Eastern terrorists and Latin American gangsters seeking to continue their terrorist and criminal enterprises in America now have the full funding and blessings of the Republican controlled Congress.  

No Wonder POTUS is Smiling!
At a time when Americans are being crushed beneath the weight of exorbitant taxes and government run health care; Ryan thought it a good idea to sponsor a massive bill that includes among other things; tax credits to illegal aliens.  Key provisions of the bill include funding of the DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act which simply grants citizenship to the American born children of illegal aliens.  The bill also includes federal funding of "sanctuary cities" or urban safe zones where bloodthirsty illegal aliens are free to wage violence against American citizens.  If all that wasn't enough the bill re-ups the already illegal refugee resettlement programs whereby not only do all refugees, particularly Muslim refugees are granted amnesty but taxpayer dollars are spent funding their very existence in America.  The bill further extends the H-2B Visa program for illegals and refugees and provides tax credits to illegals and refugees.  In other words, while American citizens are being strangled by taxes and regulation Ryan thought it in the best interest of America to extend tax credits to those seeking to do us harm.  In other words, Ryan has simply said to terrorists "Hey you can not only build your caliphate in America but we'll fund it with American tax dollars".  

There's not one piece of this massive legislation that protects America, American citizens or their hard earned dollars.  This bill is a terrorism funding bill that will create a permanent underclass of foreign criminals and terrorists within America's borders and further erode American sovereignty by incorporating America into a UN-led one world government. Ryan's intentions were to continue the dissolution of the Constitution by the political and global elite and further subject Americans to tyranny.  The GOP is a self-serving entity that has proven time and time again that the difference between it and the Democratic party is in name only.  Republicans have no allegiance to conservatives, Americans and Christians and in fact their impotence and incompetence has made them co-conspirators in any and every Muslim inspired terrorist act in America and against Christians worldwide.  Paul Ryan sits in a mansion surrounded by a security wall yet he finds it unethical to build a wall on America's southern border to protect American citizens against child-raping, dope-dealing, Latin American illegal aliens.  He's surrounded by an entourage of armed guards and contractors that give him 24/7 protection but doesn't think Americans should be allowed their Constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms to protect themselves against the Muslim and Mexican terrorists and thugs he's opened America to.  

I've often said there exists one set of rules and laws that govern the political elite and another for American citizens.  Paul Ryan is a two-bit, two-faced trickster who'd have us believe that the only way for a GOP-led Congress (House and Senate) to restore American independence and sovereignty is to concede more of it to the left-wing Democratic party and the United Nations.  He'd have us believe that he's worked around the clock with his scum bag colleagues in deep, hard fought negotiations with congressional Democrats to hammer out a bill that's best for the American people.  The reality is that he's done none of that.  He simply entered the brothel, pulled down America's drawers and politically sodomized America.  Ryan is worse than any Muslim terrorist or Latin American thug.  

Monday, September 28, 2015


America needs more illegal aliens like a dam needs holes. The so-called Syrian refugee crisis is nothing more than an attempt by the Arab world to extend its caliphate to the West. The Syrian crisis is a man-made crisis spearheaded by the brutal Saudi regime which refuses to take in even one of these so-called refugees.  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are content letting families and children (if we are to believe these are families and not trained Muslim men) make a dangerous trek to the borders of Europe.  The Muslim states have taken a page out of the Mexican playbook and herding thousands to the borders forcing European countries to accept them.  Some countries such as Hungary have refused to drink the Islamic Trojan Horse Kool-Aid turning back the invaders. 

For decades Europe has been decimated by the Islamic Invasion not just economically but socially. The citizens of EU countries (like American citizens with Hispanic immigrants) have been forced to subsidize the existence of illegal Islamic immigrants in their countries.  These Islamic invaders not only refuse to assimilate into the respective cultures of the European countries they invade but they rely on the governments of their host countries to take care of them. These invaders then set up Sharia zones where they implement barbaric Sharia law and become immune to the laws of the host countries.  These Muslim thugs not only govern themselves and many instances refuse to pay taxes but they terrorize host citizens especially Christians.  Yet, nut bag elitist leaders like French President Francois Hollande publicly demand that EU nations swing open the doors to the Islamic Invaders. 

Here in America wealthy liberal elites like John Kerry demand that Americans accept at least 100,000 Syrian "refugees". Never mind the fact that Kerry and his Democratic cohorts have stood by while the VA allows our veterans to die; Planned Parenthood murders and dismembers American babies for profit; American Christians are jailed for their beliefs; American citizens are forced to subsidize illegal aliens from Latin America; over 94 million Americans are unemployed; and more Americans than ever before receive some form of government assistance. None of this matters to liberal nut job John Kerry who acts as though American citizens, taxpayers, and Christians owe Muslims something.

Saudi Arabia has stated it will contribute to the building of over 200 mosques in Europe to accommodate the hordes of Muslim invaders.  The wicked and hypocritical Wahhabist Saudi royal family would never accept poor Muslims because they have disdain for them much the same way the political elite here in America despise our veterans, Christians, taxpayers, and unborn babies. Kerry is nothing more than an agent of the UN and wants to force global governance down America's throat.  It is interesting that Kerry wants Americans to fund the illegal immigration of Muslims but hasn't so much as uttered a word about the slaughter of millions of Syrian and African Christians.  Pope Francis who is nothing more than a puppet has also said little if next to nothing about the war being waged on Christians by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.  

Recently Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said something to the effect that he would not be willing to accept a "devout Muslim" as president. Americans should never accept a Muslim president. This is the goal of the UN and liberals who want to usher in a one world government and socialism. Islam is a cancer and a plague on not only the West but humanity.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015


The New Face of Nazism
Although the mainstream media has all but ignored the horrific crimes of Planned Parenthood it can't be covered up or ignored.  For the last few years Americans, in particular white Americans, Christians and conservatives have had to watch liberals and Democrats accuse them of being racist, sexist, and bigoted. We've had to watch liberals and Democrats defend thugs like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner in addition to civil rights leaders and Democrat public officials incite violence against law enforcement and American taxpayers. We've also had to watch a rogue SCOTUS usurp the will of the Constitution and the American people by declaring homosexual marriage as the law of the land. All of this on top of executive orders to extend amnesty to over 30 million illegal immigrants, promote Islam, Lois Lerner, the implementation of Common Core and Obamacare.  American citizens, particularly conservatives and Christians have been ruthlessly attacked at every turn.  

One would think that Democrats, being the self-proclaimed champions of women and children would've at least attempted to charge Deborah Nucatola with the trafficking of human body parts, which is a felony under federal law. But alas, Democrats have stepped forward to defend Deborah Nucatola and justify the unjustifiable. There simply is no way to describe the horrors of genocide being perpetrated on American children by these monsters.  Liberals and Democrats speak of being "pro-life" but don't regard a 24-month old fetus as a human being for political purposes; yet, they do classify the fetus as a human being in order to peddle their dismembered body parts for profit. Even more disturbing is the silence emanating from black Democrats. The Congressional Black Caucus publicly attacks whites for racism yet haven't so much as put out a simple press release condemning the mass genocide of black children by white liberals in abortion clinics across America.  Considering the history of Planned Parenthood and statements of its racist founder Margaret Sanger you wonder how any black person could support such a wicked and racist institution.  Inner city America is littered with abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood offices.  Six decades of liberal domestic policy and civil rights legislation influenced by pop culture has created a decadent, criminal culture in black America of which abortion is a staple. Planned Parenthood for years has lived up to the promise of founder Margaret Sanger to exterminate black babies "like weeds" by snatching them from the wombs of black women and subsequently selling their body parts for profit to the highest bidder. 

Not one member of the CBC has even responded to the video in fact, some black Democrats have publicly defended Deborah Nucatola and Planned Parenthood deeming the video a "set-up". Interestingly enough, I pointed out that black elected officials and political candidates all took donations from the vampires at Planned Parenthood. As a whole Democrats saw campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood increase exponentially since 2008.  In 2008, Democrats received $256,176 from Planned Parenthood while Republicans received $10,000. 

That number doubled in 2012 to $560,385 for Dems while Republicans saw a significant decrease to $4,383.  

All the while black babies were having liberal vampires murder them in the wombs, dice them up and sell their body parts on the black market.  No picket signs, no protests, no press conferences, no accusations of racism.  Again the black political, religious, and civil rights leadership remained absolutely silent. The donations dropped to about $400,000 during the 2014 midterm elections but that's to be expected as political contributions are higher during the general elections thus, the higher amounts in 2008 and 2012. This explains the lower donations in midterm elections.  

Black Nazis performing Genocide
But what's more interesting than the donation amounts to the party as a whole is WHO took the donations. Interestingly enough the loudest "champions" for so-called racial justice are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to the murder of black babies. Where are James Clyburn, John Lewis, and Sheila Jackson-Lee? Where they are is on the sidelines keeping quiet about how their liberal masters have sanctioned black infanticide in Americas ghettos.  Not only do CBC members take dollars from an organization that dismembers black children for profit, the CBC has invited this mafia to take part in discussions about the family in black America!  

Here's a statement from Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards in response to the event: 

“Planned Parenthood is grateful for the support of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation for providing a space for this important conversation on reproductive freedom,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “It is partnerships like this, with leaders like Congresswoman Robin Kelly and BET Networks, that allow us to reach more communities with an important message – access to birth control is pivotal in expanding economic opportunity for all women.”

The informative website lifenews.com keyed in on this hypocrisy as did The Radiance Foundation :

Only a handful of CBC members took 0$ in donations from Planned Parenthood in the last 6 years including the late, great Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-OH) who is just about the only black Democrat I regard as a true leader, even from the grave.  But lets look at the dirt bags in the CBC who can attack the Confederate Flag but not the liberals dismembering black babies in Americas ghettos. These cartoon characters, these black buffoons traverse the country accusing conservative, white Christians of being racist yet ignore the racism right under their dirty noses.  I want to list them just for the purposes of calling out these no good lowlife cowards.  So without further adieu here are the black Nazis perpetrating genocide on black babies with recent donation amounts:

Alma Adams (D-NC) $5,199
Andre Carson (D-IN) $647
Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) $1,000
James Clyburn (D-SC) $1,000
Danny Davis (D-IL) $1,000
Marcia Fudge (D-OH) $1,000
**Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) (although not a member a Latino that supports black genocide)***
Robin Kelly (D-IL) $1,000
Barbara Lee (D-CA) $1,000
John Lewis (D-GA) $1,000
Gwen Moore (D-WI) $5,000
David Scott (D-GA) $1,000
Marc Veasey (D-TX) $2,500
Maxine Waters (D-CA) $1,000

Remember this list is only from the 2014 midterm elections and doesn't include the 2012 General Election.  It's also important to remember that many CBC members not on this list were not up for re-election.  But what stands out from this list are the names of the two foremost "leaders" of civil rights Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and James Clyburn (D-SC). One would surely think that if anyone was familiar with the history of Planned Parenthood it would be these two dinosaurs who were probably kids when Margaret Sanger started up the organization.  Yet, not a word from these two race card pimps who can chase around the Confederate Flag but take money from an organization steeped in eugenics that actually perpetrates black infanticide. The mission statement of Planned Parenthood hasn't changed since it was established by founder and Chief Vampire Margaret Sanger some years ago. The CBC offers up a diatribe on any white person they deem racist, they chase the Confederate Flag and have even proposed digging up the graves of Confederate soldiers and defacing headstones bearing the Confederate Flag. Well who is going to dig up the grave of Vampire Margaret Sanger.  Just so we are clear on what Margaret Sanger thought about blacks let's highlight some of her more notable quotes:

"[We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring." The Wickedness of Creating Large Families 

"Give dysgenic groups [people with “bad genes”] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization." America Needs A Code for Babies 

"Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race." April 1932 Birth Control Review 
Can we dig up this vampire?

"We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members." Woman, Morality, and Birth Control

It's unusual to see an organization remain dedicated to the ideals of their founders as times and circumstances change.  Not Planned Parenthood. They've remained true to Sanger's vision of a purer America through the extermination of black children. Imagine this, a woman casually munching down salad and sipping red wine while she nonchalantly details the dismemberment of black fetuses and the subsequent sale of their body parts to the highest bidder and yet, black religious, political, and academic leaders are worried about the Confederate Flag.  Awfully funny, I don't see the Confederate Flag flying over abortion clinics in inner-city America but somehow black babies are being decapitated, disemboweled, dismembered, and sold in pieces by racist vampires to clinics, organizations, and colleges and universities to experiment on them. Negro preachers and politicians hovered around SC Governor Nikki Haley in pomp and ceremony as though they were doing black people some great service by removing the Confederate Flag, a FLAG, from the statehouse capital. While the Confederate Flag was being lowered some poor black baby born out-of-wedlock to a single black mother was having his skull crushed by some racist, white liberal in a South Carolina abortion clinic and then laid on a gurney to be dismembered and the limbs sold to some witch doctor.

Yet, why should anyone expect the Congressional Black Caucus to give a damn about black children.  Many of them consider themselves "Christian" yet they support liberal policies that have utterly annihilated black America: abortion, welfare, illegal immigration, Common Core, the list goes on.  Obamacare the crowning legislative jewel of this admin and symbol of outright totalitarianism specifically mandates the continued trafficking of black baby parts by funding Planned Parenthood and abortion.  But somehow this isn't racist?  It's amazing how the definition of "racism" changes to fit the situation.  Defacing headstones and exhuming the remains of soldiers who fought in a legitimate war hundreds of years ago over a flag is justified but no action is needed to disrespect the remains of a racist, eugenicist who advocated the outright genocide of black people.  The Congressional Black Caucus, like black leaders across America, is silent on acts of black genocide.  They speak nothing of black-on-black crime and they speak nothing of white liberal-on-black crime. Margaret Sanger was Dracula and the CBC is her vampire army seeking to carry out her mission.  

Friday, July 17, 2015


The recent video with Planned Parenthood Director Deborah Nucatola casually munching on salad as she describes the dismemberment of babies and subsequent sale of their body parts is Satanic as it is horrific.  Since 1972 liberals have operated human butcher shops otherwise known as abortion clinics in America's ghettos.  Inside these human carving factories, funded by taxpayer dollars, liberals murder infants, dismember them then auction their limbs to the highest bidder. 

For decades we've watched Democrats, civil rights leaders, and liberal activists chastise Americans about "equality", climate change, saving animals from experimentation, police brutality and institutionalized racism.  We've had to endure their self-righteous hypocrisy as they attack the Confederate Flag and defend illegal aliens, black thugs, Muslim nut jobs and transgender freaks.  Yet all the while they've been engaged in the wholesale butchering of children for profit.

The same liberals that claim to "love" black people and march in defense of thugs like Michael Brown and Eric Garner put down their picket signs, pick up their forceps and crush the skulls of black babies in the womb in filthy meat lockers.  The same black leaders who march hand in hand with these liberal cannibals lecture white America about Jim Crow, Tuskegee and HIV but ignore the liberal supported, government funded genocide in inner city America.  The same liberals that stand in support of same sex marriage and gender transformation are the same ones that support Planned Parenthood's human chop-shops.  We know where Hollywood gets fodder for its movies much the same place Hitler got his ideas for Nazism: white liberals. 

Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger who expressed the stated goal of the organization was the outright extermination of black babies.  Yet, no picket signs, no marching, no ceremonial pen-signing to protest the mass slaughter of black fetuses in Americas ghettos.  Rather, liberals and their Democrat masters have engaged in damage control and suppression using press releases and social media attempting to put a spin on this genocide. Planned Parenthood funds just about every Democrat elected official and candidate for office.  During last years midterm elections I pointed out that here in Ohio just about every black Democratic candidate for office was funded by Planned Parenthood: Emilia Sykes, Nina Turner, Rep and President of the Congressional Black Caucus Marcia Fudge all took money from an organization that explicitly murders black children. No Louis Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, Crump, Shabazz not a one of these race and poverty pimps has so much as squealed a squeak about this savagery. The so-called "Black Lives Matter" crowd that marches, protests, and riots for every useless, no-good, deadbeat daddy black hoodlum hasn't so much as uttered a sound about this demonic madness.  Apparently black babies lives don't matter.

To be certain trafficking fetal body parts and organs has been part of Planned Parenthood since its inception so this is nothing new. However, the callousness, coldness, arrogance, in the voice of Demon Deborah Nucatola as she describes her dismantling of living babies for profit should be headline news.  However, its been buried by every liberal network ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, NPR under transgender murderer Bruce Jenner, the Confederate Flag, Bill Cosby and the results of reality television shows.  In about a week the story will be completely buried and referred to politicians and liberal media as some "right wing conspiracy theory" as Rep. Barbara "Barbarian" Lee D-CA has already done.  

Rep Fudge a supporter of black genocide
The Negro clergy still reveling in POTUS horrid rendition of Amazing Grace and tap dancing for Ghetto Vampire Hillary Clinton will have nothing at all to say about this madness.  The pope who can utter decrees on climate change, global warming and the acceptance of homosexual freaks into the Church hasn't so much as whispered a word in condemnation of this cannibalism.  The book of Ephesians 6:12 explicitly states: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. These leaders who practice false Christianity are demons and agents of Satan here on Earth.  

Just about every black Democrat in America with the exception of one or two considers themselves "Christian" yet they take campaign donations from Planned Parenthood an organization whose mission statement is the wholesale extermination of the "Negro population" in the womb.  This organization is run by liberals who advocate every policy that has destroyed the American family, in particular the black American family: government assistance, homosexual marriage, legalized drug use, government run education, unions, etc. Yet, these cowards continue to publicly defend the indefensible.  Mandated by Obamacare and protected by Satan's minions Planned Parenthood will continue its slaughter of American children and its a wonder there aren't Muslims inside these clinics beheading the children. Deborah Nucatola is a serpent and a demon and she might as well have been drinking blood.

Friday, March 27, 2015


For almost seven years American Christians have been under siege from a government that not only seeks to crush them under a police state but one that desires to impose secularism on them as well.  Recently, the state of Indiana under Gov. Mike Pence passed legislation stating that business owners in Indiana can refuse service to gays if providing the service violates the owners' religious beliefs.  For far too long the satanic LGBT lobby has blackmailed and extorted American Christian business owners into subsidizing their freakish and wicked lifestyles.  In some instances, the LGBT lobby has actually ruined the businesses and lives of American, Christian small business owners and taxpayers have been ruthlessly attacked by Democrats and liberals who've become emboldened under their do-no-wrong black tyrant.  

Gov. Pence is doing the right thing!
Democrats, liberals, and the LGBT crowd will argue that the new Indiana law is "discriminatory".  Damn right it is!  Liberals have made "discriminate" a dirty word when in reality God gave us as human beings the ability to think and make logical choices based on our preferences; this is what separates humans from all other animals.  But there's no point in telling this to liberals because they are atheists anyway.  The true definition of "discriminate" means to observe a difference.  On the one hand liberals argue that all "differences" should be celebrated but on the other hand say that every one should embrace their liberal point of view!? Huh? Apparently, it's alright for Americans to celebrate differences as long as those differences don't involve Christianity.  

Christians do not feel comfortable celebrating the filth of homosexuality. Whether it be selling wedding dresses to a gay couple, praising some flamboyant fairies like Elton John or Lil' Wayne, or promoting gender neutral restrooms in elementary schools; American Christians have had enough.  For seven years a black man has been trying to force Islam and secularism down the throats of American Christians and quite simply American Christians have had enough.  Not only have we had enough of the arrogance but we've had enough of the hypocrisy.  Rarely if ever does the LGBT and liberal crowd chastise the wicked and brutal Muslim states they support (Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.) for persecuting and murdering homosexuals but they'll take every opportunity to lecture the evil American Christian for not embracing homosexuality. In fact, the same LGBT idiots attacking Christian Americans will be the same ones telling us we ought to support and embrace Islam!? Go figure.

I didn't see Governor Mike Pence and Indiana Republicans pass legislation stating that it was acceptable to maim, torture, dismember, disembowel, stone, and decapitate homosexuals like the Muslim states of Saudi Arabia that liberals wholeheartedly support. They just simply stated that it is the right of Christians in Indiana to choose to refrain from doing business that may violate their religious and/or spiritual beliefs.  Yet how many of homosexual-loving, Democratic politicians take campaign donations from Muslim organizations and corporations that support the outright murder of homosexuals in their native Muslim states??  Of course not one liberal hypocrite will acknowledge this fact. I'm almost certain that Governor Mike Pence would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who committed an act of violence against another whether straight or gay.  It's just time for the LGBT crowd to accept the fact that although it's their prerogative to accept Satan and his lifestyle there are many Americans who don't and will never accept homosexuality.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015


A rose by any other name...well you know the rest.  The fact is that you can dress up Islam and say nice things about it all you like but it's still a cult.  If the Paris shooting proves anything it's that any country that establishes privileges for Moslems at the expense of their own citizenry is subject to Moslem terrorism. 

France has allowed Moslems to establish whole cities ruled by Sharia law.  This has empowered Moslems in that country (radical Moslems is an oxymoron) to intimidate, harass, and threaten without provocation.  Much the same way this administration and Democrats have empowered black thugs and illegal aliens to threaten and intimidate law-abiding American citizens. 

In other words the French government has elevated Moslems by enabling them with freedoms and privileges beyond those of the average French citizen.  To be sure I'm not placing all the blame on the French government but there seems to exist a naivete on the part of the liberal elite who advocate extending privileges and freedoms to Moslems.

Some will argue that Moslems like ISIS and Boko Haram aren't Moslems.  These liberal clowns steadfastly deny the menace mutating before their own eyes.  Europe as a whole is ill-equipped to combat the Moslem menace because Europeans have for decades granted first class status to Moslems.  Like their leftist American counterparts Europeans will argue that only a small number of Moslem extremists commit these random acts of terrorism.  They further argue that Moslems that commit heinous acts of terrorism in the name of Allah are "not actually Moslems".  In spite of the brutal and savage acts of barbarism being perpetrated by Moslems from Nigeria to Iraq the liberal refuses to acknowledge the true vile nature of Islam.

These same leftists who often chide conservatives about the need to protect women's rights and embrace homosexuality routinely ignore Moslem violence against those same groups.  Humiliation and brutality against women is a core tenet of Islam and most Islamic countries punish homosexuality with a savagery not seen since the days of the pedophile prophet Mohammed.

Islam is a cult and a plague that needs to be eradicated if humanity is to survive.  No more excuses should be made for it and no more privileges should be granted to its followers.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Every American should be repulsed and up in arms.  Why? Not because of the justified police shooting of some savage Negro thug in Ferguson, Missouri but because of the total miscarriage of justice being perpetrated on a law-abiding citizen in New Jersey.  Over the last year I've spoken in defense of law abiding Americans who've been victims of criminals and government elitists: Delbert Belton, Christopher Lane, Cliven Bundy, Brian Tahmooressi.  But the case of Shaheen Allen is unique because it presents so many glaring contradictions in the Democratic party, liberals and the civil rights leaders on their payroll. So who exactly is Shaheen Allen?  Shaheen Allen is a mother of two and a law-abiding, gun owning citizen who crossed state lines from Pennsylvania to New Jersey with her firearm in her vehicle.  Although licensed to carry and conceal in Pennsylvania Ms. Allen was not licensed in New Jersey, the Democrat mecca of draconian gun control laws.  Ms. Allen was pulled over by law enforcement and when asked by the trooper if she had any weapons Ms. Allen immediately responded that she had her licensed firearm in her vehicle.  The rest is history.  

New Jersey Judge McClain (the same judge who let NFL thug and woman beater Ray Rice walk) is presiding over the case and is threatening to throw Ms. Allen under the jail.  That Shaheen Allen has not been allowed to go free is a subject of my outrage and illustrates not only that America is truly becoming a police state but it illustrates the outright hypocrisy of liberals and civil rights leaders everywhere.  I'll try to pick these apart one by one so follow along closely.  

The first contradiction is with the Democrat party itself which is nothing but a two faced mafia that wants to trample the rights of all Americans and turn our country into a gulag.  Democrats practically control every major American city and are attempting to strip law abiding Americans in these major cities of their Constitutional right to bear arms.  Yet, these same cities, most notably Chicago, which are defined by "tough" gun laws also have the highest murder and crime rates anywhere.  Ever since 2008 Chicago has been a murder free-for-all for black drug dealers, gangbangers, and thugs.  And in spite of stripping law-abiding Chicagoans of their Second Amendment rights the bodies have piled up in record numbers.  Recently, a 9 year old black child was assassinated by black gang members.  Yet, Rahm Emanuel, Oprah Winfrey, Rev. Jesse and the rest of Chicago Democrat brass keep insisting that stripping law-abiding Chicago citizens of their Constitutional right to bear arms will reduce violent crime.  Um, yeah, still waiting on that one.  This sheer hypocrisy is being repeated by every Democrat administration running every major American city across the country.  Last as I checked criminals obtain their guns on the black market and they don't exactly register for conceal-and-carry licenses.  Even here in Cleveland, Ohio where black thugs and neighborhood terrorists are brazenly murdering women and children, Democrat prostitute and yes-man Mayor Frank Jackson is following suit and stripping Clevelanders of their right to own firearms. 

On the national level the Democrat and liberal hypocrisy is more glaring.  The same Democrats who just voted overwhelmingly to arm ISIS-friendly Syrian Muslim hoodlums are the same ones who want to persecute law-abiding Americans like Shaheen Allen and strip them of their Second Amendment rights.  The same filthy, no-good Democrats who willingly allow and even encourage and invite illegal alien hoodlums, most of them criminals, to illegally cross the United States border and commit violent crimes against American citizens and American law enforcement officials.  The DNC, liberals and their civil rights stooges are nothing but hypocrites.  Their collective message to the American people is that "We'll protect you by stripping you of your Constitutional right to defend yourself against the thugs we allow to cross our borders". 

Another contradiction resides with the judge who wants to throw Shaheen Allen under the jail: Judge McClain.  This is the same New Jersey judge that allowed Baltimore Ravens (nor former) running back and Negro thug Ray Rice to check into an exclusive domestic violence program that is reserved for less than 1% of NJ citizens after being caught on video knocking his wife clean out and then spitting on her.  So Judge McClain's message seems to be that it's okay for a hoodlum to cold cock his wife in public rendering her unconscious but not okay for a law abiding woman to legally carry a firearm to protect herself from thugs like Ray Rice.  This deserves a big "DA FUQ!" The same Dems and liberals who routinely blare the "War on Women" motto haven't so much as uttered a word in defense of Shaheen Allen.  Over the past two weeks the NFL has been the subject of publicity as a horde of its players, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, Jonathan Dwyer, have committed heinous acts of domestic violence against women and children, in particular black women and children.  Furthermore, this behavior by black men in professional sports is a microcosm of black men's collective behavior towards black women and children in larger black America.  Black men are the NUMBER ONE perpetrators of violence against black women and children so one can see why Ms. Shaheen Allen would obtain her license to carry a firearm to protect herself and her children against this murderous and savage black hoodlum.  Over the past year here in Cleveland, Ohio there have been many high profile acts of black male thugs and goons murdering and brutalizing even dismembering black women and children.  Yet, Dem party prostitutes like Frank Jackson and other Democrat gun grabbers are attempting to strip women like Shaheen Allen of their Constitutional right to defend themselves.  Talk about hypocrisy.

I've reserved the best and most glaring hypocrisy for last and that is black people, black leaders and civil rights whores who are nothing but Democrat puppets.  Anytime law enforcement justifiably shoots some Negro thug, i.e,, Michael Brown, the Negro leadership gets up off their knees, adjusts their skirts and flocks to the side of the families of these thugs.  They chastise white America, conservatives, law enforcement, and anyone else who they think is to blame for the death of some black criminal.  They march, protest, and riot yet none of these NEGROES has so much uttered one word in defense of Shaheen Allen who is a law-abiding black woman who was exercising her Constitutional right to carry a firearm in order to protect herself and her children against the bloodthirsty Negro thug these same black misleaders so ardently defend.  Where's Sharpton? Where's Jackson? Dyson, Malveaux, Nzinga, Shabazz, and the rest of these bitch made black misleaders who march and protest only in defense of the black thugs their racist liberal and Democratic party bosses authorize them to march for?  When will these black cowards, leaders, and preachers take the Democrat penis out of their mouths and stand up in defense of REAL LAW-ABIDING black people?  The answer is NEVER!  Because these bastards are on the payroll of the same party that Judge McClain works for that is threatening to lock Shaheen Allen away for life and throw away the key!  The DNC wants to destroy the Constitution in particular the Second Amendment and have ordered black leaders to remain silent.  Friggin' cowards.  Negroes shoot Negroes like fish in a barrel in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and other Democrat run cities yet these bitch-made Negroes say nothing.  Not a word.

Excuse my language because it is not becoming but enough is enough.  Shaheen Allen is the face of LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS NOT MICHAEL BROWN AND NOT SOME TUBERCULOSIS ILLEGAL ALIEN OR SAVAGE MUSLIM.  Yet, Ms. Allen gets no air play, no air time.  Black male thugs can terrorize black women and children and whites all over the country yet get a pass.  Illegal aliens can overrun our borders and commit violence against American citizens and American law enforcement and get rewarded with government benefits.  Muslim rebels who openly support the same enemy the DNC says it wants to defeat and the same enemy that beheads American journalists get high-tech advanced firearms from the same government that wants to take away Americans' guns.  Shaheen Allen deserves justice and she deserves it now.  God bless this woman and EVERY AMERICAN should take up her cause.

Saturday, April 19, 2014



Total Sickness & Confusion: Gay Muslims
Muslims and liberals have forged an unholy alliance in an effort to destroy America.  The hypocrisy of the two groups is stunning to say the least.  Liberals chide American Christians for not accepting homosexuals yet, they also condemn American Christians for not being "tolerant" of Islam.  This deserves a big "WTF!"  Liberals chide Americans for not "being tolerant" of homosexuality or Islam yet, Islam condemns homosexuality.  Homosexuality is referred to in Islam as "al-fahsha" and also referred to as "shudhudh" or obscene.  In fact, Muslim scholars point to the following verses in the Qur'an to justify its condemnation of homosexuality: Qur'an 7:80-81 refers to Lot or Lut preaching to "God's people "Will you commit lewdness such as no people in creation ever committed before you?  For you come in lust to men in preference to women.  No, you are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds".  Lust also says in 26: 165-166: "Of all the creatures in the world, will you approach males, and leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates?  No, you are a people transgressing."  Then as now the people so intoxicated with their filth banished Lut or Lot and were subsequently destroyed by Allah.  Thus, it becomes clear why Muslim cab drivers in Cleveland, Ohio have publicly stated they will not provide taxi services to those participating in Cleveland's "Gay Games" later this year.  Interestingly enough Saudi Arabia has made homosexuality a crime punishable by death.  Liberals seem to gloss over this fact as they condemn Christian Americans for refusing to accept homosexuality. 

On its website the Human Rights Campaign sites former president of the Islamic Society of North America, Muzammil Siddiqi who said in 2003: "Homosexuality is sinful and shameful...But nowadays this act has become a phenomenon.  There are agencies and lobby groups that are working hard to propagate it and to make it an acceptable and legitimate lifestyle.  For this reason it is important that we should speak against it.  We should warn our youth and children from this devilish lifestyle.  We should make it very clear that it is Haram, absolutely forbidden and that it kindles with the wrath and anger of Allah...We should deal with [homosexuals] in the same way we deal with any people who are involved in alcoholics, gambling, or adultery.  We should have deep repugnance to their acts and we must remind and warn them.  Those who insist on this lifestyle, consider it legitimate and feel 'gay pride,' we should not associate with them and should not take them as friends.  We should certainly avoid those people." 
Apparently Muslims don't like fags either!
Not to be outdone the Human Rights Campaign sites Al-Fatiha website as saying that "there is a growing number of progressive-minded Muslims" and that the Al-Fatiha Foundation seeks to "enlighten the Muslim and outside world that Islam is a religion of tolerance and not hate".  Liberals love to play on words and will always try to convince people that although God (in this case "Allah" for Muslims) says one thing he actually means the opposite.  "Progressive-minded" is the liberal way of nicely saying to hell with God.  Furthermore, liberals need to "enlighten" those who refuse to accept or show tolerance of homosexuality which is an unnatural act.   

Back to my original point these same liberals argue that American Christians should accept both homosexuality and Islam.  And when American Christians refuse to accept either they are deemed as intolerant.  However, rarely do liberals, progressives, leftists, or members of the Democratic party refer to Muslims as "intolerant" which is interesting considering that there are numerous documented cases of Muslim brutality towards both Christians and homosexuals in the Muslim world.  One of the more repulsive acts of Muslim brutality is a picture of a Muslim nut bag posing for a picture with the decapitated body of a six-year old Christian girl.  What human being would attack an innocent child and then be proud of it?  It wasn't a human being it was a Muslim and if that vile and reprehensible act isn't enough to convince anyone that Islam should be roundly and publicly condemned as a cult then what is.  As if this wasn't enough Islam preaches an outright hatred of women and teaches that they are subservient creatures just a step above animals.  Yet, liberals routinely gloss over this fact while they point their collective finger of hypocrisy at American Christians.  Even more disturbing is that many Muslim men engage in homosexual acts spawned by their hatred of women yet, don't consider themselves homosexual! Again this deserves a big WTF! 

This Negro clearly doesn't have a mind to waste!
The reality is that both liberals and Muslims are hypocrites who have no problem aligning with one another to eradicate American Christians. Muslims need American liberals to advocate for tolerance of them in America and liberals need to increase the influence of Muslims in American society to eliminate the American Christian.  This is all the more reason for Americans to stand with one another against this unholy and ungodly alliance of demons.  With the help of weak-kneed politicians, pundits, and Hollywood the liberal is pulling off a psychological operation of epic proportions.  They are using social media and celebrities to convince some Americans that somehow God, who they claim isn't worthy of obeying, is somehow tolerant of their filthy and wicked lifestyle.  This is the type of double talk that is typical of liberals and their ilk.  They manipulate, deceive, and outright lie.  Remember Satan promises only to deceive. 

Monday, February 18, 2013


I've realized that the longer I live and experience the more I come to understand what life is really about.   Life isn't about the quest to accumulate wealth and material things but to maintain a strong,  functioning family and to secure the grace of God.   Turn on a television and you will see hundreds of "preachers" and self-proclaimed holy men indoctrinating their congregations and followers with the notion that God preaches "prosperity' of material wealth.   As a society we have become so fascinated with the trappings of wealth that we forget that TRUE wealth is found not in the type of car we drive or clothes we wear but the health and comfort of ourselves and our families and our relationship with God.

Over the years I've witnessed people turn down God and family because they were too busy enjoying the trappings of life: the nightclubs,  parties,  money,  sex,  fast cars,  etc.   Once the parties died down and the exuberance of youth fizzled these people were left wanting to secure family only to find out they had missed the opportunity.   In all fairness there is nothing wrong with enjoying youth and partying and having a good time but it seems as though most people in contemporary society cannot keep things in perspective.  It is possible to balance the two by understanding that God is first and foremost and that having a being part of a healthy, strong,  and vibrant family is not a given.   The old saying goes that "there is someone for everyone",  I'm not necessarily sure that is true.   God is not going to bring a strong person or worthy companion into our lives just because we want him to but he will do it for HIS reasons.   The statistics prove bear this out as the divorce rate is well over %70 and more and more children everyday are born to single parents and grow up the product of single family homes.   Surely if the old saying that "there is someone for everyone" was true then these numbers would be much lower.

What we as a society fail to understand is that God doesn't necessarily have to waste a good person on a bad person.  In other words,  what logical sense does it make for God to waste a good person on a bad person.   Why should God give a good woman to a man who is a deadbeat father that has multiple children by multiple women,  doesn't pay child support,  is an ex-con, drug addict, and is willfully unemployed.  Now God always has a reason for doing something as he may bring a good woman into this person's life in order to open their eyes.  Only God knows those reasons but the fact is that if God never brought a good woman into the life of a person such as this we would all understand.  There are countless examples of which that is only one but the fact remains that as a society we have all,  some of us knowingly but most of us unknowingly,  conspired to dissolve the family unit through our desires and actions.

Hatred for God and family is evident in every aspect of our society and culture: music,  film,  television, clothing, politics, academia, religious institutions, relationships, etc.  We have substituted the accumulation of material wealth and things for the accumulation of God's blessings through the pursuit of healthy families and God-fearing lifestyles and behaviors.   Life is a gift that God has given us and we ought to cherish it and show our appreciation for what God has given us by living our lives in a way that reflects our love for him.  This is not to say that we won't make mistakes and slip and regress as we our only human.   It is how we recover from those mistakes that defines not only character but our love and fear of God.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


If a person ceases to have God in his/her conscious or soul then how can God be present in the community?   Quite simply,  we have pushed God out of America.   We live in a society that simultaneously embraces and promotes excess,  greed,  materialism,  sloth,  waste,  and death.   Rather than looking inward to correct our own personal faults and solve our problems we look to government for solutions.   In doing so we have found nothing but misery and will find nothing but death.  Our collective unwillingness to resist the temptations of this wicked world are leading us down a path to destruction.   Part of this coming destruction lies in the realization that as a people and society we hate truth; and in hating truth we hate God.  

Indeed, nothing has less value in America today than the truth.  Americans find the truth unattractive because to embrace and accept it would mean accepting the fact that we have become a God-hating people and society.  If we as Americans accept truth then we would have to admit our hypocrisy,  which is something we have no desire to do.  Zechariah 8:16  "These are the things that ye shall do; Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbour; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates. "  The old saying goes that we should speak truth to power but as we all know that speaking truth to power in America means going to an early grave.   As a result we allow ourselves to be manipulated by dark forces and we will turn on one another and kill one another to suppress the truth.   Ephesians 6:12 says:  "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." 

The rulers of this world are not Godly people and in fact not only do they not fear God but they hate God.  Most of us do not realize this when we entrust our lives and the lives of our children to the decision-making of those in power.  We entrust the rulers of this world with with everything from the food we eat to when and how we can praise God.  We look to the rulers of this world for safety and protection whereas if we just trust God we could protect ourselves.  Benjamin Franklin said it best when he stated: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."  And in America we face daily threats to our safety not from foreign powers but from our neighbors, our own families, and in many instances our own children,  and the "principalities" and the "rulers of the darkness of this world", the "spiritual wickedness in high places"; all of whom are engaging in a daily all-out assault on our liberties.   

We have become conditioned to hate God and embrace filth.   This is evident in the film, music,  and lifestyles we consume and embrace.  As Americans we have developed an insatiable appetite for filth.  Hollywood is using technology to inundate us with filth through social media so much so that a recent study determined that fewer and fewer Americans than ever before actually believe in God.   Recently,  Greg Paul a columnist for the Washington Post authored an interesting series of articles on the worldwide rise in aethism and particularly the rise of American aethism.  I am of the belief that there are numerous contributing factors to the rise of aethism including but not limited to 1) the diffusion of Hollywood culture through the social media, 2) increased dependency on government to solve basic problems, and 3) the ever increasing corruption of religious institutions and their leaders.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Immediately following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting FOX News personality and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made the statement that the tragedy was directly attributable to the lack of "God in the home".   Huckabee's analysis was totally off base; the problem isn't the absence of God in the schools but God in the HOME.   It isn't the responsibility of schools to teach children about God; it is the responsibility of mothers and fathers and family to do that.   The prevailing mode of thought in American political discourse is to blame the schools whenever America's children endure a tragedy.   Conservatives are more guilty of this than their liberal counterparts.   Parents have totally conceded their responsibility to instill God in their homes and children; and as a result children are being raised by Facebook,  YouTube,  MTV,  degenerative music,  and Hollywood.  

Undoubtedly some of Huckabee's motive for making the statement was part of pushing the long held and false conservative notion that public schools are the downfall of America's children and American society in general.   The problem is that politicians and pundits care little about God and more about using religion to push their elitist political and economic agendas.   Liberals have no such problem as they just ignore God altogether.   I don't want to get bogged down in a political discussion because that is not the point.   The point is that more and more people are pushing God out of their homes and as a result the family structure is rapidly deteriorating leading to the moral and spiritual decline of American culture and society.   The numbers bear this out: 65% of all marriages in America end in divorce; 70% of black children are born out of wedlock; over 2 million Americans are in some stage of the correctional system; fewer American children are graduating high school; homosexuality is trending in American society and so on and so on.

If God is absent from our minds and our hearts he will be absent from our homes thus,  he will be absent from society.   It will take a collective effort on the part of all Americans regardless of their religious and spiritual backgrounds to bring God back into the forefront.   Our country is failing in all areas because we as a people have replaced God with reality television and Facebook.   Collectively we have made a conscious decision to ignore God and we should not use tragic events and political motives to profess our faith for him.

Monday, December 31, 2012


It is very easy to become consumed with the world and it is also very easy to be consumed with faith.   I've discovered what is needed is balance.   I've often realized that anytime I've tried to lean one way or the other I often lose my way.  I've lost my way quite a bit in the past year but I'm not trying to make up for those transgressions rather I'm just trying to take things day by day.   The hardest thing for me to realize is that God DOES forgive.   I've spent so much time in my life wishing I could go back and change the past that I often become frustrated with my current situations.   I have entered difficult situations over the past year with clouded judgment never fully able to grasp the situation at hand and make sound decisions.   It is during these times that I have lost my faith not only in myself but in God. 

I've often wondered if God is punishing me and I find myself angry at God rather than looking objectively at the circumstances that led to my difficult situations.   I will be the first to admit that this world is so full of evil so full of hatred that it can break a person down.   This is something that not many will admit to.   Sure you can browse the Facebook pages of thousands of people and you will get the impression that everyone is living the glamorous life.   You will get the impression that life is nothing more than never-ending parties full of smiles and alcoholic beverages.   But I've always felt that if you read between the lines you can find the truth.   The alcohol and parties act as covers for the emptiness and the pain that people try to hide.   The very idea that a person feels it necessary to announce to the world every thing they do is a sign of insecurity and lack of trust in God.  When the good times die down,  as they eventually they do,  these same people inconspicuously go MIA from Facebook.  Often times silence is the best indicator of truth.  

If we allow our faith to run out when the "good times" run out then that means we place more value in being accepted by the world then pleasing God.   It also means that we fear more being seen as unacceptable in the eyes of the world than the eyes of God.   When we reach that point that means that we have relegated God to a bottom rung position on lifes' ladder.   We would rather shun faith in God when things are going well but beg for God's mercy in private when life gets rough.   This world has made it "uncool" to believe and follow God.   This is why vice and filth are the order of the day and have become the priority in our lives and culture.  It is easier to drown our sorrows away in reality television and the make believe lives of celebrities and socialites rather than deal with the reality of our own situations and admit our disobedience to God.  

It is only through and with God that we as human beings can bring about positive change in our lives.   But we first have to acknowledge the fact that we ignore God.   We must acknowledge that we have allowed ourselves to become trapped and consumed with the pleasures and lures of a world that doesn't really care for us.   We must also realize that God is our rock not only in the difficult times but the good times as well.   If we can do these things I believe we can all bring about positive change and bring God back to a world that sorely needs him.


As 2012 comes to a close it is time we bring God back into the forefront.  2012 opened my eyes to the reality of a world without God and how frightening it is that man is attempting to push God out of the world.   As a result of this realization I spent a lot of time focusing on the negative and I found myself doing the same thing I accused others of doing: moving away from God.   My struggle between remaining obedient to God and yielding to my temptations reached its tipping point in 2012.  This is not to say that I made no progress; I just had to learn the hard way that bad things happened when I didn't keep God first.  

Often in 2012 I found myself engaged in constant internal struggle between God and evil.   I was often times telling myself that "God doesn't care about me" or even pondering the very existence of God.   I wasted time focusing on what I didn't have as opposed to what I do have.   In a world where materialism is king it is often hard not to become consumed with the idea that the accumulation of material wealth determines the quality of life.   I often struggle with this idea.   After spending thousands of dollars and 8 years in college and graduate school only to have a low paying job I constantly found myself jealous and angry that people who didn't do things the "right way" were living better off and enjoy a higher quality of life.  Consequently, my frustration with my personal life situation manifest itself in an angry and spiteful tone in my blog posts and videos.  Whatever valid points I made were drowned out by my anger and profanity. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to LIVE better it's how we go about attaining a higher quality of life that matters.  Do we follow God's plan or do we follow the World's plan?  Many times I've felt as though God despises and detests me; maybe for past transgressions or maybe for even daring to ponder his existence.  Whatever the reason I often feel alone and isolated; I feel the world is closing in on me and will crush me beneath its weight.  Some days I have awakened to feel God on my side while other days I have awakened feeling useless and meaningless.  It is during these dark moments that I lament my failed relationships both professional and personal; and contemplating how to turn back the hands of time to correct past wrongs.  It is in these moments that I have shunned not only reality but the reality of God. 

I also learned in 2012 that enemies accumulate when God is forsaken.  I have made enemies both intentionally as well as unintentionally.  Granted it is impossible to satisfy everyone but it is also important not to allow anger to control one's life.  There were many instances in 2012 where my inability to control my anger damaged and destroyed my personal relationships with others.  In 100% of these instances I allowed my anger with my personal life circumstances and situation to damage my relationships with others.  At times I have felt spirtually devoid and useless.  Somewhere back in 2009 I began to slowly lose my spirtuality.  Any spirtiual progress I made began to slowly fade away back into the old, dark world of temptation. 

Normally, in these types of blog posts the author would insert some Bible verse or scripture to illustrate his/her experience.  I will refrain from that and allow my own words to illustrate what I am attempting to convey.  We have all been in some dark hellish place of our own making.  It is how we choose to escape from that place that defines our character.  I've realized that I have got to let God assume control of my life if I ever want to be a better son, father, friend, and man.  If 2012 has taught me anything it is that I am nothing without God.  Hopefully I can change that in the coming year.