Monday, September 28, 2015


America needs more illegal aliens like a dam needs holes. The so-called Syrian refugee crisis is nothing more than an attempt by the Arab world to extend its caliphate to the West. The Syrian crisis is a man-made crisis spearheaded by the brutal Saudi regime which refuses to take in even one of these so-called refugees.  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are content letting families and children (if we are to believe these are families and not trained Muslim men) make a dangerous trek to the borders of Europe.  The Muslim states have taken a page out of the Mexican playbook and herding thousands to the borders forcing European countries to accept them.  Some countries such as Hungary have refused to drink the Islamic Trojan Horse Kool-Aid turning back the invaders. 

For decades Europe has been decimated by the Islamic Invasion not just economically but socially. The citizens of EU countries (like American citizens with Hispanic immigrants) have been forced to subsidize the existence of illegal Islamic immigrants in their countries.  These Islamic invaders not only refuse to assimilate into the respective cultures of the European countries they invade but they rely on the governments of their host countries to take care of them. These invaders then set up Sharia zones where they implement barbaric Sharia law and become immune to the laws of the host countries.  These Muslim thugs not only govern themselves and many instances refuse to pay taxes but they terrorize host citizens especially Christians.  Yet, nut bag elitist leaders like French President Francois Hollande publicly demand that EU nations swing open the doors to the Islamic Invaders. 

Here in America wealthy liberal elites like John Kerry demand that Americans accept at least 100,000 Syrian "refugees". Never mind the fact that Kerry and his Democratic cohorts have stood by while the VA allows our veterans to die; Planned Parenthood murders and dismembers American babies for profit; American Christians are jailed for their beliefs; American citizens are forced to subsidize illegal aliens from Latin America; over 94 million Americans are unemployed; and more Americans than ever before receive some form of government assistance. None of this matters to liberal nut job John Kerry who acts as though American citizens, taxpayers, and Christians owe Muslims something.

Saudi Arabia has stated it will contribute to the building of over 200 mosques in Europe to accommodate the hordes of Muslim invaders.  The wicked and hypocritical Wahhabist Saudi royal family would never accept poor Muslims because they have disdain for them much the same way the political elite here in America despise our veterans, Christians, taxpayers, and unborn babies. Kerry is nothing more than an agent of the UN and wants to force global governance down America's throat.  It is interesting that Kerry wants Americans to fund the illegal immigration of Muslims but hasn't so much as uttered a word about the slaughter of millions of Syrian and African Christians.  Pope Francis who is nothing more than a puppet has also said little if next to nothing about the war being waged on Christians by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.  

Recently Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said something to the effect that he would not be willing to accept a "devout Muslim" as president. Americans should never accept a Muslim president. This is the goal of the UN and liberals who want to usher in a one world government and socialism. Islam is a cancer and a plague on not only the West but humanity.  

Monday, September 7, 2015



The Roman Empire is in full effect. We've reached the point of no return. Christians will now be persecuted and incarcerated for opposing the Satanic and filthy whims of the elite.  Kim Davis may not be the first victim of the growing communist police state but rest assure she will not be the last. Driven by a wave of liberal-induced public hysteria the government openly exercised one of the most heinous acts of tyranny in modern human history.  Rowan County Clerk of Courts Kim Davis was jailed indefinitely by a federal judge until she complies to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals.  First and foremost the SCOTUS does not make law it exists simply to interpret laws passed by Congress. Secondly, the Congress has the power to restrict and control SCOTUS.  The Congress has the power to set the jurisdiction of the SCOTUS yet, apparently the Republican controlled Congress either must have forgotten this or are complicit with such tyranny.  The law of man in no way usurps the law of God yet, the GOP-led Congress in all its impotence continues to stand down in the face of tyranny.

I said last year before the mid-term elections that a GOP-led Congress would do nothing but empower and enhance the reach of tyranny; and that's exactly what its done.  This Congress has been complicit in the passage of same-sex marriage; the Iran deal; the upholding of unfettered government surveillance of American citizens; amnesty for illegal aliens; the federal control of local education and healthcare; and so on.  The Executive branch and Judicial branches do not have unchecked power but they do have the benefit of an impotent and slavish GOP-led Congress that turns a blind eye to their acts of lawlessness.

Kim Davis was swept up in this madness.  The liberal media as it always does, attempts to smear the victim of its moral degeneracy dragnet.  Whether or not Kim Davis was married one time or one-hundred times she is not obligated by law or more importantly the law of God to issue marriage certificates to homosexuals.  The Left and its minions argue that homosexuals have the right to enjoy the privileges of normal human beings.  Yes, I said NORMAL human beings because homosexuality is a sickness that shouldn't be rewarded. However, under a communist-led Godless regime lawlessness and filth is rewarded.  The liberal elite is willing to incarcerate a woman for standing up for God but unwilling to punish and prosecute the Ghetto Vampires that murder fetuses in the womb, dismember them and sell off their limbs for profit.  

I really don't know what more evidence is needed that the GOP is no different from the Democratic party and in fact it is more responsible for the erosion of American citizens' civil liberties and human rights than the Left.  Their collective goal is the implementation of a communist-run society and to do that they must remove God from the public consciousness and remove those who love him from society.  


The good minister is up to his old antics. Attempting to maintain his self-proclaimed position as the "leader of black people" while engaging in open and blatant hypocrisy. The same Minister Louis Farrakhan that rails against whites calling them devils and crackers even calling for their bloody demise was engaged in a three hour long meeting at a Detroit hotel room with white rapper Eminem?! WTF!  Now let Farrakhan tell it and he's meeting with Eminem to "discuss" putting out a "positive message to black people". This time Farrakhan has outdone himself.  He's gone too far.  No one is going to tell me that Farrakhan was "discussing" the plight of black people in a hotel room with a white rap star.  

First off, there's plenty of black rappers Farrakhan should and could meet with to get out a positive message to the black hip-hop audience.  Last I checked Eminem, Marshall Mathers, is white so what could he possibly have to say about the plight of black people?  Secondly, it's clear that the crooked minister has become a whore of the music industry elite.  He's been seen over the last year or so taking selfies with assorted music industry scum like homosexual Russell Simmons, Rick Ross and Katrinne "Superhead" Stefans.  Yet, this still begs the answer to the question.  What the hell is Farrakhan doing meeting in a private hotel room with a white rapper?  I would even be willing to give Farrakhan a pass if he met with Mathers in a public venue but a private hotel room? Was this an incall for Farrakhan?  This man has long been compromised and he's done nothing but exploit the ignorance and misery of black people for profit.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Donald Trump maybe arrogant, rude, crude, and in some regards ignorant. What he has done however, is something the GOP brass and the cowardly GOP presidential candidates refuse to do: propose a solution to illegal immigration. Democrats and liberals will argue that rounding up illegal immigrants and deporting them is "racist".  Their GOP surrogates will argue that such a proposal is "unrealistic".  Both groups are full of it and Trump has exposed their hypocrisy.  American sovereignty erodes every time a Mexican illegal alien hops the fence. Yes, I did say Mexican because the problem that the political elite refuse to acknowledge is that the majority of illegal aliens crossing the border are from Latin America, specifically Mexico.  

The media and their corporate sponsors are punishing people, organizations, and private citizens for publicly opposing illegal immigration. This is not only outrageous but typical of how the political elite have shifted the conversation about policy to satisfy their own agenda.  Not only are Mexicans flooding into America in record numbers they're committing serious crimes in large numbers: rape, arson, larceny, robbery, child trafficking, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and murder.  Last year over 600,000 crimes were committed in Texas by illegal aliens alone. The idea that American taxpayers owe it to illegal aliens to "realize their dream" is a stack of horse shit.  This tyrannical regime has forced Americans to subsidize black thugs, Muslim thugs, and illegal alien thugs.  Yet, veterans, active duty soldiers, Christians, conservatives, and children are routinely ignored and abused by this regime.  

The Mexican government, a corrupt and wicked regime, whose own Constitution specifically defines Mexican children born abroad as Mexican citizens, routinely issues press releases condemning private American citizens who oppose the influx of Mexican criminals.  Liberals continuously ignore the fact that the Mexican government itself has an "undesirable candidates" policy for screening potential immigrants to Mexico. Yet, the hypocrite, dope dealing Mexican officials dare to publicly American presidential candidates and Democrats allow it. What Trump has done is expose GOP hypocrisy and the fact that there is no fundamental difference between the two political parties on a number of important policy issues, specifically immigration.  Illegal aliens, let's say Mexican and Latin American illegal aliens breed crime and there's nothing racist about that it's simply a fact.  Mexico exports crime, disease, and death.  

The very notion that somehow the human garbage dumps on America's southern border can "benefit America" is laughable.  If these illegal aliens are so good then why are their home countries in total shambles despite receiving billions of dollars in foreign aid from the United States?  Liberal idiots argue that these illegal aliens or "undocumented immigrants" are fleeing poverty and persecution is just too damn bad. If American taxpayers are being forced to subsidize these Latin American governments and these governments are persecuting their own citizens then maybe America's political elite should review their foreign policy agenda. Unskilled, illiterate, workers contribute very little to societies in fact they take more than they contribute.  They feed off the government trough like parasites on flesh; receiving government assistance, food and housing, medical and education assistance all on the backs of American taxpayers.  

Jeb Bush who is an absolute joke advocates increased illegal immigration with his ridiculous "love theory".  That any halfway intelligent person could utter such mindless mumbo-jumbo is mind blowing.  Of course illegal aliens LOVE coming to America but for different reasons.  They love coming to America to realize the promise of FREE! Free housing, medical assistance, food, education and other gift wrapped government benefits that their own home governments refuse to provide for them.  Thanks to illegal aliens and a socialist Democratic party more Americans receive some type of means tested assistance than ever before in American history. Americans are also being forced to adopt to the ways of illegal aliens, Mexican illegal aliens, rather than these illegals assimilating into American society and culture.  Trump has exposed a sickness and a national security threat that is rotting our great country from the inside out. The liberal and political elite live in their gated communities and walled in homes yet they try to tell Americans that somehow a fence or wall won't keep illegals out.  They want the American taxpayer to accept Mexican trash while they sit back in comfort.  No thanks! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


The national retail giant that can't seem to protect the credit and debit card PIN numbers of their customers wants to enforce their moral standards on all of us dumb Americans by making their stores "gender neutral".  The sickness that has overcome this country isn't only befuddling it is disturbing.  Supposedly, this madness began with northeast Ohio Target customer Abi Bechtel.  A woman with so much to do in her spare time she had to tweet about how the signs for boys and girls toys at her local Target were "sexist" and made girls feel as though they couldn't do things boys could do.  It's mind boggling that standard boys and girls toy signs in a store could bother any American who has to work for a living and raise a family.  Clearly this woman does neither or just doesn't care. Subsequently, the Twitter faggot crowd took the tweet and ran with it. Target, an over priced retailer that doesn't give a damn enough about their customers to protect their credit and debit transactions from hackers is going to impose their morality on shoppers by removing all signage referring to gender in their retail locations.  This is some clearly stupid shit. 

As usual the liberal media only gives half the story.  The Green, Ohio Target location is a well-to-do community nestled away in the suburbs of Summit County, Ohio twenty minutes south of the liberal shit hole that is Cleveland, Ohio. Summit County, Ohio run solely and forcefully by Democrats and liberal nut jobs for the past 30 years is home to rampant homelessness, crime, drug use, rape, and robbery.  Needless to say, because of the liberal and progressive policies a lot of women and children in Summit County, Ohio not only scratch and claw day-to-day just to get a meal; many of them are living in shelters and on the streets and subsisting off food pantries.  Of course, none of this dawned on the mind of progressive warrior Abi Bechtel whose taken it upon herself to protect us and our children from recognizing the simple fact that God made MEN and WOMEN; one with a PENIS and one with a VAGINA.  

We live in a godless, Satanic society that constantly bombards our children, especially boys with the insane and sick notion that they need to act like women. The liberal and progressive movement wants to turn men and boys into bitches and by some accounts they're succeeding. Liberal white women are the biggest instigators of such foolishness.  They're also the biggest hypocrites. They sit in their ivory towers and chastise conservatives about waging a "war on women" and "racism" and yada, yada, yada but then turn right around and advocate the destruction of those they claim to support.  I am willing to bet that Abi Bechtel, like her liberal and progressive buddies supports Planned Parenthood.  So Bechtel wants to protect children by removing "gender based signage" in Target retail stores but is perfectly content with butchers crushing the skulls of fetuses and selling their organs and limbs to witch doctors.  In the liberal mind forcing a retailer to blur the gender lines for young children is for the betterment of society.  

Most liberals are bitch-made cowards who simply don't want the responsibility of teaching their children how to be men (or women).  Their logic is flawed.  They claim to "celebrate" difference and diversity but they refuse to celebrate the most basic and fundamental difference of nature: men and women.  Any REAL man, not some skinny-jeans wearing, hipster bitch liberal male, not only takes pride in being a provider and protector of the women in his life; but embraces the feeling of recognizing the pure God-given beauty of women.  Not the liberal. No. They'd rather the man put on the skirt and panties and pretend to be something God didn't make him.  If there really was a such thing as "gender neutral" then maybe the lowly Cleveland Browns should throw some pads and a helmet on Bechtel and shore up their left tackle position with her 300 lb caboose.  See how stupid this is?  If things are truly gender neutral then some woman should immediately be signed by an NFL team before the start of the 2015 season.  She could play running back.  Could you imagine this?  Could you imagine the outcry if the NFL allowed a woman to play and broadcast her instantaneous death live on national television?  Because we all know that's exactly what would happen. But according to Bechtel and her progressive buddies there is no such thing as gender differences. Therein lies the hypocrisy of the liberal progressive.  

The entire LGBT, same-sex, gender neutral movement is very disingenuous in that it's not so much they want women to do what men can do as much as they want to feminize men.  That's all its about; turning men into sissies with transgender restrooms, gender neutral signage, Gardasil, and same-sex marriage.  Even if the gender butchering plastic surgeons could slap some silicon tits and makeup on Bruce Jenner they can't remove the DNA that makes him a man: muscle mass, bone structure, etc.  He'll never be able to carry and bear children.  Well maybe not now but I'm sure the witch doctors at Planned Parenthood are working on that.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The National Football League is a mafia plain and simple. Unbeknownst to the average fan Roger Goodell's suspension of Tom Brady has very little to do with deflated footballs and more to do with the anti-trust lawsuit that has been pending against the NFL.  The lawsuit alleges, as documented on the NFL's very own website, that the NFL has engaged in "conspiracy and anticompetitive practices" which directly affect the players ability to market themselves.  The three major plantiffs in that lawsuit are none other than Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.  The entire fiasco is a smokescreen dreamed up by the owners to obtain access to information regarding the anti-trust suit. 

There's no need to regurgitate the entire "Deflategate" nonsense because it's utterly ridiculous.  The NFL never had rules in place as they relate to altering the psi of a football.  Were that the case Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning both whom openly and publicly admitted to altering the pressure of game balls before games would've been suspended.  If this were the case the two teams fined $25000 a piece by Goodell, the Vikings and Panthers, would've had players suspended.  From a pure sports perspective changing the air pressure of a football doesn't give anyone a competitive advantage.  Anyone who has actually played a down of football knows this.  But the NFL needed to sway public opinion to support its character assassination of Tom Brady, the lead plantiff in the ongoing antitrust lawsuit against them.

The average NFL fan is just that, a fanatic. The NFL is no different than MLB and cheating has been going on for years.  The Indianapolis Colts, the team that supposedly brought this to Goodell's attention were not too long ago caught pumping crowd noise into their stadium. The instances of cheating and teams cheating are too numerous to chronicle. What is however of interest is why the NFL has such a vendetta against arguably the face of the League, Tom Brady.

At the same time Goodell was upholding Brady's suspension they also informed the family of late great former Patriots and Chargers linebacker Juniour Seau that they would not allow them to speak at his posthumous induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton next month.  Seems odd that the family of a deceased Hall of Fame entrant wouldn't be allowed to speak at his posthumous induction ceremony. Maybe its because Seau's family currently has a pending lawsuit against the NFL.  The entire circumstances surrounding Seau's death make little or no sense at all. Supposedly Seau, fraught with post traumatic stress syndrome from years of concussions, committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest.  I'm not 100% positive of the statistics but its very rare for a person committing suicide with a firearm to shoot themselves in the chest and not the head.  If I'm not mistaken the same thing happened to former Bears linebacker Dave Duerson who was also involved in a lawsuit against the NFL.

The NFL is about making money and they will absolutely sacrifice the life and limb of the players in order to do so.  Goodell's justification for upholding the ridiculous four game suspension against Tom Brady was because he needed access to Brady's personal cell phone messages which likely contain information pertinent to the ongoing antitrust suit against the League.  The NFL has no right to a player's personal cell phone whatsoever.  The real issue is the NFL which is comprised of 32 mafioso owners none of which has any integrity, including Patriots owner Robert Kraft.  It's unimaginable that players and owners involved in every kind of crime from domestic violence (Greg Hardy, Terrell Suggs, Ray Rice, Adriaan Petersen, etc) to drug abuse and trafficking (Sean Peyton and Jim Irsay) are completely ignored but somebody who "possibly" knew "more probably than not" about a few ounces of air pressure taken from a football is the most heinous person to walk the earth.  

None of this ever crosses the mind of the average, bloodthirsty NFL fan who is dumb as a box of rocks.  NFL fans never consider the enormous toll football takes on the lives of those who play at a professional level. Fans see the big names and the faces but rarely ever hear how the NFL disposes of players who suffer not only career-threatening but life-threatening injuries. Unlike the NBA and MLB the NFL refuses to have guaranteed contracts and once players become damaged goods the owners are able to toss them aside like useless cattle. Player safety means nothing to the NFL owners who employed hatchet man Goodell and the likes of sleaze balls like Adam Schefter to come up with phony reports, unnamed sources, and meaningless information to slander the greatest player ever to play the game.  The only way the NFL maintains their billion-dollar a year business is by not being held responsible for the safety of current and former players. Imagine the millions the NFL owners are saving by not having to deal with the enormous healthcare issues they've ignored for years.

Simply put the NFL murdered Junior Seau, Dave Duerson and others who've attempted to hold the NFL accountable for its neglect of player safety.  I posit that if Tom Brady had been retired he would've mysteriously committed suicide as well.  In the meantime they'll have to slander his name and image in the public eye.  Every NFL player should be outraged by this attack on one of their own who is standing up and basically not only accusing the NFL of cheating and fixing their own sport but sacrificing player safety as well.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


The New Face of Nazism
Although the mainstream media has all but ignored the horrific crimes of Planned Parenthood it can't be covered up or ignored.  For the last few years Americans, in particular white Americans, Christians and conservatives have had to watch liberals and Democrats accuse them of being racist, sexist, and bigoted. We've had to watch liberals and Democrats defend thugs like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner in addition to civil rights leaders and Democrat public officials incite violence against law enforcement and American taxpayers. We've also had to watch a rogue SCOTUS usurp the will of the Constitution and the American people by declaring homosexual marriage as the law of the land. All of this on top of executive orders to extend amnesty to over 30 million illegal immigrants, promote Islam, Lois Lerner, the implementation of Common Core and Obamacare.  American citizens, particularly conservatives and Christians have been ruthlessly attacked at every turn.  

One would think that Democrats, being the self-proclaimed champions of women and children would've at least attempted to charge Deborah Nucatola with the trafficking of human body parts, which is a felony under federal law. But alas, Democrats have stepped forward to defend Deborah Nucatola and justify the unjustifiable. There simply is no way to describe the horrors of genocide being perpetrated on American children by these monsters.  Liberals and Democrats speak of being "pro-life" but don't regard a 24-month old fetus as a human being for political purposes; yet, they do classify the fetus as a human being in order to peddle their dismembered body parts for profit. Even more disturbing is the silence emanating from black Democrats. The Congressional Black Caucus publicly attacks whites for racism yet haven't so much as put out a simple press release condemning the mass genocide of black children by white liberals in abortion clinics across America.  Considering the history of Planned Parenthood and statements of its racist founder Margaret Sanger you wonder how any black person could support such a wicked and racist institution.  Inner city America is littered with abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood offices.  Six decades of liberal domestic policy and civil rights legislation influenced by pop culture has created a decadent, criminal culture in black America of which abortion is a staple. Planned Parenthood for years has lived up to the promise of founder Margaret Sanger to exterminate black babies "like weeds" by snatching them from the wombs of black women and subsequently selling their body parts for profit to the highest bidder. 

Not one member of the CBC has even responded to the video in fact, some black Democrats have publicly defended Deborah Nucatola and Planned Parenthood deeming the video a "set-up". Interestingly enough, I pointed out that black elected officials and political candidates all took donations from the vampires at Planned Parenthood. As a whole Democrats saw campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood increase exponentially since 2008.  In 2008, Democrats received $256,176 from Planned Parenthood while Republicans received $10,000. 

That number doubled in 2012 to $560,385 for Dems while Republicans saw a significant decrease to $4,383.  

All the while black babies were having liberal vampires murder them in the wombs, dice them up and sell their body parts on the black market.  No picket signs, no protests, no press conferences, no accusations of racism.  Again the black political, religious, and civil rights leadership remained absolutely silent. The donations dropped to about $400,000 during the 2014 midterm elections but that's to be expected as political contributions are higher during the general elections thus, the higher amounts in 2008 and 2012. This explains the lower donations in midterm elections.  

Black Nazis performing Genocide
But what's more interesting than the donation amounts to the party as a whole is WHO took the donations. Interestingly enough the loudest "champions" for so-called racial justice are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to the murder of black babies. Where are James Clyburn, John Lewis, and Sheila Jackson-Lee? Where they are is on the sidelines keeping quiet about how their liberal masters have sanctioned black infanticide in Americas ghettos.  Not only do CBC members take dollars from an organization that dismembers black children for profit, the CBC has invited this mafia to take part in discussions about the family in black America!  

Here's a statement from Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards in response to the event: 

“Planned Parenthood is grateful for the support of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation for providing a space for this important conversation on reproductive freedom,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “It is partnerships like this, with leaders like Congresswoman Robin Kelly and BET Networks, that allow us to reach more communities with an important message – access to birth control is pivotal in expanding economic opportunity for all women.”

The informative website keyed in on this hypocrisy as did The Radiance Foundation :

Only a handful of CBC members took 0$ in donations from Planned Parenthood in the last 6 years including the late, great Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-OH) who is just about the only black Democrat I regard as a true leader, even from the grave.  But lets look at the dirt bags in the CBC who can attack the Confederate Flag but not the liberals dismembering black babies in Americas ghettos. These cartoon characters, these black buffoons traverse the country accusing conservative, white Christians of being racist yet ignore the racism right under their dirty noses.  I want to list them just for the purposes of calling out these no good lowlife cowards.  So without further adieu here are the black Nazis perpetrating genocide on black babies with recent donation amounts:

Alma Adams (D-NC) $5,199
Andre Carson (D-IN) $647
Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) $1,000
James Clyburn (D-SC) $1,000
Danny Davis (D-IL) $1,000
Marcia Fudge (D-OH) $1,000
**Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) (although not a member a Latino that supports black genocide)***
Robin Kelly (D-IL) $1,000
Barbara Lee (D-CA) $1,000
John Lewis (D-GA) $1,000
Gwen Moore (D-WI) $5,000
David Scott (D-GA) $1,000
Marc Veasey (D-TX) $2,500
Maxine Waters (D-CA) $1,000

Remember this list is only from the 2014 midterm elections and doesn't include the 2012 General Election.  It's also important to remember that many CBC members not on this list were not up for re-election.  But what stands out from this list are the names of the two foremost "leaders" of civil rights Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and James Clyburn (D-SC). One would surely think that if anyone was familiar with the history of Planned Parenthood it would be these two dinosaurs who were probably kids when Margaret Sanger started up the organization.  Yet, not a word from these two race card pimps who can chase around the Confederate Flag but take money from an organization steeped in eugenics that actually perpetrates black infanticide. The mission statement of Planned Parenthood hasn't changed since it was established by founder and Chief Vampire Margaret Sanger some years ago. The CBC offers up a diatribe on any white person they deem racist, they chase the Confederate Flag and have even proposed digging up the graves of Confederate soldiers and defacing headstones bearing the Confederate Flag. Well who is going to dig up the grave of Vampire Margaret Sanger.  Just so we are clear on what Margaret Sanger thought about blacks let's highlight some of her more notable quotes:

"[We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring." The Wickedness of Creating Large Families 

"Give dysgenic groups [people with “bad genes”] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization." America Needs A Code for Babies 

"Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race." April 1932 Birth Control Review 
Can we dig up this vampire?

"We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members." Woman, Morality, and Birth Control

It's unusual to see an organization remain dedicated to the ideals of their founders as times and circumstances change.  Not Planned Parenthood. They've remained true to Sanger's vision of a purer America through the extermination of black children. Imagine this, a woman casually munching down salad and sipping red wine while she nonchalantly details the dismemberment of black fetuses and the subsequent sale of their body parts to the highest bidder and yet, black religious, political, and academic leaders are worried about the Confederate Flag.  Awfully funny, I don't see the Confederate Flag flying over abortion clinics in inner-city America but somehow black babies are being decapitated, disemboweled, dismembered, and sold in pieces by racist vampires to clinics, organizations, and colleges and universities to experiment on them. Negro preachers and politicians hovered around SC Governor Nikki Haley in pomp and ceremony as though they were doing black people some great service by removing the Confederate Flag, a FLAG, from the statehouse capital. While the Confederate Flag was being lowered some poor black baby born out-of-wedlock to a single black mother was having his skull crushed by some racist, white liberal in a South Carolina abortion clinic and then laid on a gurney to be dismembered and the limbs sold to some witch doctor.

Yet, why should anyone expect the Congressional Black Caucus to give a damn about black children.  Many of them consider themselves "Christian" yet they support liberal policies that have utterly annihilated black America: abortion, welfare, illegal immigration, Common Core, the list goes on.  Obamacare the crowning legislative jewel of this admin and symbol of outright totalitarianism specifically mandates the continued trafficking of black baby parts by funding Planned Parenthood and abortion.  But somehow this isn't racist?  It's amazing how the definition of "racism" changes to fit the situation.  Defacing headstones and exhuming the remains of soldiers who fought in a legitimate war hundreds of years ago over a flag is justified but no action is needed to disrespect the remains of a racist, eugenicist who advocated the outright genocide of black people.  The Congressional Black Caucus, like black leaders across America, is silent on acts of black genocide.  They speak nothing of black-on-black crime and they speak nothing of white liberal-on-black crime. Margaret Sanger was Dracula and the CBC is her vampire army seeking to carry out her mission.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


It's hardly like a true leader to remain silent during these difficult times.  As we near the end of days it is important that true leaders stand up and speak out against the injustices perpetrated against the children of God.  So imagine my surprise when while casually surfing the web I stumble across recent images of Minister Louis Farrakhan and Katrine "Superhead" Steffans. It's bad enough that Farrakhan has been in selfies with the likes of dirt bags like Rick Ross and Russell "Hustle" Simmons; but "Superhead" implies something totally different. If you don't know about Katrine "Superhead" Steffans you don't need to know more than the nickname.  Her reputation for giving fellatio to black athletes, entertainers, and million dollar thugs is unparalleled.  Nobody hangs with "Superhead" unless they're getting head plain and simple.  So while black Democrats and liberals are attempting to cover up and whitewash the mass murder of black children by the government funded Planned Parenthood the most dishonorable Minister Farrakhan is taking selfies with "Superhead".

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised.  Minister Farrakhan is after all a black "leader" and we all know black leaders are worth less than a box of thrice-used condoms.  The only difference between Minister Farrakhan and religious dirt bags like Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, R.A. Vernon, and Frederick Price is that Farrakhan calls himself a "Muslim".  On the political side Farrakhan, despite all his tough talk, is a white liberal concubine who regards POTUS as the "messiah". I would've expected Minister Farrakhan to enthusiastically address how the crowning legislative act of POTUS, Obamacare, mandates the genocide of black babies by indefinitely funding Planned Parenthood.  I would've expected Minister Farrakhan to address how the boxcars that carried Jews to their untimely deaths have been replaced by urban slaughter houses called abortion clinics where black babies skulls are crushed in the womb.  But what is Farrakhan doing? He's out getting head from "Superhead".  Spare me all the bullshit that Farrakhan is just "ministering" to this "confused sistah"; he's getting head plain and simple.

Twenty years since the spectacle known as the Million Man March, Minister Farrakhan is making the rounds with the Freaks of the Entertainment Industry. Weeks after publicly attacking the American Flag Farrakhan seems to be right at home reveling in the degenerate pop-culture liberals have created under the American flag.  What's hypocritical about Farrakhan is that he spends little if no time acknowledging the glaring contradictions about his own religious beliefs. I'm sure the Minister knows that were he in Iran, Yemen, or Saudi Arabia Katrine "Superhead" Steffans would've been stoned to death by his own Muslim brothers for appearing in public scantily clothed.  The Minister has to know that it's only under the American flag, you know, the same flag he said should be burned, that his black sisters and brethren enjoy the freedom to be the freaks they want to be and are.  He knows damn well they couldn't achieve such status under an Islamic flag.  I've always thought Farrakhan to simply be a baptist preacher claiming Islam.  He's proven to be nothing more than the used car salesman of American religious black leadership.  He's shiny and smooth but he doesn't rake in the dough or crowds like his more accomplished "Christian" counterparts Creflo Dollar, Sharpton, Jakes, and McClendon.  

Minister Farrakhan has proven to be a big a hypocrite politically as he has religiously.  For 8 years he has tried to defend the indefensible actions of a rogue administration that has usurped the political and spiritual rights of ALL Americans.  Remember Farrakhan was a devout Republican who supported G.W. Bush now all of a sudden he's the biggest supporter of a POTUS that promotes and supports homosexual-marriage, surveillance and police control of American citizens, socialism, and mass genocide of black babies.  For someone whose entire career has been defined by "speaking the truth" about the so-called "white devil" the good Minister refuses to criticize a POTUS who is clearly the puppet of white liberals and the political and economic elite.  

Twenty years after Minister Farrakhan gave some rambling, dry, and stupid 7 hour long speech at the National Mall during the Million Man Farce where he chastised black men telling them to "atone" for their actions he takes no responsibility for his own.  Minister Farrakhan has taken the leap from "leader" to hood "celebrity".  Not that he's ever been accountable for his actions before but he definitely isn't now.  Before there was Creflo Dollar there was Minister Farrakhan in 1996 publicly justifying his purchase of a $50 million private jet with a professionally trained flight crew he used to parade around the Muslim-owned harems of the Islamic Middle East where African boys and girls were (and still are) routinely enslaved and sold for sex.  Maybe on the twentieth anniversary of the Million Man Farce the good Minister should atone for his unwillingness to condemn his Muslim brethren for kidnapping, enslaving, raping, and murdering African children throughout the Middle East and Africa.  Silly me, why should I expect this when black men are slaughtering black people by the hundreds right under Farrakhan's nose in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois or should I say, "Chiraq"?  I'm also sure that there are Planned Parenthood clinics within walking distances of Nation of Islam mosques in inner cities all across America yet not a peep from Minister Farrakhan who is too busy making incall visits to Katrine "Superhead" Steffans.  

Minister Farrakhan is a floundering fish attempting to break into the mainstream in order to prop up his crumbling urban empire.  He's trying to achieve Rev. Al Sharpton status.  Sharpton has gone from pariah and angry black man (which he still is) to liberal media darling and Hollywood celebrity.  More importantly Sharpton is able to use his new found celebrity to rake in the dough which Farrakhan is desperately attempting to do.  Fact is Black Lives Don't Matter to Farrakhan and clearly Black Babies Lives Don't Matter to Farrakhan.  He's more concerned with his celebrity status than the lives of the poor and helpless black children he's so often claimed to protect  He's a liar and bullshit artist who's just as much a tool of the liberal elite as his black brethren.    

Friday, July 17, 2015


The recent video with Planned Parenthood Director Deborah Nucatola casually munching on salad as she describes the dismemberment of babies and subsequent sale of their body parts is Satanic as it is horrific.  Since 1972 liberals have operated human butcher shops otherwise known as abortion clinics in America's ghettos.  Inside these human carving factories, funded by taxpayer dollars, liberals murder infants, dismember them then auction their limbs to the highest bidder. 

For decades we've watched Democrats, civil rights leaders, and liberal activists chastise Americans about "equality", climate change, saving animals from experimentation, police brutality and institutionalized racism.  We've had to endure their self-righteous hypocrisy as they attack the Confederate Flag and defend illegal aliens, black thugs, Muslim nut jobs and transgender freaks.  Yet all the while they've been engaged in the wholesale butchering of children for profit.

The same liberals that claim to "love" black people and march in defense of thugs like Michael Brown and Eric Garner put down their picket signs, pick up their forceps and crush the skulls of black babies in the womb in filthy meat lockers.  The same black leaders who march hand in hand with these liberal cannibals lecture white America about Jim Crow, Tuskegee and HIV but ignore the liberal supported, government funded genocide in inner city America.  The same liberals that stand in support of same sex marriage and gender transformation are the same ones that support Planned Parenthood's human chop-shops.  We know where Hollywood gets fodder for its movies much the same place Hitler got his ideas for Nazism: white liberals. 

Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger who expressed the stated goal of the organization was the outright extermination of black babies.  Yet, no picket signs, no marching, no ceremonial pen-signing to protest the mass slaughter of black fetuses in Americas ghettos.  Rather, liberals and their Democrat masters have engaged in damage control and suppression using press releases and social media attempting to put a spin on this genocide. Planned Parenthood funds just about every Democrat elected official and candidate for office.  During last years midterm elections I pointed out that here in Ohio just about every black Democratic candidate for office was funded by Planned Parenthood: Emilia Sykes, Nina Turner, Rep and President of the Congressional Black Caucus Marcia Fudge all took money from an organization that explicitly murders black children. No Louis Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, Crump, Shabazz not a one of these race and poverty pimps has so much as squealed a squeak about this savagery. The so-called "Black Lives Matter" crowd that marches, protests, and riots for every useless, no-good, deadbeat daddy black hoodlum hasn't so much as uttered a sound about this demonic madness.  Apparently black babies lives don't matter.

To be certain trafficking fetal body parts and organs has been part of Planned Parenthood since its inception so this is nothing new. However, the callousness, coldness, arrogance, in the voice of Demon Deborah Nucatola as she describes her dismantling of living babies for profit should be headline news.  However, its been buried by every liberal network ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, NPR under transgender murderer Bruce Jenner, the Confederate Flag, Bill Cosby and the results of reality television shows.  In about a week the story will be completely buried and referred to politicians and liberal media as some "right wing conspiracy theory" as Rep. Barbara "Barbarian" Lee D-CA has already done.  

Rep Fudge a supporter of black genocide
The Negro clergy still reveling in POTUS horrid rendition of Amazing Grace and tap dancing for Ghetto Vampire Hillary Clinton will have nothing at all to say about this madness.  The pope who can utter decrees on climate change, global warming and the acceptance of homosexual freaks into the Church hasn't so much as whispered a word in condemnation of this cannibalism.  The book of Ephesians 6:12 explicitly states: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. These leaders who practice false Christianity are demons and agents of Satan here on Earth.  

Just about every black Democrat in America with the exception of one or two considers themselves "Christian" yet they take campaign donations from Planned Parenthood an organization whose mission statement is the wholesale extermination of the "Negro population" in the womb.  This organization is run by liberals who advocate every policy that has destroyed the American family, in particular the black American family: government assistance, homosexual marriage, legalized drug use, government run education, unions, etc. Yet, these cowards continue to publicly defend the indefensible.  Mandated by Obamacare and protected by Satan's minions Planned Parenthood will continue its slaughter of American children and its a wonder there aren't Muslims inside these clinics beheading the children. Deborah Nucatola is a serpent and a demon and she might as well have been drinking blood.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


There stood the black clergy swooning and swaying to the off key tunes of POTUS singing a porous and sarcastic rendition of "Amazing Grace" at the funeral of late South Carolina State Rep. Clementa Pinckney.  Adorned in flamboyant violet robes and gaudy gold crosses the mindless Negro clergy stood starstruck and mesmerized at the public relations specialist; while the Supreme Court of the United States of America wiped away any last vestiges of God in the American conscious and assumed themselves rulers of all Americans.  Once again the Negro clergy opted for a photo op with the dictator rather than profess the word of God.  Five Supreme Court justices handed down a decree that all Americans must accept the abomination that is homosexual marriage while the Negro clergy stood with their pants around their ankles allowing themselves to be sodomized by Satan. 

Liberals and followers of Satan have turned America into a modern day Caligula's Pit and the SCOTUS ruling assured not just homosexual marriage; but it legalized pedophilia, bestiality and every other sick and unnatural, ungodly behavior devised in people's twisted minds.  All this is lost on the Negro clergy, many of whom themselves are closet homosexuals.  The war on Christianity has been waged from the halls of academia and the backrooms of elected officials for the last 7 years and it seems unlikely to stop with homosexual marriage and gender neutral restrooms.  Perhaps, but maybe if POTUS assumed office for a third term we would see the SCOTUS legislate from the bench and declare bestiality and child rape as legal.  They've already mandated abortion as legal so why would anyone believe they would willingly end their power trip.

We've seen this blasphemy played out before in previous civilizations including Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome where magic, witchcraft, and filth were mandated as law by the ruling classes.  Each one of those civilizations reveled in their lust and each one eventually faced the wrath of God.  The ruling classes of those civilizations thumbed their noses at God while they indulged in ungodly and wicked behaviors.  This civilization is different.  Modern day America which is ruled by the political elite has shown a disdain for history, and their collective hatred of God exceeds that of all the past civilizations combined and manifests itself in their hysterical arrogance.  

Today homosexuals, pedophiles, and transgender freaks goaded on by a complicit media celebrate in the streets boasting the supremacy of five SCOTUS justices to usurp the will of Christian Americans.   They proudly display the rainbow flag of Satan from rooftops and storefronts.  Their corporate sponsors, many of whom have censored the Confederate Flag have openly expressed support in press releases and advertisements for the Satanic rainbow colors of the homosexual flag.  The SCOTUS ruling isn't the result of actions taken by the "millenial" generation rather the result of years of manipulation and deceit by older Americans.  The psychological war necessary to achieve this Satanic feat was waged on the impressionable minds of America's youth through social media and pop culture.  Hollywood and the media, particularly Disney and ESPN have been major players in the effort to push this filth onto young people. ESPN covered up the Sandusky child rape scandal by first sitting on the story for years and then shifting the blame away from the elite pedophiles to small players like Sandusky and Joe Paterno.  Subsequently ESPN portrayed faggot Michael Sam as a hero going so far as to broadcast him kissing his frail, faggot boyfriend on national television during the NFL Draft.  If that weren't enough ESPN gave a "courage award" to cross dressing murderer Bruce Jenner for his freakishness. Never mind that Jenner ran over and killed an innocent person in a car accident.
Disney the undisputed champion and corporate sponsor of pedophilia has taken traditional American icons, particularly Marvel Comics characters, and recast them as women, homosexuals, Muslims and other freaks.    

The Congress led by tricksters and dirt bags like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, sat idly by as the SCOTUS took a 9 millimeter to the head of free speech and the heads of American Christians much like they did the previous day as SCOTUS mandated Obamacare as the law of the land. Much like they did on issues like illegal immigration and abortion.  The GOP Congress is far from conservative, in fact, its complicity in recent SCOTUS rulings makes them complicit and willing participants in the attack on Christians everywhere and the usurping of the rights of real American citizens.  They sat idly by while liberals and their political cohorts used the Confederate Flag as a scapegoat to attack Christianity and exert the control of the American government over 320 million people.  

American Christians are being besieged by dark and evil forces beyond their control.  The Constitution has been eradicated and God has been outlawed. Liberals have achieved their dream of a liberal utopia where Satan rules the day.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015


The good folks of Charleston have the POTUS and the #BlackLivesMatter crowd to thank for the cold-blooded murder of church members in Charleston, South Carolina.  Years of race-baiting, in particular, Ferguson and Baltimore have led to this.

I warned long ago that the #BlackLivesMatter movement was a disingenuous and racist movement that sought to exonerate the behavior of black thugs by terrorizing and threatening whites.  It is a movement of hypocrisy that ignores the facts and offers its own distorted narrative of race relations in America.  The movement is fueled by the stupidity of black so-called activists many of whom are welfare cheating, race baiting, deadbeat daddies and lifelong professional victims. 

I also made the claim that the #BlackLivesMatter movement was fully funded and backed by white liberals, Hollywood, Democrats and communist billionaires like George Soros.  Black "leaders" like Sharpton and Jackson along with black and democrat hacks like Benjamin Crump, Bill deBlasio, Marilyn Mosby, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and Marc Lamont-Hill used the media to attack white Americans and promote black thuggery.  I stand by those statements.

The murder of nine people cannot be justified and my heart goes out to the families of the victims.  But the reality has to be acknowledged that the POTUS along with an army of fact-twisting, ambulance chasing, race baiters, have poisoned the well.  Rather than bringing Americans together they've divided it along racial lines by persecuting whites for the actions of black hoodlums. They'll attack whites like Darren Wilson whose actions were justified; but they won't acknowledge that Democrat run cities like Chicago and Baltimore have become killing fields of urban waste where hordes of black thugs terrorize other blacks.  They won't acknowledge that more blacks are murdered at the hands of other blacks than by whites.  They'll also give legitimacy to race hucksters and hustlers like Malik Zulu-Shabazz and his marching army of black deadbeat daddies, the Black Kitty Kat Party. 

Dylan Roof may have pulled the trigger but the #BlackLivesMatter crowd put the gun in his hand and loaded it.  There are some people, many people, whites and blacks sick of the race-baiting and poverty hustling.  Nothing justified the Charleston Shooting but I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner.  This admin, these filthy black leaders, and the NAACP created this monster. Perhaps Dylan Roof grew tired of Ferguson, Baltimore and democrats and white liberals defending black thugs? Maybe he became angered at the hypocrisy of the NAACP for defending Rachel Dolezal yet attacking whites?  What if Dylan Roof argues in a court of law during his defense that he is black?  Then this couldn't be considered a hate crime because the NAACP legitimately recognized as "black" a woman that lied about her ethnicity. 

This is the kind of racial hustling and jiving America has grown tired of.  All people aren't calm, easy going people who will refute this nonsense on social media outlets.  Some people know only to respond with violence.  Thanks to the #BlackLivesMatter crowd the poor folks of a black church in Charleston met one of these people.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Many Americans have become obsessed with multiculturalism to the point that it is beginning to rot western civilization from the inside.  We live in the Facebook culture where it is okay to be immoral but also acceptable for the immoral to impose their twisted views of morality on others.  The reality is that liberals do not celebrate "diversity" they want everyone regardless of race, color, and creed to openly and enthusiastically accept their secular lifestyle.  When Americans refuse to accept ideas such those individuals are persecuted and destroyed by liberals and the media.  

I have never been one to mince words.  I believe homosexuality is disturbing and disgusting.  That is my opinion.  That is my belief.  However, this does not mean i go around and dismember or behead homosexuals fanatics in Muslim countries. And although i do not practice or condone said lifestyle I am always respectful to those i meet who do accept that lifestyle. The LGBT crowd may frighten many but I'm not one of them. The media enthusiastically attacks those who dare to openly disagree with the liberal agenda. The liberal agenda seeks to remove God from the public consciousness in order to create a society where the many serve the few elite to build a world where the elite can outlast God and achieve immortality.  

This liberal utopia can only work if a police state is imposed on Americans. Americans must not only be told how to think and when to think but WHAT to think.  This is part of the UN Agenda which seeks to encompass the world under the rule of a ruling, wealthy, elite. Common Core and Obamacare go hand in hand. One teaches the masses how, when and what to think while the other reinforces this indoctrination by using the healthcare system to grant government ownership over our physical bodies through.  In other words the government can produce income from your simple physical existence.

Another key element in the realization of a liberal utopia is the total eradication of privacy.  Some will argue that the government's massive data collection of Americans' cell phone records, emails, instant messages, and text messages is an outrageous invasion of privacy. I argue differently.  Historically the government has ALWAYS collected data on private citizens so Edward Snowden, if in fact he is real, is no hero for telling Americans something we should've already known.  What is insidious and frightening is how Americans have been deceived into willingly relinquishing their privacy.  Millions of Americans post the most intimate and sacred aspects of their lives on Facebook and social media for all the world to see.  The marketeers and the social scientists who are working to bring about this liberal utopia have tapped into the most basic of all human needs in order to collect private personal data: the need for acceptance.

Americans, especially women, have not only become asphyxiated with the sordid details of other peoples' lifestyles they only feel accepted if they can share their own. Everyday millions of Americans post their every move on Facebook for all the world to see.  The most intimate aspects of their personal lives which should be kept either in the bedroom or among family are posted on Facebook by millions of Americans who want to be made to feel important.  I've argued that the government doesn't actually have to expend much effort to collect personal data from private citizens.  As long as Facebook exists the government will always have unfettered access to the when, where, what, how and why of Americans' personal lives.

America is on the cusp of destruction and is facing the very real possibility of not only being absorbed into a world empire but ushering in the kingdom of Satan.  Our willingness and desire to fit into this world's idea of morality and to share our private lives in order to do so will eventually, and is already leading to our decline.  Americans are in a sleep a slumber so deep they fail to hear the roaring of APV's down their streets and the sounds of black boots kicking in their doors.  The concentration camps are ready they only need the human fodder to occupy them.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Over the past 7 and a half years, particularly the last two years, law-abiding, taxpaying, heterosexual Americans have been besieged by black militants, racists, and thugs; homosexual freaks, illegal aliens, self-righteous liberal Hollywood hypocrites, Muslim nut jobs and law breaking Democratic elected officials.  Just when we thought the liberal kooks had thrown every circus freak they had at us here comes Bernie Sanders.  

Sanders isn't only a communist clown he's an idiot who lives in the Looney Leftist Land of Freebie Utopia.  Sanders is of the opinion that if EVERY American kid goes to college, for free, all America's ills will be solved.  Case closed. Sanders falls right in line with the idiot liberals that promote Common Core, same-sex marriage, black thuggery, Sharia Law, government takeover of industry and the countless other liberal legislative actions that strip real American citizens of their liberty and freedom.

Sanders is a ranting, raving idiot who sees America's 17 trillion dollar debt as a mere stumbling block on the golden road to communist utopia.  To Sanders the federal government is a big grab bag chock full of freebies for the masses of illegal aliens, Muslim sleeper terrorists, black professional victims, and LGBT fanatics that comprise the Democrat voting bloc.  Bigger government and more government is Sanders' answer to everything.  Not only is he a fool he's a thief who is willing and ready to snatch the future of generations yet to come to impose the iron fist of government on the current one.  

The lazy, shiftless, opportunistic, criminal and the godless see Sanders as a beacon of hope.  Sanders is hero to the professional victim, tax cheat, and the welfare cheat who uses bigger government to absolve them of all personal responsibility and self accountability.  Blinded by his own self-righteous paternalism Sanders believes that every American wants to go to college.  Not only is this inaccurate but Americas colleges and universities have become brainwashing centers where liberal kook professors indoctrinate young Christian minds with their socialist garbage.  Sanders isn't only dangerous he's an enemy of all Americans who believe in hard work, responsibility, family, and God.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Here we go again.  Another black man dead in police custody and another wave of violence perpetrated by hordes of ignorant blacks and fueled by the lies of liberals and their black media prostitutes.  What is happening in Baltimore is not only a disgrace it has absolutely nothing to do with the unfortunate death of Freddie Gray.  It is not clear how Freddie Gray died while in the custody of Baltimore Police.  I have said before like I said about the South Carolina police shooting of an unarmed man that if the police are found guilty of murdering Freddie Gray then they should be tried and convicted.  I say that in any case because those who uphold the law should be held to a higher standard than those who live under it.  Therefore, the process has to take its course.  But the race-baiters and the dirt bags won't allow that to happen.  No.  Immediately they swoop down like vultures to rotting flesh picking and pulling at the wounds of black emotion to incite violence and mayhem.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake should not only be relieved of her duties as mayor she should be put back in her whore mother's rotten womb.  I can't recall in modern history, American history where a public official has openly called for criminals to destroy.  This is unspeakable and is actually a crime.  Thus it should come as no surprise that Rawlings-Blake is a high ranking official in the Democratic National party.  Who does this?  What elected official entrusted by the public to maintain law, order, and civility and protect the property and lives of citizens openly calls for thugs and criminals to terrorize the community in which he/she was elected to protect?  I've said it before openly and I'll say it again: Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a stripper and a prostitute.  If Rawlings-Blake's call to arms for black thugs to wreak havoc wasn't bad enough she openly thanked the Nation of Islam??!! For what??  For encouraging black thuggery and violence?  The citizens of Baltimore, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, and small business owners will be left to dig themselves from the ashes and start anew because their mayor whom they elected to usher in change and prosperity chose to enact The Purge.

In addition to Rawlings-Blake Baltimore has been besieged by the usual cast of black racist flame-throwers and hypocrites, in particular, Marc Lamont-Hill and Michael Eric Dyson.  These two are pseudo-intellectuals at best who spend their time away from the CNN microphones in the backrooms of plush, liberal penthouses spooning with their LGBT liberal and progressive overseers. These two aren't even race-baiters they are armchair race-baiters.  In other words, they'll gladly incite ignorant black youth to violence but don't have the balls to actually pick up a rock and do it themselves.  I was always taught that a good leader will always do what he demands others do but these two bitches won't. They'll stay in the CNN studios with liberal slut Brooke Baldwin and the fat black lady with the bad hairdo and spew racial venom to incite black youth but they'll never actually get out there and join in the fray.  Could you imagine the head of a prison gang like the Mexican Mafia or the AB ordering his soldiers to kill and he himself has never or won't kill anyone?  Of course not. Not only would he have no credibility but they'd probably kill him for being fake. And that's exactly what these two cross-dressing, liberal black prostitutes are: fake. Since Michael Eric Dyson loves to quote rappers here's an analogy he should know, in the words of Jay-Z Michael Eric Dyson wouldn't "squash a grape in a food fight".  

The Democratic party along with their liberal and progressive cohorts grin because they know each riot moves America closer to a police state.  Young, dumb blacks have been duped into believing that there are no consequences for lawlessness.  Black elected officials are but tools of the Democratic party and the liberal and progressive elite and young, ignorant blacks are pawns in a global chess game that seeks to reshape the world in the liberal socialist image. What they don't understand is that in the coming liberal world order they will be forced to live without the freedom and liberty they so enthusiastically take for granted.