Saturday, July 16, 2016


Europe is gone. The non-elected European Union bureaucracy has handed the continent and its people over to ISIS. Europeans from France to Germany are being raped, pillaged, plundered, and slaughtered by Muslim thugs while authorities stand by and stand down. Sharia law zones have been established throughout Europe and Muslim clerics openly advocate violence and an outright assault on not just Christianity but humanity. Europe has endured countless wars from the War of the Roses; Wars of Religion (French and Spanish); the Crimean War; the Napoleonic Wars; the Balkan Wars; and two devastating World Wars I and II and Europeans have always survived. This unfortunately is one war they will not survive.

The continent that brought us the concept of the nation-state is helpless against the European Union which is destroying it by erasing national cultures and identities. EU officials, non-elected, tax-exempt, wealthy bureaucrats have crafted a policy that calls for the unfettered migration of violent Muslim immigrants from the Middle East into Europe. European Union policy allows Muslims to establish a foothold in Europe by openly engaging in terrorism against Europeans. Law enforcement does little if anything to protect European citizens. Earlier this year Muslim thugs were allowed to openly rape women in the streets of Cologne, Germany. Women and children are under constant threat of being raped and sexually assaulted in Sweden. Europeans are not only discouraged from speaking out publicly and through social media against the destructive EU open borders policy: they are being arrested and prosecuted for doing so. The EU brass is crafting legislation to make it illegal to oppose Muslim migration via the Internet and taking it a step further by taking steps to require a national ID number for Europeans to even access the Internet.

Angela Merkel posed with Muslim thugs for selfies days before these same thugs perpetrated terrorist attacks on her own citizens. In France, Hollande is just as guilty as the Muslim thugs that have terrorized and slaughtered his own citizens. The liberal, government-owned mainstream media also aids and abets Muslim violence by refusing to even use the word "Islam" in reference to these terrorist acts and even worse engaging in character assassination of victims. United Kingdom citizens no doubt considered the spreading Muslim menace when casting their Brexit votes a few weeks ago. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a violent Muslim thug that defended the 9/11 attacks and Azzam Tamimi who openly called for the slaughter of those who "offended" Mohammed. When Presidential Candidate Donald Trump praised Saddam Hussein's slaughter of terrorists the liberal media called Trump a "terrorist sympathizer". Trump was historically accurate in his assessment of Saddam's ability to destroy terrorists. 

The European mainstream media specifically the Guardian and BBC News defend and promote Islam much the same way that American mainstream media outlets do. Never mind that Muslims openly torture and slaughter women and homosexuals. Facebook, which is nothing but a government owned and Nazi-run social media platform openly promotes only favorable content containing Islam. Critics of Islam are being silenced on social media throughout Europe reminiscent of book burning of centuries gone by. The mainstream media completely whitewashed details of the horrific Bataclan Massacre where Muslim thugs slaughtered theater-goers by chopping off their genitals and shoving them down the victims throats BATACLAN COVER UP. The European mainstream media is even blaming the truck used to mow down women and children rather than the Muslim perpetrator Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. This is no different than American mainstream media and politicians blaming the guns used by Muslim thug Omar Mateen for the slaughter of homosexuals at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando rather than the extremist, twisted ideology of Mateen himself (questions still surround this entire incident). 

There has been a concerted effort to silence opposition to the growing threat of Islam in the West. Whereas the European Union silences Muslim opposition by force the American mainstream media uses deception to cover up Muslim violence in Europe and the fact that it is seeping into America. The American mainstream media uses its Hollywood star power to shape favorable public opinion of Islam. ESPN which is nothing but a propaganda outlet trots out mindless black athletes who stand before the world at the ESPY's and speak out against "gun violence", a concept that exists only in the minds of naive liberals who refuse to accept the global threat of Islam. Islam is a political ideology that thrives on generating fear by threatening to slaughter all who oppose it. The problem is that the political elite are not only suppressing Muslim violence but promoting it. "Moderate" Muslims do not exist. By their very silence they are complicit in Muslim terrorism. 

The Constitution is the only defense to the spread of Islam in America. The best assessment and condemnation of the the Islamic threat came from Newt Gingrich. Despite the fact that Gingrich is a globalist his verbal assault on Islam and Sharia law was spot on and should serve as a warning to any American still supportive of the policy of unfettered Muslim immigration NEWT GINGRICH ASSAULT ON ISLAM. Gingrich eloquently outlines the severity of continued Muslim immigration and the complicity of the American political elite in integrating Islam and Sharia Law into America. American liberals will point to Gingrich's marital history as evidence that his assessment of Islam is less than credible which is total bunk. EU leaders much like Hillary Clinton are in bed with Muslim states so much so that they are absolutely silent on the atrocities committed by states that sponsor violent Muslim migrants. Saudi Arabia recently sentenced Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes 10 per week for voicing opposition to Islam. Yet, Hillary Clinton has taken millions from the wicked Saudi ruling elite and American liberal college professors who advocate "women's rights" and "freedom of speech" refuse to even acknowledge Badawi's demise BLOGGER RECEIVES 1,000 LASHES.

Europe lays at the door step of total destruction at the hands of a relentless and merciless enemy; not Islam but the ruling EU bureaucrats who seek to achieve global government at the expense of their own constituents. The truth is the West has the power to eradicate the Muslim threat but it's officials chose not to do so and as a result Europeans who lack the benefit of having a "Constitution" to protect their basic liberties are helpless against this wicked and satanic threat. Make no mistake Islam is Satan and Satan is Islam. Islam is conceived in the bowels of hell and seeks to establish hell on Earth. As much as the EU bureaucracy is to blame Europeans themselves must shoulder some of the burden for waiting to late to recognize the menace. Unfortunately for Europe it may be too late.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


You couldn't ask for a more perfect storm. An embattled presidential candidate, a DOJ, FBI Director and an administration under heavy fire for a sham investigation so much so that the liberal media could not ignore it now totally forgotten in the wake of incidents involving the police. Despite being completely exonerated by political hacks and lifelong bureaucrats the public perception was that Hillary Clinton not only lied about her personal email server but broke a number of federal laws and engaged in criminal mischief that anyone could consider treasonous. Then videotape surfaces of police shootings involving black men and white officers in Louisiana and Minnesota and poof! All is forgotten. Teflon Hillary escapes again.

I will refrain from getting into the specifics of these shootings because I simply do not know the facts regardless of cell phone video footage. Unlike the liberal media which has immediately jumped to conclusions throughout the tenure of the Obama administration. I have acknowledged before that police are like any other group they have their share of rotten apples but a few rotten apples should not cast dispersion on the group as a whole. There are very good police officers many of whom I have met and had no problems with. Then of course there are others that are not so nice. The same is said for black men and that is there are hard-working, law-abiding black men; but there also exists a sub group of black male thugs who terrorize their own communities. Having acknowledged that I simply do not know about either party, the black men, or police officers in either of these shootings to affirm their intentions. It is tragic when anyone dies and it is something all Americans and Christians should work together to avoid. 

I will say that the people marching against perceived police brutality in Dallas were engaged in a peaceful demonstration and the Dallas police securing the event rushed in to protect them at the sound of gunfire putting their own lives in danger. THIS is how not only citizens and police should interact but Americans should behave in general. As an ardent advocate of the Constitution I embrace any Americans right regardless of political ideology to exercise their First Amendment rights which is something liberals have been trying to destroy for the last eight years. And I also support the fact that the Dallas Police at the event were engaged in positive interaction with these groups. Some even posed for pictures with the Dallas Police officers.

What I do NOT accept however is the black cowards who embraced this cowardly act. First off, these police officers had nothing to do with the shootings in question. Secondly, had the idiot Black Lives Matter idiots and pseudo-revolutionary black power advocates paid attention both the demonstrators and the Dallas Police were engaged in civil and positive discourse. No cars were overturned; no windows broken; no fights, and seemingly no arrests. To celebrate such a cowardly and heinous act is typical of the millennial black power goofball who hides behind his Twitter account or poses as tough guy (or girl) on his Facebook page. 

These bitch-made black power punks like Black Lives Matter (who by the way are owned by the same establishment whites they claim to hate); the New (Old) Black Panther Pussy Cat Party; and any other ridiculous so-called black power chumps are opportunists. Many of them advocate murdering cops but few of them have the actual balls to do it. They wait behind their iPhones and tablets for an atrocity committed by someone else against innocent people and then they pounce on it. If they were so tough they would do it themselves but they refuse. 

The Dallas Police shooting sickened me because no matter what you think about the police those officers ran to the aid of people they thought were going to be harmed by sniper gunfire. They did not say "Oh I'm going to let these black protestors get shot because they hate us". Nope. They rushed in and put their lives on the line to protect the very same people that hate them. Does this obscure the fact that there are bad police officers out there that abuse their authority to victimize people. No of course not. Those officers should be rooted out arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced. I have long said that law-enforcement officials should be held to a higher standard because they have authority to enforce the law. However, that does not mean that citizens get to have NO STANDARDS. The idea that you can refuse to comply with a lawful order just because you are black or do not like the police is bullshit and usually a smokescreen to hide the fact that you are up to no good. Again I am not commenting on the Minneapolis and Louisiana police shootings I am making a general observation. 

As a Christian my heart bled with all those who died and all those involved in these shootings because in the end all of it could have been avoided. The problem is that we have allowed the political elite and their media minions to desensitize us and play up on tragedies and misunderstandings to promote their one-world government political agenda. In the end the political elite care not about the citizens or the police themselves. THEY have no respect for any of them. Hillary Clinton and this administration has already disgraced the memories of these fallen officers by openly flaunting their lawbreaking before the American people by coercing the FBI Director to refrain from charging her for treason. If they cared so much about the law and these officers Hillary Clinton would have on a jumpsuit and be in a bus on her way to Florence Super Max. Let us not be like them.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Brexit has unleashed a wave of establishment furor forcing the global elite and their mainstream media puppets into full scale attack mode. The first step is attempting to sway public opinion and convince the European (and American) public that Brexit voters have "buyers remorse" as one CNN correspondent so aptly put it. This is an outright lie and typical of mainstream media attempts at damage control. Were this an accurate statement Angela Merkel would not have already publicly attempted to put measures in place to dissolve the borders of the other existing EU states thereby creating a super state to prevent the secession of those states 👉 EU SUPERSTATE. The very notion that a few wealthy global elitist bureaucrats can force hundreds of millions in sovereign nations to discard their national identities, cultures, economies and individual sovereignty is outrageous and illustrates the pure arrogance of a small global elite of which Hillary Clinton is part.

The EU is run by a group of wealthy, lifelong bureaucrats who remain unbound to the very laws they attempt to superimpose upon hundreds of millions of Europeans. Not only do these hypocrites remain above the law they remain tax exempt which in and of itself is pure evidence that they are attempting to enslave the collective populace of continental Europe. Global speak is the dialect of the global elite and their political puppets who manipulate currencies; foment crises; disseminate propaganda; talk down markets; and dissolve human rights in order to achieve their dream of a global government. Immediately following Brexit European countries including France, Sweden, and Italy to name a few openly expressed exploration of secession from the EU racket. Merkel, being the dictator she is, immediately publicly responded by declaring the EU will initiate its plan to create a "super state" from the remaining EU countries. In other words, when the global elite cannot get their way they simply just create their own laws and take it by force.  

Such arrogance is what powered the Brexit vote and what has made Donald Trump a force to be dealt with. Whether or not one agrees with Trump the very fact that he has forced a public discussion of this type of elitist deceit simply crushes all rules of establishment political discourse. Plummeting mainstream media news viewership (NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and even FOX); outright rejection of bureaucrat blowhards (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi) and disdain for elitist puppet political pundits (Bill Kristol and George Will) has sent shock waves through the establishment. People simply refuse to accept the narratives put forth by globalist puppets. UK citizens derive no economic, financial or social benefit from having Muslim illegal immigration forced on them. UK citizens, like citizens of other respective EU states, have been forced by elite thugs to accept the devaluation of their currency; forfeiture of their own decision making and national identity; erasure of their own national and religious heritage; dissolution of their borders; and expression of their own independent political thought. Basically what amounts to high-tech slavery.

Globalism is not independence rather globalism is submission to wealthy elitists who are beholden to no one or nothing but themselves. These elitists not only operate outside the realm of laws they create for their subjects but outside the laws of God. Merkel and other EU leaders have already proven they are willing to sacrifice the lives of countless Europeans to bloodthirsty Muslim jihadis and wreck the economies of European nations in order to create their "super state". The media assault on Brexit voters has already begun especially here in America with a presidential election on the horizon. The global elitists will operate without restraint in waging psychological warfare to sway the minds of the voting American public to back their EU governors. They have also proven that if they cannot achieve their goal by simple persuasion then they will take it by force. See Angela Merkel.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Cameron Resigns
Yesterday's Brexit vote sent a clear signal to the globalist elite that people are tired of their propaganda and lies.  The mainstream media--BBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX--were besides themselves trying to explain the Brexit vote. UK citizens tired of David Cameron and his cheer-leading not only voted to leave the EU they forced the boring globalist boy toy to resign. The liberal mainstream media offered up the same tired excuses to explain away the Brexit vote. The globalist arrogance still shone through even in defeat as ragged CNN correspondent Christianne Amanpour argued that the "politics of hate and fear" symbolized by "Donald Trump" caused the Brexit vote. People of the UK also tired of being dictated to by corporate vampires masking as a global governing body. They tired of Muslim thugs invading their shores and being told by the likes of Cameron and Merkel that they had to not only accept Muslim invaders but accept the establishment of oppressive Sharia law.

The good people of the UK also rejected the notion of being chastised and insulted by POTUS who in his typical arrogant fashion finger waved and threatened the UK if they dare shunned the EU. In other words, either accept the EU forcing Muslim refugees down your throat; decimating your national economy; erasing your civil liberties; and being taxed by foreigners in Brussels or be left out of the EU. The UK wisely chose the latter. The European Union is a conglomerate of global corporate elitists that wants to perpetuate a one world government. The European Union takes its cue directly from the United Nations and seeks to bury Europeans' right to self governance under Muslim immigration; exorbitant taxes; and the outright restriction of civil liberties. UK citizens were told they not only were they to accept waves of Muslim terrorist refugees catapulted directly into Europe by terrorist Muslim states; but they could not even criticize this EU policy. There are numerous cases of UK citizens being arrested and convicted for criticizing the EU policy of Muslim immigration. The EU also is seeking to control the narrative by restricting Internet access to all citizens in the Eurozone by mandating a government (EU) issued identification to even access the internet.

The Brexit vote not only sent a shock wave through the British government forcing resignations from David Cameron to UK European Commissioner Lord Hill; but further awakening the anti-establishment and anti-corporate governance sentiment in other countries under EU dictatorship. The Brexit vote shredded the ridiculous globalist notion that bringing in waves of military age male Muslim thugs from Middle East terrorist states would "benefit" EU constituents. UK citizens see a few wealthy global elitists in Brussels catering to the wealthy mullahs of Saudi Arabia. The same Saudi Arabia that brutalizes women and has refused to take in one Muslim refugee; but demand UK citizens accept Muslim immigrants and fund them with their tax dollars. 

Two Elitist Puppets
The Brexit vote was not about hatred of immigrants as the elitists and the liberal mainstream media would have one believe. It was about the right of UK citizens to maintain their sovereignty, culture, customs and economy without being dictated to by few wealthy and paternalistic lifelong bureaucrats in a land far away. Global warming and carbon emissions are naturally occurring in nature and UK citizens rejected the notion that their tax dollars should go to enrich the wealthy global elitists in Brussels under the guise of decreasing carbon footprints. UK citizens do not hate Muslims but they clearly do not appreciate being threatened and terrorized by Muslim thugs and terrorists and being forced to accept Islam in their own homeland. Furthermore, they rejected the idea put forth by Cameron and his buddies that UK citizens should not only accept Islamic invaders: but allow them to establish Sharia law in THEIR land and stand down while Muslims rape, pillage, and plunder.

The wealthy global bureaucrats and liberal media running out of explanations then resorted to blaming Brexit on Donald Trump. As though UK citizens needed Trump to tell them about the dangers of Muslim illegal immigration and how much of a racket the European Union really is. Brexit was a blow to the global elite to let them know that the worlds' citizens do not accept the idea of a one world government. The mainstream media wants the world to believe that only THEY know what is best for them. They want people to believe that transgender restrooms, illegal immigration, gun control, climate change, and rule by a few wealthy elite are normal and necessary to enhance the quality of life. UK citizens rejected this nonsense and other countries, Italy, France, Sweden, Hungary to name a few, seek to follow. Americans stood aghast as POTUS traveled to the UK to lecture and chastise UK citizens but not surprised. POTUS, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, Trudeau, etc all want their constituents to stand down and accept their twisted globalist ideologies. The proud people of the UK stood in one voice and demanded otherwise. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Here's a look back at some of the ridiculous rantings of the idiots who comprise the American Left. Remember, only in America that guarantees the right to Freedom of Speech is such idiocy tolerated.


Susan Sarandon commenting on Woody Allen: "I think he sexually assaulted a child and I don't think that's right," Of course it isn't "right" but has this sagging old hag ever spoken out on the decades long sexual assault on women and young girls by Hillary's hubby? Don't think so. 


George Clooney assailing Americans for not taking in Syrian Refugees: The Undisputed King of All Douche Bags and Hypocrite of All Hypocrites has to be this mumbling, bumbling idiot George Clooney.  While this son-of-a-bitch dares attack working class Americans for not accepting Muslim refugees (many of whom are military aged men that hate America); this bastard has five mansions and has yet to take in one damn refugee. Typical Hollywood liberal who thinks he's a moral authority when really he's an elitist and a hypocrite. 


If this weren't enough Clooney had the unmitigated gall to talk about how money is "corrupting" politics yet he held a $350,000 per table fundraiser for the murderous Hillary Clinton. Sometimes you wonder if this guy really believes the bulls---t he spews.  I guess he thinks since he's married to a Middle Eastern woman that gives him the right to chastise hard working Americans, Christians, for not agreeing to fund the illegal immigration into America of American-hating, Christian hating Muslim thugs with their hard-earned tax dollars. The reality is no one but CNN gives a turd about this turd. Clooney has never been anything but a scum bag and a hypocrite who seems to echo the motto of other Hollywood liberals: Do As I Say Not As I Do.


I'd rank this jack ass higher on the list but unfortunately for him George Clooney is in the way. Here's another liberal idiot, and a foreigner at that, who thinks it acceptable to lecture American citizens on what else: accepting Muslim refugees. Never mind the fact that like the aforementioned George Looney and the Gulf Muslim states this globetrotting pud wacker has yet to accept one damn swine sucking Muslim refugee into one of his many mansions and oceanfront properties. Even worse this gerbil lover has donated less than a measly 1% of the millions of donations received by his corrupt ONE Foundation charity to the Third World peasants he claims to love so much.  Rather, Bono, or Little Boner, like the typical lying liberal elitist spent most of the funds on himself and the rest paying lavish salaries to his employees. What a b---h! 

Talk about cowardly. Even worse is that the United States Congress which is supposed to serve the American people (only in theory) actually invited this idiot to testify before them where he not only leveled a relentless and unjustified verbal assault on American taxpayers and Christians, but suggested that Congress combat Muslim extremism by sending American comedians to "entertain" them. Talk about a total f-----g idiot! Every member of the United States Congress that supported this garbage should be tried and convicted for treason for allowing this foreigner to declare war on American citizens. 


In a tribute to Beezlebub and Caligula the Democrat-led WH issued a decree threatening every school system in the nation to allow cross-dressing men who think they are women to entire women's restrooms and locker rooms. This sickening edict was only eclipsed by the actual language contained within it that basically stated that people are "assigned" their "sex at birth". In one fell swoop the spiritual darkness in high places gave rapists, pedophiles, sadists and every other pervert unfettered access to our women and children but outright denied the existence of God. Even worse at the crux of their argument is that same-sex bathrooms (based on the observable female and male genitalia) are "discriminatory". The United States AG herself a black woman argued that same-sex bathrooms are tantamount to Jim Crow and segregation. The very idea that anyone could concoct such an asinine argument is sickening and perverse. Never mind that not only are these the same liberals and Democrats who argue FOR same-sex marriage but none of them will ever share a restroom with the opposite sex. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016


One of the homies!
There they stood. Shouting, yelling and cursing. Some as young as ten years old ill-mannered and foul mouthed adorned in sombreros and draped in Mexican flags threatening violence against American citizens. The fact that such nonsense could even be tolerated on American soil is blasphemous. Local police were given orders from high above to stand down and allow the South-Of-The-Border Savages to instigate war on American soil. Much like black thugs were allowed to do by disgraced Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake late last year California Democratic officials allowed this foolishness. California Attorney General, Democrat and black woman, Kamala Harris could have easily given the order to squash such nonsense by ordering police to crush the violent protests and protect Californians but she chose not to. California Governor Jerry Browne who favors allowing cross-dressing men rapists and pedophiles to share restrooms with little girls and women ignored the protests because he is protecting a larger political agenda. California Democrats effectively allowed non-citizens, invaders to usurp the Constitutional rights of not just presidential candidate Donald Trump but American citizens.

Don't let them in: You are a racist!
Democrats and the current political regime have thrown open the borders for Mexico to saturate America with drug-dealers, human traffickers and other assorted bottom-feeding parasites of Latin America. The endgame is fomenting civil unrest to implement martial law to eradicate American sovereignty and incorporate America into a global United Nations led government. The primary national security objective should be to enforce already existing immigration laws to protect American citizens and the domestic economy. What is the point of chasing ISIS and other assorted Islamic militants around the world while pushing for an open-immigration policy that allows free entry to anyone with no requirements? Gang-members, human-traffickers, child-traffickers, drug-runners, arms dealers, Islamic terrorists and other Third World trash covet such reckless and irresponsible policy. Once they achieve entry into America they embed themselves into our communities and effectively remain off the grid. Meanwhile American citizens are subjected to round-the-clock government surveillance and monitoring. The Congress says it wants to "keep Americans safe" and they claim the only way to do this is by invading OUR privacy while giving illegal aliens all the privacy they need to rape, rob, pillage, and plunder.

Whether or not you like Donald Trump the nonsense that has been allowed before, during and after his public appearances is outrageous. EVERY American citizen should be insulted and appalled that the safety of American citizens at Trump rallies is being threatened by illegal aliens. This should come as no surprise as the health, well-being and safety of American citizens is of no concern to this POTUS who has routinely shown his disdain for Americans and Christians by his silence. Not only does he remain silent but he goes out of his way to console the bottom feeders and scum bags of American society by appearing at funerals for criminals (Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin); honoring a traitor in the Rose Garden (Bowe Bergdahl); opening the floodgates to Muslim terrorists (Syrian refugees); negotiating with communist thugs (Castro in Cuba); and building a monument to Beezlebub and the godless homosexual crowd (Stonewall homosexual monument in Brooklyn). Yet, while Americans are being mowed down by Muslim trash in California and elsewhere he is doing the Tango in Argentina or watching a baseball game in communist Cuba. 

The GOP-led Congress impotent and incompetent is the most traitorous group of criminals anywhere. They have no collective spine as in typical John Boehner fashion they routinely kneel down and bend over for POTUS on every issue imaginable. Immigration, abortion, education, trade you name it they abandoned and will continue to abandon Americans. These hucksters even go so far as to blame Donald Trump himself for the violence perpetrated by illegal aliens and leftist agitators. For the last eight years Americans have watched their tax dollars get sucked into a black hole of a liberal-progressive-United Nations inspired domestic agenda that has ballooned the national debt to $19 trillion dollars. If throwing every useless illegal alien out of America and subsequently keeping them out costs billions more so damn what.  At least our tax dollars will be being used for a worthy cause: the safety and security of Americans from Mexico's garbage. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Tax Dollars Used to allow this idiot to lecture us
If you needed any further evidence that Congress cares nothing about Americans look no further than yesterday's hearings on Capitol Hill where the United States Senate invited idiot and liberal nut job Bono to testify about how to combat ISIS. I swear sometimes I think I am living in a dream land. Bono is an idiot plain and simple.  He is nothing but a wealthy liberal elitist who advocates that middle-class Americans forego their God, religion, and values and use their tax dollars to subsidize bloodthirsty Muslim savages living right next door to them. The fact that this do-nothing GOP-led Congress used American tax dollars to fund this three-ring circus is even more insulting.  

When was the last time a normal, everyday American was asked by Congress to come to Capitol Hill and testify about the horrors of illegal immigrants, black thugs, or Muslim refugees reigning terror on you or I? The answer is never. Simply because the American political elite could give a damn about Americans or Christians for that matter.  Is this where we have come? The answer to fighting ISIS is silly Facebook hashtag campaigns and fruitcake, liberal, Hollywood elitists blaming the American people for the murderous behavior of third-world savages who have slaughtered innocents for centuries?  Both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate allowed this foolishness to occur. Furthermore, according to the Los Angeles Times Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) visited a Syrian refugee camp with Bono earlier this month. So we have Senators, paid by American tax dollars taking time out of their schedules to visit Syrian refugees? Excuse me but that deserves a big WTF! When was the last time Sen. Lindsey Graham visited our great veterans who are languishing near death in the murder chambers known as VA hospitals? When was the last time Sen. Graham visited Christians who are being ruthlessly exterminated by Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood? When is the last time he visited Christians here in America? I mean is this guy for real?  Is not Lindsey Graham the same guy who attempted a meaningless bid for president under the guise that only "he" could "keep Americans safe from radical Islamists"? Yet there he was visiting a Syrian refugee camp with a wealthy, liberal idiot.

As for that idiot, Bono he is a typical wealthy, liberal elitist who has the unmitigated gall to lecture US, Americans on morals and ethics. Bono is a useless son-of-a-bitch. How dare this slimy dirt bag stand on American soil and tell us that we ought to use our hard earned tax dollars to shelter Muslim thugs who hate Christians and Americans.  What this prick failed to mention in his pathetic liberal whining episode on Capitol Hill is that he owns an island. Now how many Muslim or Syrian refugees has he invited to live on his private island?  So let me see if I understand this?  American citizens, many of them Christians, are supposed to funnel their hard earned tax dollars to oil rich, Muslim countries to finance the immigration to America of Muslims that hate Americans and wish death upon us?  

The reason these Muslim countries refuse to take in Syrian refugees is because many of them are not refugees! They are physically able, military-age men that Muslim countries export to Europe and the West to infiltrate and overthrow western nations from within in order to realize their dream of a global caliphate. Now mind you Bono would be the same liberal idiot who advocates LGBT rights yet, the Muslims he wants you and I to fund with our tax dollars not only ruthlessly torture and slaughter homosexuals in their own countries but advocate child-sex trafficking and pedophilia and rape of boys. I mean is this guy kidding? Bono is no different than that sissy Leonardo DiCaprio who wants to lecture Americans about climate change and carbon emissions while he travels the globe in his own yacht and private jet. This is typical liberal garbage financed and approved by the useless career con artists that comprise the United States Congress.  

If that befuddles you here is something even more ridiculous: Bono says we need to use "comedy", yep, "comedy" to fight "radical extremists". The Los Angeles Slimes, er Times, said the following: "To counter the propaganda of extremists and totalitarian regimes, Bono suggested the Senate "send in" Amy Schmer, Chris Rock and the actor behind the character Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen."  Such utter nonsense and outright stupidity could only come from the filthy orifice of a wealthy liberal elitist so blinded by his or her own ill-gotten wealth and celebrity status. The wealthy, racist white liberal elitist lives in an alternate reality where he or she believes that their celebrity status affords them the luxury and the right to superimpose their twisted moral code on Americans. These dirt bags want Americans to buy into their idea of a global world order where the many serve the wealthy few.  To achieve this they have to superimpose their own God, spirituality and moral code on the rest of us. The problem is that their God is money and they have no spirituality and moral code because they worship at the feet of Beezlebub.  

This is exactly why they hate Christians and praise Muslims because the God of Islam is Satan pure and simple and Islam embodies all the elements of godlessness and immorality. Any and every time a liberal talks they contradict themselves.  Just listen to them.  Liberals claim they want diversity yet they want "equality" or everyone to be the same. They claim they embrace the LGBT lifestyle yet they embrace Muslims who outright slaughter homosexuals. They claim they love the poor all the while they live in gated communities and private islands isolated from the rest of us.  They chastise Americans for refusing to use our tax dollars to take care of Muslim and illegal immigrant children yet they wholeheartedly support Planned Parenthood crushing the skulls of babies in the womb then subsequently dismembering them and selling their body parts to witch doctors. They claim to embrace the right to free speech and shun violence yet they openly advocate murdering presidential candidates that voice opinions that differ from theirs.  By inviting a foreigner to testify before Congress about American tax dollars was not only insulting it was treasonous and criminal. Yet, why should any of us be surprised by the actions of a Congress that has duped, manipulated and deceived Americans into believing that they actually work for US as declared by the Constitution? 

Monday, April 11, 2016


The passage of House Bill 2 in the North Carolina legislature was timely and sorely needed. For eight years God-fearing Americans have been overrun by liberal politicians and the liberal media as part of the global war on Christianity. The very notion that men dressed as women be allowed to share the same public restrooms as REAL women is not only outrageous but the sign of a society that is rapidly descending into the darkest reaches of hell. From wedding cakes to gay marriage Christians are being forced to use their tax dollars to subsidize the Kingdom of Satan here in America.  

This global war on Christianity is being led by a tyrannical political regime that wants to cede American sovereignty to a global government led by United Nations sickos. In order to achieve this goal two staples of American society have to be shredded: the Bible and the Constitution.  The frightening thing is that this attack on God and Christian values is being led by "holy men" including the Pope and black clergy. These so-called religious leaders have become the tip of the spear in the global assault on Christianity. They wholeheartedly support a liberal agenda that includes other issues including but not limited to: climate change; illegal immigration; selling of baby body parts; a global Muslim caliphate; same-sex marriage; the erosion of individuality; greater government control; socialism; communism; etc.

Ironically, the same idiots at the NAACP and in Leftist America want Christians to accept a lifestyle that Muslims torture and slaughter people for. Homosexuals in Muslim countries are tossed off rooftops and buried alive yet liberals chastise American Christians for refusing to accept cross dressing men in women's public restrooms. They then attack Christians for not accepting the same Muslims who ruthlessly slaughter Christians yet, these same Muslims delight in pedophilia and sex trafficking of children.  If you are confused as I am you are not alone.

States like Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and North Carolina must not bow to pressure from liberal nut jobs and the Hollywood elite, and continue their stand to protect Christians and children from this immoral plague.  Nobody should care that clowns like Bruce Springsteen or Elton John refuse to play awful concerts in their states.  Americans, conservatives, and Christians must stand strong in the face of evil.  After all WE have God on our side.