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The recent sexual harassment revelations against Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and the subsequent calls for their resignations by those within their own party are being done with the explicit purpose of forcing President Trump to resign. In fact, Corey Booker was already quoted by the Washington Examiner as demanding that President Trump do the 'honorable thing' like Sen. Al Franken and 'resign'. Right on cue the Alt-Left Democrat party trots out a low-level henchman like Booker to make the case.  Meanwhile high level DNC officials and RINOs stay silent hoping that the unreasonable and illogical demands of low-level stooges like Booker, Waters, Green and others will not actually force President Trump to resign but discredit his character and cast illegitimacy on his presidency.
Ironically, this is the same tactic Mitch McConnell and the GOP RINO brass utilized in Alabama against Judge Roy Moore. Unable to contain his itchy trigger finger McConne…
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The recent cries of ‘racism’ by ESPN personality Jemelle Hill should come as a surprise to no one as the failing network has been pushing the leftist envelope for quite some time now. ESPN has turned sports into politics and has employed a bevy of hosts and anchors who feel as though it is their duty to push the leftist agenda onto its viewers. Jemelle Hill is but a pawn in a much larger problem. There is nothing original about what Jemelle Hill said recently when she tweeted that President Donald Trump was a ‘white supremacist’. There was nothing thought provoking or profound about Hill’s ridiculous tweet as she is nothing but a puppet pushing the agenda of her racist, white progressive bosses which just happens to coincide with her own insecurities.
During the eight long years of Obama’s tenure in office he made it hip and cool for affluent blacks—celebrities, athletes, and entertainers—to publicly play the race card. Sure Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jackson all played the race card bu…


The Shadow Government run by billionaire war criminal George Soros and his puppet Barack Hussein Obama is orchestrating the destruction of America using the spectre of racism as the catalyst. The Charlottesville fiasco had all the makings of a Deep State false flag event as participants were funneled into a staged, publicized event created to smear President Trump and continue the psychological assault on the Constitution. Police were not only ordered to stand down but aided and abetted the paid Antifa anarchists shuttled in by George Soros. Subsequently, these hoodlums waged a viscious and violent attack on white nationalist protestors. 
The average American not familiar with false flags will take the mainstream media version of Charlottesville as pure fact. The Shadow Government led by Barack Obama and his loyalists have had plenty of practice in San Jose, Berkeley, Ferguson, and Baltimore in planning the Charlottesville Hustle. Let us dig a little deeper. First Jason Kessler the org…


Remember back in 2015 the GOP voted against Obamacare? Remember earlier this year when Speaker Paul Ryan claimed that he had been working on an alternative to Obamacare ‘his entire career’? Suddenly the GOP has amnesia. With control of the Congress the GOP just cannot find a way to repeal Obamacare. This is sabotage at its finest. Once again, the GOP pulled the bait and switch on voters promising something only to do the exact opposite. America should expect this from the GOP many of whom are nothing but Democrats in disguise. The minority party has not only been able to impede President Trump’s agenda by stalling his appointments; perpetuating the false Russian collusion scandal, and attacking him through the media but they have effectively held the country hostage with the assistance of the spineless GOP.
Obamacare was a windfall for the crooked health insurance industry and their political puppets on the Hill. The truth is that the GOP was in bed with the idea from the jump. They k…


The Deep State political elite under the guidance of Barack Obama recruited a Russian Democrat operative to stage a fake meeting with a member of the Trump campaign for the sole purpose of discrediting Donald Trump somewhere down the line. The pretext of the meeting was that a Russian lawyer would provide promise to provide juicy details about Hillary Clinton for the use of smearing her during the 2016 general election. The meeting itself would then be leaked to the media in order to discredit the Trump campaign or delegitimize a President Trump. Of course, the details of the meeting and the players involved would be leaked to Deep State gatekeepers the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN who in turn would devote round the clock attention to the meeting. These mainstream media outlets would use ambiguous language and legal jargon to imply that some crime was committed by the Trump campaign.
The Russian lawyer in question, one Natalia Veselnitskaya is or was an understudy of former…


‘No reason for alarm’ proclaimed Sadiq Khan the Muslim mayor of London after bloodthirsty jihadis launched terrorist attacks on the city this past weekend. Sadiq Khan and British Prime minister Teresa May subsequently engaged in a coordinated public relations whitewash of the attacks and the imminent threat posed by the metastasizing Islamic menace within Great Britain. Teresa May is directly responsible for embracing the European Union policy of unfettered importation of unscreened Muslim refugees. Sadiq Khan is just a flat-out terrorist plain and simple. The people of London also share the blame for bringing about their own demise. One has to wonder about the sanity and competence of a people that vote a terrorist in as mayor. This is not an attack on all Londoners but clearly they have taken a page from the San Francisco playbook. London is a burgeoning progressive-led metropolis populated by bleeding heart leftists who truly believe it is their duty to cater to violent third-world…


Journalism is dead. We can thank Barack Obama for that. Not that the mainstream media was ever objective but it has taken subjectivity to another level. The Washington Post has clearly thrown in with the Deep State against the American people. The newspaper a staple of the American political establishment, guard dog of the global elite and under the control of renowned Trump-hater, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, have made it their mission to assassinate President Trump's character and undermine his presidency. 
The Washington Post has kept up the false Russian narrative by utilizing Obama's Deep State leaks embedded in the bureaucracy or so-called 'anonymous sources' to keep raising suspicion of normal everyday activities that all presidents and their administrations engage in. The Washington Post would have the American public believe that all engagement with Russia is prohibited as though there is some rule determining what nations a POTUS is allowed to engage with. When Bara…