Thursday, January 8, 2015


A rose by any other name...well you know the rest.  The fact is that you can dress up Islam and say nice things about it all you like but it's still a cult.  If the Paris shooting proves anything it's that any country that establishes privileges for Moslems at the expense of their own citizenry is subject to Moslem terrorism. 

France has allowed Moslems to establish whole cities ruled by Sharia law.  This has empowered Moslems in that country (radical Moslems is an oxymoron) to intimidate, harass, and threaten without provocation.  Much the same way this administration and Democrats have empowered black thugs and illegal aliens to threaten and intimidate law-abiding American citizens. 

In other words the French government has elevated Moslems by enabling them with freedoms and privileges beyond those of the average French citizen.  To be sure I'm not placing all the blame on the French government but there seems to exist a naivete on the part of the liberal elite who advocate extending privileges and freedoms to Moslems.

Some will argue that Moslems like ISIS and Boko Haram aren't Moslems.  These liberal clowns steadfastly deny the menace mutating before their own eyes.  Europe as a whole is ill-equipped to combat the Moslem menace because Europeans have for decades granted first class status to Moslems.  Like their leftist American counterparts Europeans will argue that only a small number of Moslem extremists commit these random acts of terrorism.  They further argue that Moslems that commit heinous acts of terrorism in the name of Allah are "not actually Moslems".  In spite of the brutal and savage acts of barbarism being perpetrated by Moslems from Nigeria to Iraq the liberal refuses to acknowledge the true vile nature of Islam.

These same leftists who often chide conservatives about the need to protect women's rights and embrace homosexuality routinely ignore Moslem violence against those same groups.  Humiliation and brutality against women is a core tenet of Islam and most Islamic countries punish homosexuality with a savagery not seen since the days of the pedophile prophet Mohammed.

Islam is a cult and a plague that needs to be eradicated if humanity is to survive.  No more excuses should be made for it and no more privileges should be granted to its followers.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Bill DeBlasio has rightfully earned his place as the People's Champion! He has solidified his standing in history as the lowlife defender of every no-good, bloodthirsty, race baiting, black hoodlum in the Big Apple.  DeBlasio has hit new lows even for liberals.  By giving credibility to the despicable Reverend Alfred Charles Sharpton he spit in the face of the brave men and women of the NYPD.  Even more insulting was his half hearted attempt to call for a "temporary halt" to the ridiculous protests during the funerals of two slain NYPD officers.

There's no turning back for DeBlasio he has made it clear that he's a community organizer, leftist, and socialist who sides with criminals.  This scum bag has a well documented history of backing cop killers.  He's good friends with former Al Sharpton aid and whore Rachel Noerdlinger whose thug son advocated the murder of cops on his Facebook page.  So to think that all of a sudden this guy gives a damn about Officers Liu and Ramos is insane.  Furthermore, he has allowed rioters to cause gridlock in NYC, cover the streets in filth, and mock the families and fellow officers attending ceremonies for these brave men.  In the tradition of America's black president DeBlasio has completely ignored the facts and legitimized the cause of a criminal.

Commissioner Bill Bratten can stumble over his words all he wants but DeBlasio's actions (or inaction) are unjustifiable and indefensible.  As if that weren't enough DeBlasio's master on hiatus in Hawaii is lounging on taxpayer dollars hasn't so much as issued a measly press release expressing support for the families or the NYPD.  Rather than attend the funerals himself he's sending the ever incompetent Joe Biden to NYC.  If this were Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin or some other useless black thug he'd hold a televised press conference lecturing Americans on the importance of protecting the black thug.

DeBlasio is Sharpton's prostitute he has made that clear and the NYPD and the good, law-abiding citizens of NYC shouldn't expect anything from him but lies and double talk.  They most certainly shouldn't expect justice.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Once again the GOP has sold Americans out and caved to the whims of the Emperor! The massive CRomnibus bill passed the House with the blessings of POTUS golf partner Speaker of the House John Boehner.  I warned conservatives that a GOP victory in last November's midterm elections wouldn't equal a return to prosperity for Americans but exactly the opposite.  Immediately after the elections newly crowned Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell shelved any idea of a government shutdown in opposition to the Obama imperial act of amnesty.  From the start the Washington stalwarts of the GOP signaled to Obama that he had won.  Once again taxpaying, law abiding American citizens got screwed.

For the last six weeks Americans have had to endure the rantings and ravings of leftists and their black meat puppets over grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in Missouri and New York for the deaths of two black thugs.  With the help of socialists and the liberal elite, race baiting black leaders have turned to justifiable police incidents into issues of race.  In both cases, these black racists with help from the liberal media, CNN especially, have turned black petty criminals into heroes. 

In Ferguson, citizens were terrorized by hordes of black thugs, deadbeat daddies, welfare recipients, and self proclaimed activists and revolutionaries because a grand jury would not indict Officer Darren Wilson.  Officer Wilson's shooting of neighborhood terrorist Michael Brown wasn't only justified it was necessary.  Brown attempted to attack Officer Wilson immediately after the officer identified him as fitting the description of the black thug that just robbed a convenience store.  But the idiots masquerading as activists would hear none of it because Michael Brown's accomplice lied and stated that Officer Wilson shot Brown after Brown put his hands up to surrender. 

Subsequently Brown's absentee parents Lesley McSpadden and thug Louis Head paraded around the country twisting the facts and inciting violence.  The deadbeat couple even found their way to Geneva, Switzerland where in all their stupidity they begged the UN to intervene in an American domestic issue on behalf of their slain hoodlum son.  The outright denial of the facts and the staged riots that followed put the stupidity and hypocrisy of blacks and liberals on full display. 

Across the country in New York City long time criminal and cigarette smuggler Eric Garner continued his criminal enterprise and died in a struggle with police who attempted to arrest him.  Liberals, black racists, and leftist New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio helped sparked the ridiculous #ICantBreathe campaign arguing that Eric Garner died as a result of a choke hold by NYPD officers.  In the weeks that followed Americans have been subjected to listening to the lies (despite videotape evidence) and twisting of the facts by Garners' mother and race and poverty pimp Rev. Al Sharpton.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Recently, the parents of Michael Brown boarded a flight to Geneva, Switzerland to beg the U.N. for assistance in prosecuting Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.  Who paid for the trip has yet to be disclosed but the ramifications of the trip are many. 

First, it's clear the parents of Michael Brown are ignorant and know not what they do.  They are puppets of a larger agenda by liberal forces to integrate America into a one world order with the U.N. as the governing body.  Liberal forces, likely at the behest of Soros, are playing on the Brown family's emotion and have convinced them that a Grand Jury will not indict Officer Darren Wilson.  The fact of the matter is that Officer Darren Wilson was justified in his duties as a law enforcement officer when he fatally shot Michael Brown.  The media however, much like they did with Trayvon Martin, have ignored the facts and portrayed Brown as an innocent bystander.  The Holder-led Justice Department publicly backed the Brown family tainting the very same due process it's supposed to uphold.  Ironically, little if any attention is given to the case of Vonderitt Myers, a black man who was killed by an off-duty St. Louis police officer after firing at the officer during a chase.  Initially, the Ferguson crowd, liberals, and the civil rights crowd came out protesting the shooting but faded away when the evidence revealed that not only did Myers have a gun and did fire first but he had pending felony weapons charges.

The so-called witness to the Brown shooting just happened to be the same useless black thug who helped Brown rob a convenience store prior to his fateful encounter with Officer Wilson.  He's been backpedaling every since the store surveillance camera footage was made public.  The entire fiasco has been fueled by a liberal media, specifically CNN, that wants to destroy the Second Amendment and institute a police state.  The very idea that police across America are murdering blacks wholesale is not supported by the facts.  Over %90 of all homicides in black America are committed by other blacks specifically black men. Black people, particularly black males, are responsible for over half of all crime in the United States.  A democratic controlled Congress nor a black president has changed this fact.  The presidents own hometown of Chicago, with a Democrat mayor (Rahm Emanuel), in a Democrat run state (until recently governed by the ousted Pat Quinn) has become the epicenter for black-on-black violence as black gang members and dope dealers mercilessly murder other blacks.  Yet, the black leaders, liberals, and so-called activists dare not march down the streets of Westside and Southside Chicago demanding the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords stop murdering black men and terrorizing black people.  But they'll march in Ferguson against a police officer who rightfully defended himself against a black thug like Michael Brown.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling to say the least but not surprising.  What is disturbing is that like the Martin family, the Brown family have become pawns in a larger game of exploitation for the purpose of indoctrination.  The U.N. has been attempting, with this administration, to overturn the Second Amendment and eradicate Americans' right to bear arms.  The U.N. is an international body attempting to dictate the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation.  It's already tried to intervene in American domestic affairs from the Detroit bankruptcy and water shortages to illegal immigration and the American voting process.  It also wants America to sign on to it's ridiculous Small Arms Treaty that would completely eliminate handguns.  But the Brown family knows nothing about any of this and they probably didn't even know what the U.N. was until the liberal puppet masters and Al Sharpton instructed them. 

What the Brown family also doesn't know is that they're seeking help from the same body that has furthered black suffering in Africa.  U.N. "peacekeepers" and soldiers have encouraged and participated in atrocities against blacks all over Africa, especially against African Christians.  These so-called "peacekeepers" have murdered, maimed, raped, and tortured Africans.  But the Brown family believes they've found an ally when in reality they've found Satan himself.

The forces of liberal elitism are already positioning themselves to turn the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision into a full blown race war.  It has already been orchestrated and rehearsed.  Black thugs will be turned loose on the streets of Ferguson to pillage and plunder and terrorize whites and the community.  The U.N. with the help of stooge black leaders like Cornel West and Sharpton, liberals, and Democrat gun grabbers, and socialist forces will slither in and try to integrate America into the One World Order. 

Friday, November 7, 2014


Now that the GOP has regained control over both houses of Congress it's time they attempt to put an end to the nonsense.  What's needed is more action and less rhetoric.  The American people don't need to hear new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) declaring that he won't "shut down the government" rather they need a Congress that will take charge and fix America. 

The first priority of the new Congress during this lame duck presidency should be closing the border.  POTUS has already declared that he will continue his imperial ways by doubling down and using his pen to bypass Congress.  Driven by the rantings and ravings of nut bags like Luis Gutierrez, POTUS is ready to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.  America owes these people nothing and should give them nothing.  But the burden they've placed on Americans is worrisome.  Open borders and a large illegal alien population constitute a national security threat.  Drug dealers, gang bangers, human traffickers, Chinese nationalists, Muslims and other assorted trash are crossing the Southwest border in record numbers bringing plague and misery with them.  Sycophants like Gutierrez completely dismiss the burden illegals have put on our healthcare and legal systems as well as the threat they pose to national security. 

The second priority of the new, GOP-controlled Congress should be to repeal the abominable ACA or Obamacare.  There's nothing affordable about the ACA it's a racket which profits health insurance companies by forcing Americans to choose sub par health providers and pay exorbitant premiums and outrageous deductibles.  Furthermore, the ACA gives the IRS power to punish the American people through fines and penalties.  The passage of the ACA signaled the death knell for small business owners and sparked a rise in unemployment. 

The American people didn't send the GOP to Congress to cower before the imperial power of the POTUS.  They sent them there to help loosen the grip of a tyrant. Boehner has already shown a proclivity to cave and McConnell has given indications he will compromise with POTUS.  Both are career Washington insiders and are not to be trusted.  However, it will ultimately come down to the will of the American people to make sure they are actually WORKING for the people.  The GOP agenda should include: closing and securing America's borders; repealing the ACA; mass deportation of illegal aliens; repeal of Common Core; striking down gay marriage; and the formulation of a comprehensive policy on ISIS, the Middle East, and Muslim terrorism. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Every American should be repulsed and up in arms.  Why? Not because of the justified police shooting of some savage Negro thug in Ferguson, Missouri but because of the total miscarriage of justice being perpetrated on a law-abiding citizen in New Jersey.  Over the last year I've spoken in defense of law abiding Americans who've been victims of criminals and government elitists: Delbert Belton, Christopher Lane, Cliven Bundy, Brian Tahmooressi.  But the case of Shaheen Allen is unique because it presents so many glaring contradictions in the Democratic party, liberals and the civil rights leaders on their payroll. So who exactly is Shaheen Allen?  Shaheen Allen is a mother of two and a law-abiding, gun owning citizen who crossed state lines from Pennsylvania to New Jersey with her firearm in her vehicle.  Although licensed to carry and conceal in Pennsylvania Ms. Allen was not licensed in New Jersey, the Democrat mecca of draconian gun control laws.  Ms. Allen was pulled over by law enforcement and when asked by the trooper if she had any weapons Ms. Allen immediately responded that she had her licensed firearm in her vehicle.  The rest is history.  

New Jersey Judge McClain (the same judge who let NFL thug and woman beater Ray Rice walk) is presiding over the case and is threatening to throw Ms. Allen under the jail.  That Shaheen Allen has not been allowed to go free is a subject of my outrage and illustrates not only that America is truly becoming a police state but it illustrates the outright hypocrisy of liberals and civil rights leaders everywhere.  I'll try to pick these apart one by one so follow along closely.  

The first contradiction is with the Democrat party itself which is nothing but a two faced mafia that wants to trample the rights of all Americans and turn our country into a gulag.  Democrats practically control every major American city and are attempting to strip law abiding Americans in these major cities of their Constitutional right to bear arms.  Yet, these same cities, most notably Chicago, which are defined by "tough" gun laws also have the highest murder and crime rates anywhere.  Ever since 2008 Chicago has been a murder free-for-all for black drug dealers, gangbangers, and thugs.  And in spite of stripping law-abiding Chicagoans of their Second Amendment rights the bodies have piled up in record numbers.  Recently, a 9 year old black child was assassinated by black gang members.  Yet, Rahm Emanuel, Oprah Winfrey, Rev. Jesse and the rest of Chicago Democrat brass keep insisting that stripping law-abiding Chicago citizens of their Constitutional right to bear arms will reduce violent crime.  Um, yeah, still waiting on that one.  This sheer hypocrisy is being repeated by every Democrat administration running every major American city across the country.  Last as I checked criminals obtain their guns on the black market and they don't exactly register for conceal-and-carry licenses.  Even here in Cleveland, Ohio where black thugs and neighborhood terrorists are brazenly murdering women and children, Democrat prostitute and yes-man Mayor Frank Jackson is following suit and stripping Clevelanders of their right to own firearms. 

On the national level the Democrat and liberal hypocrisy is more glaring.  The same Democrats who just voted overwhelmingly to arm ISIS-friendly Syrian Muslim hoodlums are the same ones who want to persecute law-abiding Americans like Shaheen Allen and strip them of their Second Amendment rights.  The same filthy, no-good Democrats who willingly allow and even encourage and invite illegal alien hoodlums, most of them criminals, to illegally cross the United States border and commit violent crimes against American citizens and American law enforcement officials.  The DNC, liberals and their civil rights stooges are nothing but hypocrites.  Their collective message to the American people is that "We'll protect you by stripping you of your Constitutional right to defend yourself against the thugs we allow to cross our borders". 

Another contradiction resides with the judge who wants to throw Shaheen Allen under the jail: Judge McClain.  This is the same New Jersey judge that allowed Baltimore Ravens (nor former) running back and Negro thug Ray Rice to check into an exclusive domestic violence program that is reserved for less than 1% of NJ citizens after being caught on video knocking his wife clean out and then spitting on her.  So Judge McClain's message seems to be that it's okay for a hoodlum to cold cock his wife in public rendering her unconscious but not okay for a law abiding woman to legally carry a firearm to protect herself from thugs like Ray Rice.  This deserves a big "DA FUQ!" The same Dems and liberals who routinely blare the "War on Women" motto haven't so much as uttered a word in defense of Shaheen Allen.  Over the past two weeks the NFL has been the subject of publicity as a horde of its players, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, Jonathan Dwyer, have committed heinous acts of domestic violence against women and children, in particular black women and children.  Furthermore, this behavior by black men in professional sports is a microcosm of black men's collective behavior towards black women and children in larger black America.  Black men are the NUMBER ONE perpetrators of violence against black women and children so one can see why Ms. Shaheen Allen would obtain her license to carry a firearm to protect herself and her children against this murderous and savage black hoodlum.  Over the past year here in Cleveland, Ohio there have been many high profile acts of black male thugs and goons murdering and brutalizing even dismembering black women and children.  Yet, Dem party prostitutes like Frank Jackson and other Democrat gun grabbers are attempting to strip women like Shaheen Allen of their Constitutional right to defend themselves.  Talk about hypocrisy.

I've reserved the best and most glaring hypocrisy for last and that is black people, black leaders and civil rights whores who are nothing but Democrat puppets.  Anytime law enforcement justifiably shoots some Negro thug, i.e,, Michael Brown, the Negro leadership gets up off their knees, adjusts their skirts and flocks to the side of the families of these thugs.  They chastise white America, conservatives, law enforcement, and anyone else who they think is to blame for the death of some black criminal.  They march, protest, and riot yet none of these NEGROES has so much uttered one word in defense of Shaheen Allen who is a law-abiding black woman who was exercising her Constitutional right to carry a firearm in order to protect herself and her children against the bloodthirsty Negro thug these same black misleaders so ardently defend.  Where's Sharpton? Where's Jackson? Dyson, Malveaux, Nzinga, Shabazz, and the rest of these bitch made black misleaders who march and protest only in defense of the black thugs their racist liberal and Democratic party bosses authorize them to march for?  When will these black cowards, leaders, and preachers take the Democrat penis out of their mouths and stand up in defense of REAL LAW-ABIDING black people?  The answer is NEVER!  Because these bastards are on the payroll of the same party that Judge McClain works for that is threatening to lock Shaheen Allen away for life and throw away the key!  The DNC wants to destroy the Constitution in particular the Second Amendment and have ordered black leaders to remain silent.  Friggin' cowards.  Negroes shoot Negroes like fish in a barrel in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and other Democrat run cities yet these bitch-made Negroes say nothing.  Not a word.

Excuse my language because it is not becoming but enough is enough.  Shaheen Allen is the face of LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS NOT MICHAEL BROWN AND NOT SOME TUBERCULOSIS ILLEGAL ALIEN OR SAVAGE MUSLIM.  Yet, Ms. Allen gets no air play, no air time.  Black male thugs can terrorize black women and children and whites all over the country yet get a pass.  Illegal aliens can overrun our borders and commit violence against American citizens and American law enforcement and get rewarded with government benefits.  Muslim rebels who openly support the same enemy the DNC says it wants to defeat and the same enemy that beheads American journalists get high-tech advanced firearms from the same government that wants to take away Americans' guns.  Shaheen Allen deserves justice and she deserves it now.  God bless this woman and EVERY AMERICAN should take up her cause.

Monday, August 25, 2014


The Michael Brown drama has taken ignorance to another level.  Liberals and the media are fueling racial tension with the sole intent of shredding the Constitution and turning America into a police state.  The liberal media has employed the classic bait and switch tactic on the American people.  On the one hand liberals argue that the Ferguson Police Department is wrong and brutal for utilizing military weaponry to quell unrest in the wake of the Brown shooting.  Liberals and their civil rights puppets argue that such actions are characteristic of a police state and that the Ferguson Police were out of line.  Yet, these same liberals refuse to acknowledge how eradicating the Second Amendment is the genesis of a police state.  Liberal hypocrites play both sides of the fence.  Liberals from New Jersey to California have been attempting to force the American people into relinquishing their right to bear arms.  The same liars claiming outrage at the Ferguson PD are the same ones authoring legislation to wipe out the Second Amendment.  This includes Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, Lewis, and their ilk.

Even more disturbing is that very few, if any liberals were worried about a police state as tyrant and racist Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) sent a small army, the Bureau of Land Management, to intimidate and threaten a rancher into giving up his land.  Not one civil rights leader, liberal, or television and malt liquor snatching negro rioter lifted a finger to protest the attack on Cliven Bundy at his ranch.  Their response to critics of Reid's blatant lawlessness was to point the finger at Cliven Bundy and slander him as a "racist".  Yet, liberals and their black whore civil rights leaders will have Americans believe that Michael Brown, a 6'4 230 lb hoodlum was some kind of angel.  Despite the fact that this thug was caught on surveillance camera choking a convenience store clerk and robbing him of a pack of Swisher Sweets. Liberal logic dictates that Cliven Bundy a hard working, taxpaying, law-abiding, land owning, arms bearing American citizen is a racist and; Michael Brown a buffoonish, cheap cigar smoking, inner city domestic terrorist is a saint.  

Not only did Michael Brown's lying wench of a mother acknowledge her son attacked the police officer in initial on-camera interviews but self-proclaimed civil rights icon and career race baiter Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) went live on the air calling for "martial law" in Ferguson.  This is odd coming from a stalwart civil rights advocate.  Liberals have long championed government control of American citizens and a police state yet they portray themselves as opponents of such.  If Michael Brown were shot by a black thug (ironically over 20 black people were shot by other blacks in Chicago at the same time Michael Brown was attacking Darren Wilson) nobody would give a damn. Michael Brown would just be "another nigga dead".  There would be no Sharpton, no Jackson, no CNN, no marches and no protests.  The reason being is that black people care about black life less than anyone. How is it that black people who live in the most rundown and degenerate slums in America can dare raise a finger in ire about a white police officer or white person shooting a black male when black males commit 93% of all homocides in black America?!  The despicable and degenerate Reverend Jesse Jackson who says nothing as black men slaughter black people in groves in Chicago can somehow find his way to Ferguson and exploit Michael Browns' death by passing out a "donation basket".  Al Sharpton shows his greasy head in Ferguson and talks out of both sides of his filthy mouth chastising the Ferguson PD for nothing yet begs the black community to "let the FBI finish the investigation". Besides being bent over or on his knees it has always been Sharpton's position that ALL law enforcement is dirty and all are racists.  Yet, somehow the right Reverend Alfred Charles has new found love for the FBI.  Could this be because the Attorney General of the United States is a black man, Eric Holder?  Or because Reverend Al has been on the FBI payroll as a snitch for the last four decades? 

This entire incident, like the Trayvon Martin affair, is a circus being run by liars and tyrants. Truth be told there's no money to be made protesting black-on-black crime or black-on-white crime which is totally ignored by the liberal media.  On my Blogtalk Radio program I outlined two horrific events of black-on-white crime that no liberal media pundit or black leader have yet to acknowledge. I've also regularly spoken out about and condemned the genocide being waged on black people by black men.  Yet, no one cares because its easier to foment racial divide by creating so-called racist acts of violence being perpetrated against black men (thugs Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown) by non whites when there is none.  Every God-fearing, law-abiding American should be outraged and disgusted at the sick, twisted, and demonic forces that are seeking to use and exploit racial tensions to lock down America. 

Friday, August 15, 2014


The social Monster that is liberal-inspired black racism has reared its ugly head in Ferguson, Missouri.  This week long race riot is fueled by black ignorance, intellectual apathy, self-hatred and professional victimism.  We've seen this act before and quite frankly it's getting tired.  The idea that every cop who shoots a black male is a racist is almost as ridiculous as the idea that every black male that is shot and killed by a cop is an upstanding, law-abiding citizen.  Neither one of these hold true.

Black leaders make the same tired argument that the historical interaction between black males and the police is one of brutality.  I argue that the history of black males in America is exactly the same.  For decades black men have waged open war on black women and children in America's black communities.  Michael Brown was waging war on the community. Just ask the store clerk he violently assaulted for a pack of Swisher Sweets. Yet, Rev. Al nor Michael Browns' pathetic excuse for a mother, nor the majority of idiot black Americans will acknowledge this.

As if that wasn't enough the Black Panther Party led by thug Hashim Nzinga shows up in Ferguson threatening to kill whites! I would venture to say if the skinheads or KKK showed up in any community threatening to kill blacks the liberal media would be in an uproar.  Never mind that the identity and ethnicity of the cop wasn't revealed; this group of child-support delinquent racists openly threatens violence.  Black looters and hoodlums disguised as "protesters" began their usual rioting.  The Ferguson Police in my opinion acted as they should've with a harsh response.

The Missouri Highway Patrol was then sent in by coward and Democratic Governor Jay Nixon to walk hand in hand and sing cumbaya with looters, er protestors.  Gov. Nixon legitimized black thuggery by abdicating and caving in to civil rights shakedown artists.  Governor Nixon not only threw Ferguson law enforcement under the bus he threw law abiding Missourians under the bus. What Governor Nixon said is that the life of a black thug is worth more than the lives of law abiding citizens and law enforcement should cater to the sensitivities of black hoodlums. 

I've often stated that those liberals and black leaders that advocate for black thugs either have never lived around them (white liberals) or don't have to (puppet black leaders).  If you've lived around this black thug then you know what kind of menace he is.  He blasts loud profane music all hours of the morning; he loiters in every crack and crevice of the neighborhood; the word "nigger" is part of his regular vocabulary; be creates hordes of bastard children he refuses to care for; he robs, rapes, pillages, plunders, drinks, smokes, scams, and shoots his way to an early death.  Yet, because his great great great great great granddaddy was a slave he feels this gives him a free pass to terrorize and intimidate Americans.

Even worse black males shun intellectual pursuits in favor of petty criminal endeavors as illustrated by his music and social activity.  The civil rights community, most of whom are nothing but Ghetto Vampires, allow the black thug to soil the hard work of Christian, law abiding black Americans.  Con men and hustlers like Benjamin Crump and Alfred Sharpton incite racism to fatten their pockets and stuff their coffers.  For years the civil rights community has advocated for bigger government and Ferguson Police gave them what they asked for. 

Michael Brown isn't a saint to be praised he's a thug that should be forgotten and quickly.  Furthermore he's an example of the unwillingness of black people to accept personal responsibility be accountable for their actions.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

EXPORTING DEATH / IMPORTING VOTES: The DNC & Liberals Finance a Terrorist Illegal Immigrant Army

DNC voting block.
America is being threatened by a growing menace: illegal immigrants.  America is on the verge of being overrun by illegal immigrants, specifically from Mexico and Latin American countries.  Let us put aside the politically correct liberal balderdash and call it for what it is: an act of war.  I am in no way saying that every illegal Latin American immigrant that enters America is a criminal but what I am saying is that the criminal government of Mexico and the drug cartels that run it have seized on America's lax immigration policies to export thugs, gangbangers, and drug dealers into America.  The Mexican government and the cartels have realized that this administration will grant amnesty to the parents of children who make it to America.  So now they have bought and even kidnapped children even toddlers and sent them unattended to make the treacherous 1,000 mile trek to America's southwest borders.  This is not only an act of war it the worst mass scale incident of child abuse and torture in world history since Peter the Hermit marched European children into Asia and sold them to brutish Muslim slave traders. 

Normally I would argue that Dems and the administration were outsmarted by the criminal-cartel Mexican government but unfortunately that is not the case.  Democrats and liberals see this mass act of child abuse as a means to an end.  They see opportunities to do the following: 1) build a Democratic voting base, 2) create a private army of illegal immigrants, and 3) hasten the plan to create a police state.  In other words, the American people have been sold out by the Democratic party and liberals who have in essence erased the southwest border of the United States.  America's Border Patrol and Custom agents are not only overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants but in many instances are being threatened.  It is inconceivable that Mexican Army helicopters could fire on United States' Border Patrol agents and this administration does absolutely nothing.  This is not only an act of war but the brazen actions of a government that seems to be in cahoots with another government.  For this act not only should the United States military have been sent to invade Mexico but we should have nuked Mexico. 

Even more frightening are the types of scum bags entering the United States through Mexico.  Gang bangers, criminals, drug runners, and human traffickers are infiltrating America's southwest border by the thousands.  Law enforcement officials and American citizens in the southwest United States are being overwhelmed and outgunned by the cartels and thugs while Dems and liberals seize every opportunity to strip Americans of the Second Amendment.  In other words, they want to make Americans defenseless while simultaneously allowing the importation of criminals and lowlifes into our country.  Career politicians and white collar thugs like Harry Reid will send an army to attack a law-abiding citizen but will not so much as utter a word to address the threat illegal immigration poses to American sovereignty.  And if the illegal immigration of Latin American drug runners, thugs, and hoodlums was bad; terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL and the Chinese have seized on the opportunity to export their murderers into America through the southwest.

Suffice to say that none of these hoodlums could enter America were it not for the machinations of the criminal DNC which continues to wage war on America and her citizens by financing a criminal illegal immigrant army.  According to the criminal government of Mexico is responsible for approximately 28% of illegal immigrants into America.  The same source also states that: In 2012, 17.4 million children under age 18 lived at home with at least one immigrant parent. They accounted for 25 percent of the 70.2 million children under age 18 in the United States.  This is wholly and totally unacceptable but yet Dems like Nancy Pelosi who no doubt employs illegal immigrants to clean her mansion sees no problem with this.  Many of these illegal immigrants will go on to receive access to government benefits like healthcare, housing and food assistance.  It is almost inconceivable that American citizens who have experienced a free fall decline in real wages and employment over the last 6 years and have had government forced healthcare shoved down their throats that people in this country ILLEGALLY could receive government benefits.  The very word "illegal" signifies criminal yet the criminal Democratic party rewards illegal immigrants.  

By importing illegal immigrants the Democratic party is breaking the law and in the business of creating an illegal voting block.  Pelosi, Feinstein, and Reid, enemies of the American people, take every opportunity to snatch citizen rights away from Americans and give them to illegal immigrants: criminals, drug dealers, child traffickers, and gang bangers. It has become clear that "amnesty" for illegals means death and enslavement for American citizens. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014


The liberal war on common sense came to a screeching halt today when the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of corporation Hobby Lobby. The Supreme Court ruled that closely held corporations do not have to provide contraceptives under the new healthcare mandate if doing so goes against their religious beliefs. The ruling has infuriated liberals, feminists and the homosexual lobby who have fought to impose this immoral lifestyle and culture on Americans. As they always do liberals and feminists twist the story to make it seem as though the court is dictating the behavior of women. The hypocrisy of liberals is even more stunning when we consider feminists and homosexuals are asking corporations to provide contraceptives to cover loose sexual behavior.  No one should be required to provide any service that goes against their religious and or spiritual beliefs.

Liberals and the left have shaken down corporations and small businesses into funding illicit, immoral, and ungodly lifestyles.  Liberals feel that they are entitled to have someone elses tax dollars to fund disgusting and repulsive lifestyles and debauchery.  Liberals have made a career of usurping the will of the voters and the American people.  Liberals and feminists will argue that the SCOTUS and Christians are engaging in a war on women when in reality they are the ones oppressing women.  The liberal mantra is one of irresponsibility because it teaches women to behave irresponsibly by remaining sexually loose.  Subsequently it teaches them to terminate their children if they do not want them.  The Green Family owners of Hobby Lobby wouldn't allow themselves to be extorted by a run away Executive and Satan's leftist minions. 

For profit corporations under The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, under which Hobby Lobby opposed the Obamacare mandate should not have to engage in activities that are diametrically opposed to their religious beliefs.  Some will argue that closely held corporations would lead to racial discrimination in hiring.  I believe the court very carefully took this into consideration and the two are not related.  The SCOTUS decision was sorely needed to halt the runaway, Constitution-devouring train that is Obamacare. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The recent and rapid disintegration of Iraq threatens to plunge the Middle East into chaos and embolden jihadists both abroad and here in America.  Isis isn't new to the terrorist game but the American presence in Iraq kept them suppressed.  However, Isis' resurgence was ignited by liberal leaning foreign and domestic policies that legitimize jihad by embracing the brutality of Islam and Muslim culture.

Islam is terrorism plain and simple and the unwillingness of this administration and American liberals to condemn it has put America in the unenviable position of now seeking help from Iran to reestablish order in Iraq.  In the ongoing interfaith war between Sunnis and Shias the civilized world will always lose.  Isis' goal isn't simply to settle some centuries old beef about who is the successor to Muhammad's bloody legacy; it's about establishing a caliphate in the Middle East and total Islamic world domination. 

Isis ranks as one of the world's most violent and brutal terrorist organizations so much so that it was disowned by Al Qaeda in Iraq.  That's saying a lot when Muslims consider other Muslims too violent.  The American presence in Iraq kept Isis at bay now Isis is on the verge of erasing any progress in Iraq.  Sending 275 American troops to Iraq to try and halt the Isis terrorist surge is like sending ducks into a shooting gallery.  Furthermore, it's a piss poor attempt to make it appear that Democrats and the administration are concerned about the Islamic threat. 

The infiltration of Islamic culture into American society and Muslims into American government helped create the climate for Isis' bold resurgence.  Furthermore, the exchange of high ranking Muslim terrorists for deserter and Muslim sympathizer, Bowe Bergdahl sent a message that America will tolerate jihad.  Even more disturbing is that Isis may now have been granted unfettered access to weapon caches abandoned by the Iraqi army.  It is widely reported that Isis insurgents are sending these caches to Syria worsening an already dangerous situation.  All Americans should be concerned about the fall of Iraq into Muslim hands and enraged at the administration and party that created the climate for it.

Monday, June 2, 2014


Another day another lie.  In the wake of revelations that VA hospitals have been murdering our brave veterans; Taliban captive and United States Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl was released after five years in captivity.  Hollywood liberals have made Bowe Bergdahl a hero and now we know why: he is a deserter, terrorist sympathizer and leftist.  Even more the timing of Bergdahl's release coincides with the ongoing VA scandal.  If the old phrase "I was born at night but night last night" applies anywhere it's here.  The release of Bergdahl would make it appear that the administration and Democrats are sympathetic to the plight of veterans and active duty soldiers when in reality they care about neither. 

Following on the heels of the Benghazi scandal and cover-up and now the disgusting revelations that VA hospitals have been keeping murder lists; the Berghdal release is damage control.  Democrats have been trying to avoid Benghazi like Superman avoids kryptonite and the Bergdahl negotiated release is another slick media stunt.  Even if we were to assume that the release was legit Bergdahl is still at best a deserter for walking away from his unit.  His father appears from his own tweets to be a Muslim loving terrorist sympathizer.  In my opinion I'm not sure a million Bergdahls could equal a 1/4 of a Christopher Stevens or a murdered veteran.  Therefore, he can go back to Afghanistan and take his communist, Muslim-loving father with him. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Your Tax Dollars At Work Courtesy of liberals.
Americans are being crushed under the weight of liberal ideology.  Liberals use their widespread influence in government and the media to eradicate core American and Christian principles and values and replace them with secularism.  The recent media attacks on Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and Los Angeles Clippers' owner are prime examples of liberal viciousness and Democratic governance run amok.  For six years liberals have used the government to persecute Christians and other law-abiding Americans who voice opposition to their secularist policies.  Christians, gun owners, small business owners, and conservatives are being forced to acquiesce to the leftist agenda which includes; amnesty, abortion, same-sex marriage, Islam, preferential treatment for minorities, and big government. 
American politics are wholly controlled by special interests and Congress has proven time and time again that it does not work for the American people. From the Benghazi coverup, to Lois Lerner's persecution of private citizens, to forcing Americans to buy healthcare, and the widespread implementation of Common Core; Americans are seeing their basic liberties and freedoms dissolve right before their eyes.  In addition, liberals with the full blessing of Hollywood continue to shove homosexuality and same sex marriage down the throats of God fearing, Christian Americans.  Anyone who dares voice opposition to the LGBT agenda is ruthlessly slandered and assailed by the liberal-owned media. 
The term "racist" has become the new code word for anyone who dares criticize liberal puppet black public figures and officials.  Democrats have employed the word as the main weapon in their arsenal to squash any opposition to its socialist agenda.  As a consequence Americans are being terrorized by hordes of black thugs and criminals and Americas urban centers have become havens for rampant crime.  These asphalt jungles are rife with crime, gang violence, corruption, high tax rates, failing school systems and entire populations existing on public assistance.  Not coincidentally most are Democrat-governed.
The liberal issued Minority Get-Out-of-Jail Free Card
The government bureaucracy continues to swallow liberty and freedom as technocrats are being employed and dispatched to control every aspect of our lives.  These technocrats employ legalise mumbo jumbo and intimidate Americans into relinquishing the most intimate aspects of their lives for data collection and surveillance purposes.  Democrats all but ignore the Constitution and their justification is that big government should usurp the Constitution to enhance the quality of life for all Americans.  Such balderdash is typical of liberals whose policies have left their own constituents specifically minorities worse off than they have ever been in American history.  Blacks and illegal aliens continue to eek out meager existences on government assistance and the number of unemployed and underemployed Americans continues to skyrocket due to socialist economic policies.  Through taxes the middle class are being forced to subsidize the criminal and apathetic lifestyles of illegal aliens and minorities who are content to live off the government. 
The Left and its surrogate Democratic party employ a wide range of con artists and criminals whose job it is to deceive the public into thinking that increasing government handouts, freebies, and set asides is a way to alleviate supposed injustices.  The job of these con artists is to convince minorities that they are somehow victims of Christians, conservatives, and white Americans when in reality they are victims of their own laziness and willingness to embrace self-responsibility and personal accountability for their actions.  For instance, hustlers like Melissa Harris-Perry, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will argue that voter ID is somehow "racist" when proof of valid government identification is necessary for everything from entering bars, purchasing alcohol, opening bank accounts, and registering for college.  Through their black surrogates liberals have created a de facto second society which operates outside of the basic freedoms and liberties guaranteed to all American citizens in the Bill of Rights.  This has created a climate of racial hatred among blacks towards whites and sunken blacks and quite possibly all Americans into a permanent moral, spiritual, economic, and political abyss. 
In light of the direction our great country is headed it has incumbent upon me to make it clear that it is important for ALL Americans to be more selective about the people we elect to office.  Washington can corrupt even the most devout Christian and conservative and we have witnessed this time and time again as many conservative elected officials on the state and federal levels have sold Americans out to Washington, socialists, leftists, and lifelong bureaucrats.  I have said before GOP does not equal conservative anymore than conservative equals GOP.  Therefore it is important we hold all elected officials accountable to uphold the principles and values set forth in the Bible and the Bill of Rights.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The Hustlee and the Hustler
It is a travesty of epic proportions.  A high-tech public lynching.  An underhanded sleight against freedom of speech, thought and expression.  The black-owned and operated character assassination of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was not only outrageous it was the biggest case of crying racism wolf to date and that includes the Tawana Brawley and Trayvon Martin incidents.  The con should have been immediately apparent to anyone that has half a brain.  Donald Sterling, the eccentric, eighty-something, abrasive long time owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers set up by his 22 year-old half-black, half-Latina mistress and a disgruntled, whoremonger, NBA legend who has spent decades trying to remain relevant.  Following on the heels of the Cliven Bundy character assassination in which a Nevada cattle rancher was publicly slandered by liberals and the Democratic establishment after Americans rushed to defend him against an unjust land seizure by Senator Harry Reid. The liberal establishment continues to deploy the number one weapon in its arsenal: black racism.
Even the most naïve individual could smell the ghetto hood rat in the room on this one. Donald Sterling's own proclivity to flaunt young mistresses and voicing his unheralded opinion made him vulnerable to the con game run by Magic and his whore.  Whether it be old age or just arrogance I only blame Donald Sterling for his lack of discretion not for the content of his alleged rant.  The facts are that V. Stiviano was in trouble facing a lawsuit from Sterling's wife.  Magic Johnson, the disgruntled NBA legend knew this and pulled a power play befriending Stiviano with the sole intent of stealing Sterling's team right out from under his nose.  Magic seized on the fact that Sterling was upset with him over Johnson's previous attempts to steal the Clippers from him.  The Instagram picture that started all this was deliberate and intentional.  Johnson and Stiviano took the picture with the intent of publicizing it so Sterling would catch wind of it.  Once Sterling found out about the picture Stiviano confronted him and secretly recorded Sterling's tirade.  Throughout the recording Sterling was clearly agitated that his mistress would take a picture with the very same man, Magic Johnson, that previously lobbied the NBA to give him Sterling's team.  Furthermore, Sterling could have been upset that his mistress was out socializing with L.A.'s biggest whoremonger in Magic Johnson; a man who once bragged about squeezing thirty syphilis-ridden, prostitutes into a hot tub after Lakers' games in the old Great Western Forum.  Whatever the reason Sterling went off.  Although Sterling expressed his dislike about black people he never once used any derogatory or demeaning terms in reference to them.  Throughout the audio however, Sterling repeatedly voiced his disdain for Magic Johnson which is clear evidence that Johnson was Sterling's main issue and NOT "minorities" as the liberal media and its' black puppets have insinuated.  Once the audio was recorded Stiviano passed the audio to Johnson who used his contacts in the paparazzi to leak the audio to TMZ.  TMZ made it public and Sterling had no chance.  Immediately Johnson seized on the opportunity demanding the NBA force Sterling to forfeit ownership of the Clippers.  The scam was so obvious Johnson could barely keep a straight face.  The liberal media, as it always does, turned the entire story upside down into "racism" without disclosing any of the facts. 

A Whoremongering Legend
Donald Sterlings' animus towards black people is questionable.  Although he has voiced dislike for them repeatedly and has been the subject of the largest federal housing discrimination suit in American history he has for years been the owner of an NBA team in which he has employed black people, black men, to the tune of 90%. He has also paid some of the most outrageous salaries to black players in league hi
story.  Furthermore, Clippers point guard and president of the NBA Players Association and chief hypocrite Chris Paul signed a 5-year $107,000,000 guaranteed deal with the Clippers two seasons ago making him one of the league's top ten highest paid players.  Doc Rivers one of the most sought after head coaches in NBA history also took his act to the Clippers becoming one of the league's highest paid coaches.  Both these men had the opportunity to go other places but they came to play for Donald Sterling and take Donald Sterling's money.  But as black men usually do these two scoundrels, Rivers, and Paul, bit the hand that feeds them; turning on Sterling with an animosity and hypocrisy unparalleled in human history.  Doc Rivers should have been immediately terminated from employment with the Clippers for his public media tirade and slander of his employer Donald Sterling.  Chris Paul should have been released for his orchestration of having Clippers' players turn their warm up jerseys inside out before their playoff game 4 against Golden State in protest of Sterling.  The idea that employees could publicly slander their employer the way these two disloyal dirt bags did is asinine.  Could you imagine the White House Press secretary doing to Barack Obama what these two useless piles of excrement did to Donald Sterling?  Right!  That would never happen. Yet, it's okay for these two to behave in such an unprofessional and disgraceful manner.
Surely Sterling should have legal recourse against the NBA for using a secretly recorded, private conversation to punish him.  I'm no legal expert but I assume the state of California has laws against such practices.  The other main issue is Earving Magic Johnson who has been an embarrassment and disgrace to the NBA for years.  In fact, I think Johnson extorted newly crowned NBA Commissioner Silver.  Magic Johnson became a problem for the NBA back in the late eighties and early nineties when it became known that he was fixing games or point shaving which for those who don't know, is the practice of rigging games to either keep within or exceed the point spread.  Once this became known then commissioner David Stern, I believe gave Johnson a choice to either leave peacefully or be banned for life.  That is when the entire story about Magic contracting HIV was concocted.  The HIV scam allowed Johnson to leave the league peacefully without question much the same way the entire Jordan retirement allowed His Airness to leave the league in 1993 for a two year banishment after it became known that HE TOO was point shaving.  In both cases, the NBA seized on the false stories to both quell the noise about the integrity of the league and to profit as well.  Johnson would play in the 1992 All-Star game and Jordan would un-retire to much fanfare in 1995.  On both occasions the league made billions.  As the years passed and as Johnson gained more and more weight it became more and more apparent that the entire HIV story was a hoax.  Nowhere in recorded history can we find any person who has contracted HIV and lived a full two and a half decades without developing full blown AIDS.  Not only that but become healthier and stronger as they grow older and older over that time span.  Not possible.  Yet Magic has done it. 
Over the years Magic realized he could never regain his playing form even though the hoax was on he was past his prime.  So Johnson sought numerous ways to remain in the public eye.  Whether it was the ridiculous comeback in 1995 to the awful head coaching stint with the Lakers in 1996 or the flop Magic Johnson late night show in the nineties he has failed repeatedly.  Numerous times Johnson has lobbied the Buss Family and Donald Sterling to either own a stake in those two franchises or sell him one of the teams outright.  The Buss family led by Jeannie Buss wouldn't flinch for Johnson in the face of his idle threats.  After all they have more dirt on him than he has on them.  However, Johnson has dirt on the league itself and which is part of the reason Stern got out.  I believe Stern could no longer control the influence of Vegas on the sport and it was making his job miserable.  Not only did Stern have to battle numerous stories of gambling by its greatest players (Barkley and Jordan) and the allegations of a wide spread prostitution ring at the infamous Gold Club in Atlanta in the nineties.  But the Tim Donaghy situation was a dagger.  The NBA has never been able to shake the stigma of Tim Donaghy.  The former referee confessed to the feds of fixing games for organized crime in particular the infamous 2002 Lakers-Kings Game 6 in Los Angeles where the aging, bloated Lakers needed the referees to assist them in beating the upstart Sacramento Kings.  Donaghy even went so far as to disclose the thousands of calls he made to other officials to assist him in fixing the games.  In an attempt to protect the supposed integrity of the league the NBA swept Donaghy under the rug and concluded that he "acted on his own" which would have been totally impossible to do.  Even if other officials did not participate in the actual fixing of games with Donaghy their silence was the leagues' complicity in it.  Magic Johnson has the ability to destroy the League and Commissioner Silver knows it that is why he went along with the hustle.  The only group that came out to look foolish in this entire fiasco is the Los Angeles Chapter of the NAACP which was set to give Donald Sterling its' coveted "Lifetime Achievement Award".  It is highly unlikely that the NAACP, long known for extorting rich white folk by using the handy race card, would have even considered Sterling for the award if he was such a "racist".  Or is it? 
Lying Ass' "Nigga"
The larger underlying issues in this Hollywood orchestrated drama is the willingness and stupidity of the American public to go along with silencing freedom of thought and expression.  The political correctness is nothing more than a precursor to and a prerequisite for a police state.  In fact, the liberal media, led by CNN or Cable Negro News, assassinated Sterling's character the same way it assassinated Cliven Bundys' character.  Apparently not liking black people is a free pass to use the full resources of the media and government to destroy not only a persons' image but his livelihood as well.  The race card makes no sense when you consider the sources: CNN and ESPN owned by Time Warner and Disney, two media companies that make billions peddling violence, sex, drugs, and racism to America and American children through music and film.  The same media conglomerates that glorify black thugs like Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z who make billions each year calling black men niggers (or "niggaz").  The fact is neither Donald Sterling nor any other white person has to be compelled to like black people no more than a black person should be compelled to like white people.  The freedom of expression of THOUGHT is a staple of a Christian America and it is been dissolved by elite thugs who want to turn America into Soviet Russia.  All Americans should be outraged at the media annihilation of Donald Sterling and all of us should remember that one day we too may not be allowed to think in America.

Saturday, April 19, 2014



Total Sickness & Confusion: Gay Muslims
Muslims and liberals have forged an unholy alliance in an effort to destroy America.  The hypocrisy of the two groups is stunning to say the least.  Liberals chide American Christians for not accepting homosexuals yet, they also condemn American Christians for not being "tolerant" of Islam.  This deserves a big "WTF!"  Liberals chide Americans for not "being tolerant" of homosexuality or Islam yet, Islam condemns homosexuality.  Homosexuality is referred to in Islam as "al-fahsha" and also referred to as "shudhudh" or obscene.  In fact, Muslim scholars point to the following verses in the Qur'an to justify its condemnation of homosexuality: Qur'an 7:80-81 refers to Lot or Lut preaching to "God's people "Will you commit lewdness such as no people in creation ever committed before you?  For you come in lust to men in preference to women.  No, you are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds".  Lust also says in 26: 165-166: "Of all the creatures in the world, will you approach males, and leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates?  No, you are a people transgressing."  Then as now the people so intoxicated with their filth banished Lut or Lot and were subsequently destroyed by Allah.  Thus, it becomes clear why Muslim cab drivers in Cleveland, Ohio have publicly stated they will not provide taxi services to those participating in Cleveland's "Gay Games" later this year.  Interestingly enough Saudi Arabia has made homosexuality a crime punishable by death.  Liberals seem to gloss over this fact as they condemn Christian Americans for refusing to accept homosexuality. 

On its website the Human Rights Campaign sites former president of the Islamic Society of North America, Muzammil Siddiqi who said in 2003: "Homosexuality is sinful and shameful...But nowadays this act has become a phenomenon.  There are agencies and lobby groups that are working hard to propagate it and to make it an acceptable and legitimate lifestyle.  For this reason it is important that we should speak against it.  We should warn our youth and children from this devilish lifestyle.  We should make it very clear that it is Haram, absolutely forbidden and that it kindles with the wrath and anger of Allah...We should deal with [homosexuals] in the same way we deal with any people who are involved in alcoholics, gambling, or adultery.  We should have deep repugnance to their acts and we must remind and warn them.  Those who insist on this lifestyle, consider it legitimate and feel 'gay pride,' we should not associate with them and should not take them as friends.  We should certainly avoid those people." 
Apparently Muslims don't like fags either!
Not to be outdone the Human Rights Campaign sites Al-Fatiha website as saying that "there is a growing number of progressive-minded Muslims" and that the Al-Fatiha Foundation seeks to "enlighten the Muslim and outside world that Islam is a religion of tolerance and not hate".  Liberals love to play on words and will always try to convince people that although God (in this case "Allah" for Muslims) says one thing he actually means the opposite.  "Progressive-minded" is the liberal way of nicely saying to hell with God.  Furthermore, liberals need to "enlighten" those who refuse to accept or show tolerance of homosexuality which is an unnatural act.   

Back to my original point these same liberals argue that American Christians should accept both homosexuality and Islam.  And when American Christians refuse to accept either they are deemed as intolerant.  However, rarely do liberals, progressives, leftists, or members of the Democratic party refer to Muslims as "intolerant" which is interesting considering that there are numerous documented cases of Muslim brutality towards both Christians and homosexuals in the Muslim world.  One of the more repulsive acts of Muslim brutality is a picture of a Muslim nut bag posing for a picture with the decapitated body of a six-year old Christian girl.  What human being would attack an innocent child and then be proud of it?  It wasn't a human being it was a Muslim and if that vile and reprehensible act isn't enough to convince anyone that Islam should be roundly and publicly condemned as a cult then what is.  As if this wasn't enough Islam preaches an outright hatred of women and teaches that they are subservient creatures just a step above animals.  Yet, liberals routinely gloss over this fact while they point their collective finger of hypocrisy at American Christians.  Even more disturbing is that many Muslim men engage in homosexual acts spawned by their hatred of women yet, don't consider themselves homosexual! Again this deserves a big WTF! 

This Negro clearly doesn't have a mind to waste!
The reality is that both liberals and Muslims are hypocrites who have no problem aligning with one another to eradicate American Christians. Muslims need American liberals to advocate for tolerance of them in America and liberals need to increase the influence of Muslims in American society to eliminate the American Christian.  This is all the more reason for Americans to stand with one another against this unholy and ungodly alliance of demons.  With the help of weak-kneed politicians, pundits, and Hollywood the liberal is pulling off a psychological operation of epic proportions.  They are using social media and celebrities to convince some Americans that somehow God, who they claim isn't worthy of obeying, is somehow tolerant of their filthy and wicked lifestyle.  This is the type of double talk that is typical of liberals and their ilk.  They manipulate, deceive, and outright lie.  Remember Satan promises only to deceive. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


America is under attack.  Christians are under attack.  Heterosexuals are under attack.  Families are under attack.  Children are under attack.  The common denominator in these attacks is the LGBT crowd which is seeking to submerge America into the depths of hell.  Judge Timothy Black basically trumped the will of Ohio voters by telling them their votes don't matter.  Apparently the filthy desires of a group of sexual deviants outweighs the legitimate vote of the majority.  Black made the absurd assumption that the Ohio voters were "acting unconstitutionally" when they voted in favor of a ban on homosexual marriage.  The LGBT and liberal crowd are now attempting to justify Black's illegal reversal of Ohio voters by making the unfounded and ridiculous claim that "more Ohioans are in favor of same-sex marriage". 
Homosexuals are a perverse crowd but more importantly most of them are blatant liars and flat out hypocrites.  Homosexuals comprise the same group of liberals that argue for "tolerance" and "recognition" of Islam yet, assail American Christians for refusing to support or promote homosexual causes; in spite of the fact that most Muslim countries consider homosexuality a crime punishable by death.  Homosexuals also claim they embrace the "Democratic process" but yet have no problem using activist judges to usurp the legitimate vote of the American people.  Homosexuals don't embrace "fairness" and "equality" they embrace deception, manipulation, and tyranny.  They want to manipulate innocent children by telling them the awful lie that "love" (which in reality for them means LUST) trumps the will of God and God intended for people to act on this "love" and this "love" is homosexuality.  What the LGBT crowd also convienently refuses to publicly acknowledge is that they have always embraced pedophiles.  Sickness breeds even more sickness.
Anyone who dares stand up against the LGBT terrorists instantly becomes the object of character assassination and slander.  Decent, honest Americans and Christians are having the filth of homosexuality imposed on them by politicians whose allegiance is to liberal lobbyists rather than God.  Historically, every major society or civilization that has embraced this wicked and twisted lifestyle as crumbled shortly thereafter, Egypt, Rome, Greece, etc.  The LGBT crowd flat out hates God and they'll stop at nothing to remove him from America and the minds of Americans.  To do this the LGBT crowd has recruited a cadre of celebrities, scholars, pundits, politicians, and public figures who publicly advocate for this sickness.  I Timothy 4:1 says: "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;"  Another important verse is found in Romans 8:6-8 "For to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.  Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.  So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.  Thus it is important for all Americans, Christians, and Patriots to remember that when dealing with the LGBT crowd we are dealing with a group of individuals who embrace carnality and thus see themselves as not being subject to the law of God.  This is why homosexuals are not only twisted but they comprise some of the sickest individuals the world has ever seen.  Unfortunately, a judge has now made Ohioans subject to the machinations of this group of devils.

Monday, April 14, 2014


We Knew It All Along
The puppet masters have no further use for Reverend Al Sharpton and now the gig is up. The revelation that Reverend Alfred Sharpton is a government informant should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with him.  For decades Rev. Al has deceived Americans both black and white with his grandstanding and double talk.  Most blacks believe Sharpton to be a champion of civil rights and a stalwart in the ongoing struggle against racism.  Most whites believe Sharpton to be the same only they see him as an annoyance who can torpedo them with accusations of racism.  The reality is that Alfred Charles Sharpton is a political prostitute for sale to the highest bidder.
I've been preaching to black people for years about the dangers of following black leaders.  No one would listen.  I've been ridiculed, insulted, and threatened and finally after sixteen years I've been vindicated.  I've also been preaching to white Americans for years about standing up to tricksters like Al and Jesse and not allowing Democrat-owned black leaders to put them on a guilt trip.  Blacks have been stupid and whites have been scared but Sharpton's skirt has finally been lifted and he has been exposed for the political hermaphrodite he truly is. 
Black leaders talk tough but most of them are puppets on strings.  I became fully aware of the chicanery of black leaders back in 1995 when as an impressionable (and gullible) young black college student I made the trip to Washington D.C. with Black United Students to the Million Man March.  I was so enamored with Minister Louis Farrakhan and his message that I was devastated when I witnessed the Fruit of Islam stuffing thousands of dollars into garbage bags.  Even more disappointing was Minister Farrakhan's seven hour speech in which he droned on about a bunch of nothing.  My fears were confirmed in spring of 1996 when Farrakhan went on a tour of the Middle East with a nine man professional flight crew in a private luxury airplane.  I realized then that black leaders were either out for themselves or working for the same people they claimed to be the cause of black peoples' problems. 
The reality is that most black "leaders" are unscrupulous hypocrites, blatant liars and petty thieves.  Even worse is that black "leaders" are owned lock stock and barrel by the DNC and the racist liberal establishment.  You would be hard pressed to find a useless black leader over the past two decades that wasn't fully funded and backed by the Democratic National Party.  Crack head Negro mayor Marion Barry; pimp mayor Kwame Kilpatrick; Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon; former Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.; Cleveland city councilman and drunk Zack Reed just to name a few.  All are either government informants or one drug deal away from being government informants.  Black leaders are easy to entrap because they lack morals and values and are always putting their vices ahead of the people they claim to represent.  It has always been about style over substance for black leaders.  In other words, they value their dope, fancy cars, nappy headed hoes, male prostitutes, fried chicken, and popularity more than they value black people, America, and the word of God. 
Al can make all the excuses he wants but he knows that we know that he knows he's a total douche bag. Ironically, Al has been protected by the same people and entities he has so violently attacked throughout the years which is a sign that the elite media has protected his dirty secret.  Al sold Harlem like Jay-Z sold Brooklyn and he can't deny the putrid stench emanating from his own being.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Our greatest fears may soon be realized.  Democrats, liberals, and gun control advocates will use the recent Fort Hood tragedy to further clamp down on veterans and abolish the Second Amendment.  War veterans were already being portrayed by the media as mentally unstable and there is no doubt that more ridiculous talk will be spewed by liberals, gun control advocates, and police state pundits in light of this tragedy.  The fact is that politicians and the government neglect our veterans much the same way the NFL neglects retired players.  The media has long identified veterans as "crazy" or having "mental illness".  They then use mental illness as a justification for increased gun control and the abolition of the Second Amendment. 
For the last eight years we have witnessed a hostility towards veterans on the part of politicians and the media.  Veterans are portrayed as a threat therefore they must be disarmed.  Their sacrifices for this country are almost never acknowledged by the ruling Democratic party yet, they are portrayed by politicians and the media as "evil", "right wing", or having "mental illness".  As part of a family that boasts veterans and active duty soldiers I am sensitive to the needs of our soldiers in (and out of) uniform and I take great offense to the media portrayal of them.  In America even a child can get his/her hands on a gun illegally but there are hundred of thousands of law-abiding citizens veterans and civilians who covet the Constitution and their right to exercise the Second Amendment. 
The irony is that the thousands of gang-bangers and dope dealers who prey upon, terrorize, and slaughter Americans everyday are never portrayed as "crazy" or having "mental illness".  They are often referred to as "underprivileged" or "marginalized" but never as having "mental illness" like our veterans.  The gang bangers and dope dealers that liberals and Democrats, like Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Marcia Fudge D-OH advocate for have never done anything positive for our country nor will they.  Yet Fudge continuously advocates reduced sentences and "programs" as alternatives to incarceration and/or deportation for the hordes of gang bangers and illegal aliens who obtain firearms illegally and use them to terrorize the tax paying, law abiding populace. 
It is important that as Patriots and Christians we separate the facts from the fiction and now allow the liberal media to use this tragic event to persecute veterans and abolish the Constitution particularly the Second Amendment.  My greatest fear is that the vampires in media and Congress will exploit Fort Hood for their own wicked and ungodly machinations.  The result will be a much different America from the one that the Constitution provides for us and that God intended. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Not Bossy Just a Bitch
Imagine this: a woman whose husband has made over half a billion dollars by degrading black women has the nerve to become involved in a public campaign to ban, wait for it, not the word "bitch", but the word "bossy".  Besides being the world's highest earning prostitute and stripper and a high witch Beyonce is also a hypocrite whose sleaze is only superseded by her stupidity.  The so-called "ban bossy" campaign led by Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg is stupid.
Facebook is nothing more than a spy engine where millions of people disclose every sordid aspect of their personal lives.  Somehow Facebook executives like Zuckerberg and Sandberg believe that someone has endowed them with the power to determine what Americans can say and how they are to interact with one another.  Maybe these two idiots should troll around the millions of Facebook pages and see the sleaze and filth that people, especially black women, post on their Facebook pages before they tell people what they should or should not say.  But the larger issue is not Sandberg and her stupid campaign to reorganize the English lexicon but who she has recruited for her meaningless and trivial campaign.
Beyonce Knowles is a whore, tramp, slut, and a prostitute who has made billions of dollars shaking her nasty ass in front of television cameras.  Her very own husband, Jay-Z, has enjoyed unprecedented financial success over two decades by referring to black women as bitches.  But Beyonce would rather spend time "raising the self esteem of girls of color" by "banning the word Bossy" rather than to get black men to refrain from degrading colored women by calling them bitches and hoes.  Such a stupid idea could only spawn from the minds of liberals who try to convince the American people that somehow they are on a quest to better humanity.  In reality, they are on a mission to control human thought and expression through manipulation and deception. 
So here comes Beyonce Knowles a high priced stripper that millions of young black girls and other "women of color" idolize because she is supposedly beautiful.  What a wonderful role model for "women of color" a black woman who not only gets on stage with a string in her syphilis-ridden butt gyrating and grinding like a stripper but engages in satanic ritual for all the world to see.  Yet, somehow her own behavior does not require correction or criticism and apparently neither does her that of her husband. 
So I have a proposal, Sandberg and Beyonce can ban the word "bossy" and I'll just act like Beyoncé's husband and use the word "bitch".  Sheryl Sandberg you are a bitch.  Beyonce Knowles you are a bitch.  And Oprah Winfrey you are a bitch.  Maxine Waters and Marcia Fudge both of you are BITCHES!  Melissa Harris-Perry a bitch!  And all you lowlife, welfare cheating, baby-making, trashy, booty-shaking, weed smoking racist black women and "women of color" you too are BITCHES!  After all, if Jay-Z can say it why can't I?