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‘No reason for alarm’ proclaimed Sadiq Khan the Muslim mayor of London after bloodthirsty jihadis launched terrorist attacks on the city this past weekend. Sadiq Khan and British Prime minister Teresa May subsequently engaged in a coordinated public relations whitewash of the attacks and the imminent threat posed by the metastasizing Islamic menace within Great Britain. Teresa May is directly responsible for embracing the European Union policy of unfettered importation of unscreened Muslim refugees. Sadiq Khan is just a flat-out terrorist plain and simple. The people of London also share the blame for bringing about their own demise. One has to wonder about the sanity and competence of a people that vote a terrorist in as mayor. This is not an attack on all Londoners but clearly they have taken a page from the San Francisco playbook. London is a burgeoning progressive-led metropolis populated by bleeding heart leftists who truly believe it is their duty to cater to violent third-world…
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Journalism is dead. We can thank Barack Obama for that. Not that the mainstream media was ever objective but it has taken subjectivity to another level. The Washington Post has clearly thrown in with the Deep State against the American people. The newspaper a staple of the American political establishment, guard dog of the global elite and under the control of renowned Trump-hater, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, have made it their mission to assassinate President Trump's character and undermine his presidency. 
The Washington Post has kept up the false Russian narrative by utilizing Obama's Deep State leaks embedded in the bureaucracy or so-called 'anonymous sources' to keep raising suspicion of normal everyday activities that all presidents and their administrations engage in. The Washington Post would have the American public believe that all engagement with Russia is prohibited as though there is some rule determining what nations a POTUS is allowed to engage with. When Bara…


The mainstream media has reported that recent domestic policy snafus and foreign policy decisions has weakened the Trump base. They point specifically to the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare and the missile strike on a Syrian air force base where Basheer Al-Assad is believed to have launched a chemical weapons strike on Syrian citizens. Let us first deal with the debacle to repeal and replace Obamacare.
The failure to repeal Obamacare was more a reflection of the impotence of Paul Ryan and the establishment GOP than President Trump. Paul Ryan and the GOP had almost seven years to find a viable alternative the disastrous data-tax-collection behemoth known as the Affordable Care Act. What Ryan and his GOP RINOs did was attempt to pull a fast one on the American people by keeping the structure of Obamacare intact. The perception is that the Freedom Caucus' opposition to the bill was what sank it in the House when in reality it was also opposed by many moderate GOP representati…


The Gateway Pundit recently disclosed that former United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed off on all FISA requests by the Obama administration to engage in surveillance of the Trump Campaign. This is the same USAG who refused to investigate Hillary Clinton's blatant violation of the Espionage Act and the same USAG who recently released a video calling for bloody riots in America's streets.  Also in 2016 then USAG Loretta Lynch' DOJ sent a directive to every school district in the nation demanding they implement 'gender neutral' restrooms or lose funding. Lynch's actions follow on the heels of four years of then Obama USAG Eric Holder who's tenure oversaw allowing black domestic terrorist groups to monitor polling places during the 2012 election; Operation Fast and Furious; and Benghazi.
The Gateway Pundit article goes on to say about the Obama administrations' FISA request: "With only two applications denied out of 10,700 from 2009 thro…


The Democratic National Party and the intolerant Left has again come out on the wrong side of humanity. First, Congressional investigations revealed that the Obama administration engaged in illegal surveillance activities against the Trump campaign. Secondly, a 14-year old was brutally raped and sodomized by illegal alien thugs in Rockville, Maryland. Finally, Islam reared its ugly head again as 52-year old Isis-recruit Khalid Masood leveled a terrorist attack against the UK Parliament. In each instance the political narratives put forward by the DNC and their surrogates were proven false. What is frightening is that as the DNC and the Left continue to push these dangerous ideas onto Americans and the world innocent people continue to die. 
That any governor or political official could advocate for "sanctuary cities" or "sanctuary states" in light of the Rockville Rape is nothing less than pure insanity. Not only are these political officials advocates for "san…


Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is one of America's most notorious race-hustlers. For decades Rep. Lewis has hidden behind the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to conceal his own professional and political shortcomings. Rep. Lewis is an intellectual pygmy and a legislative incompetent short on creativity and long on excuses. He plays the race card to deceive and con his constituents into believing he actually gives a damn about them when in reality he could care less. Like many in Congress and in particular the Congressional Black Caucus, being a House representative is merely a paycheck that affords otherwise useless human scum like Rep. John Lewis access to the vast bureaucracy and power brokers on Capitol Hill. As race pimps go Rep. Lewis buffoonery and filth exceeds that of even Sharpton and Jackson and he should be called to task.
This started last week when Rep. Lewis, with no evidence whatsoever, called President Elect Donald J. Trump "illegitimate" because "Russian…


Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney stated there will be no charges filed against the police officer in the shooting of Keith Lamont-Scott. The fact that charges were even considered in the first place was ridiculous. It is impossible for anyone with any common sense to view the full video of the shooting and come to any other conclusion than that Keith Lamont Scott not only posed a immediate threat to the police officers who were attempting to serve a warrant but to the community at large. The notion that someone who is given a lawful command to exit his or her vehicle by a police officer and then does so with a loaded weapon in hand should be pleaded with is not only outrageous but symbolic of the brazen lawlessness encouraged by liberals and the political elite.
Much like they have done with Muslim refugees and terrorists, liberals and the American political elite have emboldened black thugs and in many cases encouraged attacks on police. Like Michael Brown and Eric Garner befor…