Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Over the past 7 and a half years, particularly the last two years, law-abiding, taxpaying, heterosexual Americans have been besieged by black militants, racists, and thugs; homosexual freaks, illegal aliens, self-righteous liberal Hollywood hypocrites, Muslim nut jobs and law breaking Democratic elected officials.  Just when we thought the liberal kooks had thrown every circus freak they had at us here comes Bernie Sanders.  

Sanders isn't only a communist clown he's an idiot who lives in the Looney Leftist Land of Freebie Utopia.  Sanders is of the opinion that if EVERY American kid goes to college, for free, all America's ills will be solved.  Case closed. Sanders falls right in line with the idiot liberals that promote Common Core, same-sex marriage, black thuggery, Sharia Law, government takeover of industry and the countless other liberal legislative actions that strip real American citizens of their liberty and freedom.

Sanders is a ranting, raving idiot who sees America's 17 trillion dollar debt as a mere stumbling block on the golden road to communist utopia.  To Sanders the federal government is a big grab bag chock full of freebies for the masses of illegal aliens, Muslim sleeper terrorists, black professional victims, and LGBT fanatics that comprise the Democrat voting bloc.  Bigger government and more government is Sanders' answer to everything.  Not only is he a fool he's a thief who is willing and ready to snatch the future of generations yet to come to impose the iron fist of government on the current one.  

The lazy, shiftless, opportunistic, criminal and the godless see Sanders as a beacon of hope.  Sanders is hero to the professional victim, tax cheat, and the welfare cheat who uses bigger government to absolve them of all personal responsibility and self accountability.  Blinded by his own self-righteous paternalism Sanders believes that every American wants to go to college.  Not only is this inaccurate but Americas colleges and universities have become brainwashing centers where liberal kook professors indoctrinate young Christian minds with their socialist garbage.  Sanders isn't only dangerous he's an enemy of all Americans who believe in hard work, responsibility, family, and God.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Here we go again.  Another black man dead in police custody and another wave of violence perpetrated by hordes of ignorant blacks and fueled by the lies of liberals and their black media prostitutes.  What is happening in Baltimore is not only a disgrace it has absolutely nothing to do with the unfortunate death of Freddie Gray.  It is not clear how Freddie Gray died while in the custody of Baltimore Police.  I have said before like I said about the South Carolina police shooting of an unarmed man that if the police are found guilty of murdering Freddie Gray then they should be tried and convicted.  I say that in any case because those who uphold the law should be held to a higher standard than those who live under it.  Therefore, the process has to take its course.  But the race-baiters and the dirt bags won't allow that to happen.  No.  Immediately they swoop down like vultures to rotting flesh picking and pulling at the wounds of black emotion to incite violence and mayhem.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake should not only be relieved of her duties as mayor she should be put back in her whore mother's rotten womb.  I can't recall in modern history, American history where a public official has openly called for criminals to destroy.  This is unspeakable and is actually a crime.  Thus it should come as no surprise that Rawlings-Blake is a high ranking official in the Democratic National party.  Who does this?  What elected official entrusted by the public to maintain law, order, and civility and protect the property and lives of citizens openly calls for thugs and criminals to terrorize the community in which he/she was elected to protect?  I've said it before openly and I'll say it again: Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a stripper and a prostitute.  If Rawlings-Blake's call to arms for black thugs to wreak havoc wasn't bad enough she openly thanked the Nation of Islam??!! For what??  For encouraging black thuggery and violence?  The citizens of Baltimore, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, and small business owners will be left to dig themselves from the ashes and start anew because their mayor whom they elected to usher in change and prosperity chose to enact The Purge.

In addition to Rawlings-Blake Baltimore has been besieged by the usual cast of black racist flame-throwers and hypocrites, in particular, Marc Lamont-Hill and Michael Eric Dyson.  These two are pseudo-intellectuals at best who spend their time away from the CNN microphones in the backrooms of plush, liberal penthouses spooning with their LGBT liberal and progressive overseers. These two aren't even race-baiters they are armchair race-baiters.  In other words, they'll gladly incite ignorant black youth to violence but don't have the balls to actually pick up a rock and do it themselves.  I was always taught that a good leader will always do what he demands others do but these two bitches won't. They'll stay in the CNN studios with liberal slut Brooke Baldwin and the fat black lady with the bad hairdo and spew racial venom to incite black youth but they'll never actually get out there and join in the fray.  Could you imagine the head of a prison gang like the Mexican Mafia or the AB ordering his soldiers to kill and he himself has never or won't kill anyone?  Of course not. Not only would he have no credibility but they'd probably kill him for being fake. And that's exactly what these two cross-dressing, liberal black prostitutes are: fake. Since Michael Eric Dyson loves to quote rappers here's an analogy he should know, in the words of Jay-Z Michael Eric Dyson wouldn't "squash a grape in a food fight".  

The Democratic party along with their liberal and progressive cohorts grin because they know each riot moves America closer to a police state.  Young, dumb blacks have been duped into believing that there are no consequences for lawlessness.  Black elected officials are but tools of the Democratic party and the liberal and progressive elite and young, ignorant blacks are pawns in a global chess game that seeks to reshape the world in the liberal socialist image. What they don't understand is that in the coming liberal world order they will be forced to live without the freedom and liberty they so enthusiastically take for granted.

Friday, April 24, 2015


As I sat drinking my coffee I heard it and I literally almost regurgitated.  A young, white female in her early twenties boasting about her career working for Planned Parenthood.  If you follow me on Twitter (@PEACETHAHARDWAY) you already know I'm not one to cry wolf when it comes to racism.  But something about this bothered me.  A typical young, confused liberal bragging about being employed by an organization whose founding purpose and driving mission is to murder black children in the womb.  The liberal however, in all her utter stupidity and blind ignorance believes that she is doing good. Helping out poor, downtrodden Negroes in their collective quest to become drawers of water and hewers of wood. 

Black people need help from liberals like flies need help finding s#$@. Liberals have done nothing but aid and assist black people in their self-inflicted physical and intellectual genocide.  In their hearts liberals believe they and only they know what is best for blacks. With assistance from their black puppets (Sharpton, Jackson, Dyson, Martin, etc) they've monopolized the discussion on race in America by turning it into a one-sided affair where blacks and anyone else liberals deem "minorities" are always right and conservatives both white and black, are always wrong and evil.  They've manipulated the masses of ignorant black Americans into devoting themselves to the immoral and godless causes of the Democratic national party and leftists.  Blacks have drunk the collective Kool-Aid and have become the most ardent defenders of the very policies that destroy them.

The lily-white liberal is a racist at heart and a follower of Satan whether knowingly or blindly.  There exists not one cause advocated by white liberals that has not crippled black Americans: abortion, gun-control welfare, same-sex marriage, government controlled education and schools, government-run healthcare, illegal immigration, tolerance of Islam, transgender assimilation. Not one cause advocated by white liberals has spared the outright destruction of the black family.  If black America is hanging onto the cliff by its fingernails then liberal policies are the boots stepping on their fingers.

So next time DNC-paid prostitutes like Melissa Harris-Perry, Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, or Roland Martin holler racism just keep in mind its not the gun toting Klansmen or the skinhead that openly advocates and passes policies murdering black women and children rather the unassuming, pie-in-the-sky, latte-sipping, Prius-driving, carefree, twenty-something white liberal tramp advocating murdering black babies in the womb.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The pro-Satan movement is in full swing sparked by the passage of Indiana's RFRA legislation.  The RFRA isn't a new idea it was actually supported at the federal level some two decades ago by former President Bill Clinton and supported by the likes of Sen. Charles Schumer.  Even Barack Obama supported such legislation in Illinois a fact which goes unacknowledged by CNN, the LGBT crowd and their liberal supporters.  Times have changed however, and Christians worldwide are under attack from satanic forces particularly here in America. American Christians are under attack from a regime that wants to superimpose Islam and homosexuality upon them. Ironically, Muslims and the LGBT crowd have more similarities than differences with the biggest being that both groups are violently intolerant of opinions other than their own despite claiming to support "diversity" and "tolerance".  

What is extremely disturbing is the virulent racism of white liberals evident in their diatribe to force homosexuality down Christians' throats.  Take for instance the words of one Jeb Lund, commentator for the left-leaning London newspaper The Guardian, who recently penned an article "Mike Pence Is Too Cowardly to Defend His Anti-Gay Law."  Lund writes: "The pathetic thing about Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his water carriers at the Weekly Standard and historically pro-segregationist rag National Review is that none of them will ever have the stones of someone like George Wallace and stand for the modern segregation of LGBT people and pledge never to get out-queered again."  White liberals in particular the LGBT crowd routinely and pathetically attempt to compare Christian rejection of the LGBT lifestyle to chattel slavery and Jim Crow segregation.  They've done this for years with little or no backlash from the spineless civil rights crowd which supports them in making this outlandish analogy.  After attacking blacks Lund goes onto assail Christians by stating the RFRA "boldly delineates the mechanisms of unaccountable discrimination on a citizen-by-citizen basis and dangerously reminds the rest of us of the control that Christian bigots have had over American society from day one until the present."  

So according to racist Lund Christians are "bigots" because they refuse to accept and support a lifestyle that God has conveyed to them is an abomination?  If one didn't know any better you would think from reading Lund's silly commentary that American Christians were slaughtering homosexuals, queers, lesbians, and transgender people in the streets!  No that happens in Muslim countries condoned and practiced regularly by the same Muslim savages that Lund wants American Christians to have tolerance for. This deserves a big WTF.  In his attack / interview on Gov. Mike Pence Clinton political hack and punk George Stephanopolous chastised Gov. Pence telling him that he had no right to pass a law that goes "against the values of most Americans".  This type of deception is routinely practiced by the liberal media whose sole objective is to aid and abet the Left in pushing God out of the American consciousness.  Most Americans do NOT accept or promote the LGBT lifestyle and Lund and Stephanopolous know this.  Liberals know this which is why they much like their chattel slave black leaders like Al Sharpton and bisexual Michael Eric Dyson always interject the black American experience into any discussion about the LGBT lifestyle.  They attempt to put the guilt trip on conservative, white American Christians by saying "by not accepting LGBT you are doing the same thing your forefathers did to blacks".  They are hoping that the fear of being called a "bigot" or a "homophobe" will motivate conservative, white American Christians into openly accepting the freakish and filthy LGBT lifestyle.  

The Left has had little luck in making inroads into conservative, Christian white America so what they do is wage psychological warfare on American youth and simple minded blacks.  Their message to American youth is that they should be free and "think for themselves" and "express themselves" and act on their thoughts.  What they are doing is preaching Alstair Crowley's message of "Do What Thou Wilt" to America's youth through social media and music, particularly hip-hop music.  By using hip-hop music these sick bastards are able to bridge the racial divide between white youth from conservative suburban communities and black youth from inner city communities.  The crossover of white and black artists in hop-hop music and the transformation of the genre into pop music has allowed this to happen. This is "multiculturalism" but its really just psychological warfare to unite impressionable American youth around the idea that "God" is an idea for conservative, white Christian Americans that do not accept "diversity".  It's a slick and ingenious psychological warfare tactic that seems to be working. One of the tools that allows the Left to be successful in this psy-op is the use of the "protest" movement.  The recent "protest" movements in response to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner had little if almost nothing to do with these two individuals but more to do with bringing American youth together in a show of rebellion against not just law and order but a rebellion against personal accountability and responsibility.  The demonic forces behind the push to run God out of America were the same ones responsible for the rash of nationwide protests.  Michael Brown and Eric Garner were just tools for a larger purpose: the manipulation of America's youth to push God out of the American psyche.

The scripture described this very behavior in Ephesians 2:2 "Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience".  Liberals are ruthless in their pursuit to impose secularism on the world and they will use anyone and anything to do so.  The Left doesn't give a damn about America's youth they only see them as a means to an end and that end game is a godless America.  They envision the world described in the Book of Revelations 18: 2 "And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird". America's youth are expendable to the Left they use them and once they are used up they toss them aside like trash.  

Is it a coincidence that the Left and liberal political and social agenda embraces every type of carnal behavior opposed by the God of Christianity?Homosexuality, same-sex marriage, legalized drug use, laziness (socialism), abortion, civil disobedience, etc.  The left also supports and promotes tolerance of Islam a religion that promotes the abuse of women.  There's no reasoning or reckoning with the Left and liberals because they don't believe in God.  If anyone really listens and analyzes the liberal message the liberal agenda is about promoting "free will" to do what one wants.  Free will to engage in every type of vice one desires. Romans 8:6-8 describes the American liberal: "For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.  Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.  So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God." America's youth have become pawns in a sick game and although the RFRA may not withstand the courts of a godless society it represents that there are Christians out there who will continue to fight against these dark and wicked forces.

Friday, March 27, 2015


For almost seven years American Christians have been under siege from a government that not only seeks to crush them under a police state but one that desires to impose secularism on them as well.  Recently, the state of Indiana under Gov. Mike Pence passed legislation stating that business owners in Indiana can refuse service to gays if providing the service violates the owners' religious beliefs.  For far too long the satanic LGBT lobby has blackmailed and extorted American Christian business owners into subsidizing their freakish and wicked lifestyles.  In some instances, the LGBT lobby has actually ruined the businesses and lives of American, Christian small business owners and taxpayers have been ruthlessly attacked by Democrats and liberals who've become emboldened under their do-no-wrong black tyrant.  

Gov. Pence is doing the right thing!
Democrats, liberals, and the LGBT crowd will argue that the new Indiana law is "discriminatory".  Damn right it is!  Liberals have made "discriminate" a dirty word when in reality God gave us as human beings the ability to think and make logical choices based on our preferences; this is what separates humans from all other animals.  But there's no point in telling this to liberals because they are atheists anyway.  The true definition of "discriminate" means to observe a difference.  On the one hand liberals argue that all "differences" should be celebrated but on the other hand say that every one should embrace their liberal point of view!? Huh? Apparently, it's alright for Americans to celebrate differences as long as those differences don't involve Christianity.  

Christians do not feel comfortable celebrating the filth of homosexuality. Whether it be selling wedding dresses to a gay couple, praising some flamboyant fairies like Elton John or Lil' Wayne, or promoting gender neutral restrooms in elementary schools; American Christians have had enough.  For seven years a black man has been trying to force Islam and secularism down the throats of American Christians and quite simply American Christians have had enough.  Not only have we had enough of the arrogance but we've had enough of the hypocrisy.  Rarely if ever does the LGBT and liberal crowd chastise the wicked and brutal Muslim states they support (Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.) for persecuting and murdering homosexuals but they'll take every opportunity to lecture the evil American Christian for not embracing homosexuality. In fact, the same LGBT idiots attacking Christian Americans will be the same ones telling us we ought to support and embrace Islam!? Go figure.

I didn't see Governor Mike Pence and Indiana Republicans pass legislation stating that it was acceptable to maim, torture, dismember, disembowel, stone, and decapitate homosexuals like the Muslim states of Saudi Arabia that liberals wholeheartedly support. They just simply stated that it is the right of Christians in Indiana to choose to refrain from doing business that may violate their religious and/or spiritual beliefs.  Yet how many of homosexual-loving, Democratic politicians take campaign donations from Muslim organizations and corporations that support the outright murder of homosexuals in their native Muslim states??  Of course not one liberal hypocrite will acknowledge this fact. I'm almost certain that Governor Mike Pence would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who committed an act of violence against another whether straight or gay.  It's just time for the LGBT crowd to accept the fact that although it's their prerogative to accept Satan and his lifestyle there are many Americans who don't and will never accept homosexuality.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015


The despicable and cowardly sniper attack on two Ferguson police officers was instigated by the race-baiters who want to bring a race war to America to institute a police state.  The old saying goes fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Black people believe that by following the lead of misleaders like Sharpton and CNN that they are fighting some noble war illustrates the very depths of their stupidity. That black people have chosen to ignore the facts about the Michael Brown shooting comes as no surprise because historically black Americans have never dealt with facts rather emotion. The idea that black people would ignore the fact that they are ill equipped to fight this so-called "race war" they want with white America is another story entirely.  

Led by POTUS, Holder, and Sharpton black people have drawn a line in the sand and declared an all out war on law enforcement and white America.  The very same people who own nothing in America want to fight a war against those who do. The buffoonery exhibited by blacks in Ferguson and New York shows that their bark is worse than their bite in spite of the deaths of two NYPD officers and the coordinated attack on two Ferguson police officers.  For 8 months black people have canvassed American streets calling for war against whites.  Their stupidity defies logic.  If we are to believe black hucksters like Sharpton, Dyson and Lamont-Hill that black people are poor and whites "control all the wealth" then how in the hell could blacks fight a protracted war against whites?  

The American Negro (this is where I divert from being respectful to him) is outgunned, outmanned, and outstrategized.  So I pose these questions to the American Negro.  

Where will you obtain the weaponry and supplies to fight this "race war" you claim to want?

If you lose the war would white Americans be justified in putting you back in slavery?

If you win the war where will the black doctors, engineers, physicians, intellects, architects, etc. come to build your post white-American civilization?

Are you aware that a large segment of black America is Christian and conservative and does not agree with your stupidity and will protect America against you?

These are just some of the questions that black Americans in all their stupid emotional rage never bother to ask.  I applaud white Americans for their patience with these dumb blacks but also this proves that white America isn't "racist" as characterized by these black hucksters. Because if so white America could have slaughtered these black hoodlums by now. However, there are contingents such as the Aryan Nations who are armed to the teeth and would have no problem annihilating these black thugs.  

The real story in this whole staged, phony, and stupid black power movement is that the Democrats, including POTUS and Holder and liberals have pulled a bait-and-switch on black America.  In reality the Democrats and liberals want to instituted a police state and the best way to do it is to play on the emotions of black people by lighting their fuse and sending them into the streets to explode.  Once stupid black people began their phony war Dems will be the first to arm the police and the military to quell the "uprising". Don't believe me?  Two facts prove me out.  Shortly after the start of the Ferguson riots Congressman John Lewis, the biggest advocate of civil rights went on network television calling for martial law.  This was shocking coming from him. Secondly, anti-police mayor and NYC communist Bill De blasio armed the NYPD with fully automatic weapons.  WOW!  The same mayor that allowed protestors to desecrate the funeral ceremonies of slain NYPD police officers Ramos and Liu.  

Democrats and liberals are slick and what they want is bigger government and control over the American people by shredding the Constitution.  Common Core, Obamacare, same-sex marriage, etc.  They've figured out the best way to totally dissolve the Constitution is to send the country into chaos and the best way to do that is to ignite the emotional powder keg that is black America. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Another "Jive Ass Nigga"
Again the American negro proves his uselessness.  Tomorrow in brothels and whore houses called black churches in asphalt jungles in Democrat-owned and run ghettos throughout America; millions of mindless negroes will herd into churches like cattle to hear some dope head, bisexual, chicken hawk black preacher talk about Selma.  Dirt bag negro pastors will waste everyone's time talking about Selma and Bloody Sunday and Dr. King. Like a broken record the negro preacher will spin the same tired yarn about the "racist white man" and "racist white America" and how "racist conservatives" have kept the negro down. Yada, yada, yada.  Congregations filled with thousands of scantily clad black women and homosexual black men will clap and cheer the ignorance of the negro pastor.  Meanwhile in the back office in the bowels of these black churches or brothels a liberal or Democrat will sit smoking a cigarette smiling as his prostitute negro preacher spews insanity to the mindless negro masses.

There has never been a bigger hypocrite than the American negro.  The same American negro who calls white America "racist" will be the same one standing with his hands out to siphon in taxpayer dollars through government welfare.  The negro has a hate/take relationship with America he hates her but will gladly rape her.  The American negro is devoid of any logic, reason or common sense.  He thinks not with his heart but with his genitals.  His every waking moment is spent attempting to satisfy his insatiable lust.  His language, actions and culture bespeak this and civil rights only encourages it.  Every time we see the American negro he either has his pants down or listening to some filthy music talking about where he can stick his member.  Wherever we see the modern black woman she is posing for the camera with her posterior out or dancing to some silly song that encourages her to gyrate her filthy back side.  "Civil rights" isn't about justice or equality its about negroes wanting America to fund their apathetic and filthy lifestyle.  It's about partying on taxpayer dollars.  

Smile Negro! Being a white liberal whore has its perks!
The American negro doesn't really want education or knowledge?  He only pretends that he does because if he did the high school dropout rate in black America wouldn't be hovering at 75%.  If he did America would see an abundance of black doctors, lawyers, surgeons, scientists, architects, and engineers; and fewer black rappers, professional athletes, comedians, and cut-ups.  The American negro doesn't really want opportunity because if he did he wouldn't be accusing the government of not giving it to him in a land that's full of it. The American negro really doesn't want to be a man because if he did he wouldn't run out on his children to the tune of %70.  The American negro wants to commit crime, smoke his weed, dance, rap, play basketball and eat McDonald's.  The American negro is a loser and a whiner who doesn't want to do what it takes to win fairly but always wants to partake of the spoils of the winner. This is what #Selma50 is about.  It's not about justice because if it was this negro wouldn't advocate the "Stop Snitchin'" campaign that encourages negroes in asphalt jungles to turn a collective blind eye while the savage black thug rapes, pillages, plunders, and terrorizes black and white Americans.  

Every step of the way the American negro is poked, prodded and encouraged in his confusion by the negro celebrity.  Many of these negro celebrities claim to be black leaders when in reality they are nothing but concubines to racist white liberals and the Democrat party.  Take for instance rapper-turned-Hollywood-sweetheart Common.  Many white Americans may not be familiar but Common, real name Lonnie Rashad Lynn, started off like most so-called "conscious" rap artists rapping about "afrocentricity", "black struggle" and "racism".  But then Hollywood came calling and now Lonnie is busy buck-dancing on Sprite commercials and is the new darling of the Hollywood elite.  Although he is allowed to openly and publicly advocate "justice" for thug Michael Brown his slave masters would never allow him to openly support an Alan West, Thomas Sowell or a Ben Carson.  He is allowed to freely and openly accuse white Americans of being racist but he would never be allowed to publicly acknowledge that white liberals, unions, and the Democrat party run his hometown of Chicago that has seen a surge of black-on-black violence over the past 6 1/2 years unparalleled in American history.  See Lonnie, or Common as he likes to call himself isn't allowed to address the real issues so he just doesn't.  He gets a nice paycheck, Grammy and Oscar air time, a little homosexual white boy, a bucket of fried chicken and a joint and he's content.

These are the types of black leaders who will encourage the negro in his silly anniversary of #Selma50.  Of course there are others but we all know about the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world.  The point is that there are lesser known black misleaders who guide the negro along in his quest to be below average.  This weekend Lonnie Lynn will join millions of bisexual black preachers and crooked black holy men like Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan in riling up the negro about the anniversary of Selma.  They'll call whites "racist" and accuse the government of being "racist" (even though its run by a black man) and come Monday morning they'll all be down at the local Job and Family Services with their hands out begging for taxpayer dollars.  

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ghetto Supastar
Dear Lesley McSpadden we've had enough.  America has had enough of your tired race baiting and shameless exploitation of a son you never really cared about.  Americans have more important problems to attend to and address: illegal immigration, Muslim terrorism, a failing economy, etc.  Quite simply you are a fraud.  You have ruthlessly and relentlessly exploited the death of your son to become a ghetto icon and a hip-hop star.  You are a negligent parent and an irresponsible hood rat that to this very day refuses to accept the simple fact that your son was a thug who attempted to murder a police officer.  I will not say that you do not know pain I can't imagine what it is like to lose a loved one in such a manner.  However, your actions do not bespeak a woman who is contrite.  Your actions bespeak a woman who wants to hold others responsible for your own actions or lack thereof.

Your son Michael Brown was running the streets because you failed him.  He violently attacked a store clerk and ruthlessly attempted to attack a police officer because you failed to impress the values of responsibility and accountability upon him.  The old saying goes the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and Michael Brown derived his ghetto thuggish tendencies from you.  Your son was no innocent angel that was singled out to be a murdered by Officer Darren Wilson.  Your son was an up and coming felon and a petty criminal who committed a violent robbery for a pack of cheap cigars.  His crime was videotaped for all the world to see yet you continue to deny the truth.  Rather than accept responsibility you pointed the finger of blame for your son's death at white America and conservatives and taxpayers.  You incited months of riots causing millions of dollars in damages throughout America and the deaths of many innocent people.  

You are a liar, a welfare cheat, and a con artist with no heart and no shame.  Your tears which I truly believe began as tears of pain quickly turned into crocodile tears as charlatans like Sharpton and Crump showed you that you could play this situation to the hilt and make money from your son's death.  And for months you and that deadbeat daddy boyfriend of yours Louis Head used the liberal media to incite mayhem and violence.  Urging thousands of blacks more ignorant than yourself to take up a meaningless cause.  You've appeared on numerous talk shows and in public with many hip-hop celebrities spewing your garbage to whomever would listen.  But now its time for the charade to end.  The very Department of Justice headed by a black man already determined that Michael Brown's so-called civil rights were not violated.  So it's time to stop this nonsense and time for you to accept the reality.  It's time for you to look at your ugly face in the mirror and accept the blame for your callous and criminal actions.  

In spite of my words I know you will not change.  You can't because you are a hood rat and about as believable as a child with his hand in the cookie jar.  A ghetto diva.  A typical 21st century black woman: selfish, self-centered, disingenuous, dishonest, untrustworthy, disloyal, nasty, low-down, trifling, no-good, devilish, backsliding wench.  America and Americans feel nothing for you because you have visited your filth upon us.  It is time for you to leave.  No one knows where you will go and no one cares but it is time for you to crawl back under your crack rock and stay there.  

Friday, February 27, 2015


Mouth Wide Open
It's really too bad when the so-called "conservatives" are really no better than the race-baiting buffer blacks the Democratic party use as media prostitutes.  The House is voting on a bill to provide temporary funding of the DHS for at least three more weeks.  There's an attachment to this bill to continue funding the administrations illegal amnesty program.  The GOP brass at best has provided little or no resistance to removing this item from the bill which undoubtedly will pass the House. This comes during a time when the POTUS is expected to issue an executive order banning hollow point ammunition thus effectively ending the sales of AR-15 rifles to American citizens.  

The GOP brass has once again shown that it cares little about the rights and freedoms of Americans.  Sure, a few of them offered up some sound bytes about having a "clean funding bill" but not much more.  It would be shocking if one of them pointed out that DHS does little if anything to protect American citizens.  In fact, one could argue that it is gearing up to wage war on them.  For months reports have circulated about the purchase of armor piercing ammunition and military grade equipment by the DHS and yet Dems want to destroy the Second Amendment rights of American citizens.  Not one elite GOP member has pointed this out nor will they.  Once again the brass led by snake-in-the-grass Boehner has made it clear by their silence that they will ignore the Constitutional rights of American citizens.  In fact, as we speak the Senate has already approved emergency funding. 

GOP Brass: Incall or Out? Only 100 hearts
The GOP selling out true Conservatives.  Big surprise. Would one expect any different? This is their m.o. this is what they have done, are doing, and will always do.  The reason the GOP won't confront such hypocrisy is because they want to exercise the same executive, illegal, executive authority when and if they take the office in 2016. The GOP establishment has already thrown its weight behind Jeb Bush and ruthlessly attacked those who dare speak out against the GOP brass.  It's almost as if Michael Dyson, Roland Martin, Cornel West and Marc Lamont Hill are running the House and Senate.  In fact, why not just let them?  What's the difference?

Philosophically the GOP brass has more in common with the pseudo-intellectual black thugs that act as cheerleaders for this tyrannical political party rather than conservatives.  Both groups want the same thing: to eradicate all vestiges of the Constitution and Christianity in America.  Oh I know, Michael Dyson may attack the GOP brass every once in a while but is he really so different?  Not at all.  Dyson sees conservatives as the enemy of government control the same way the GOP brass does.  The GOP brass gives lip service to the Constitution only to appear to support it while the pseudo-intellectual Negro race pimp wants to outright destroy it.  I'd go so far as to say that the pseudo-intellectual Negro race pimp openly mouths what the GOP brass utters behind the closed doors of their swanky upscale country clubs.  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Dyson, Hill, Martin, et. al are on the GOP brass payroll.  

Is it my turn yet? I brought the oils!
The GOP brass and its civil rights surrogates hate the Bible, the Constitution and American citizens plain and simple.  They will only appear to be at odds because it makes for good theater but in reality they want the same thing: tyranny through big government.  We clearly know where these puppet black minstrel leaders stand: they want big government involved in every aspect of Americans' lives no matter what the price.  The fact that a black man occupies the executive office only strengthens their resolve.  These Negroes want to maintain their societal status as media mouthpieces and liberal college profs.  In fact, they care very little about the poor and middle-class blacks they claim to represent. They would gladly usher in a police state to act on their hatred of Christian, middle-class, taxpaying, gun-owning, Bible-toting whites who they blame for all the self-inflicted ills of black America. Never mind that amnesty, government funded healthcare, and government controlled Internet will destroy blacks before it does white America.  They see Obama and his pen as a cure all not to the plight of black people but to the plight of well-to-do liberal Negro puppets like themselves who could never gain access to the upscale, swanky lifestyles of the GOP elite.  Rather than attack the GOP elite they attack white middle-America which ironically enough is also hated by the GOP elite. 

Fried Chicken Please!
The GOP elite hate white middle-America because white middle-America deplores big government and values hard work over handouts and entitlement programs. Furthermore, white middle-America embraces the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and this very document is an obstruction to GOP elite dreams of big government and a police state.  The GOP hate black conservatives (some black conservatives) because for the most part they expose the utter hypocrisy of the GOP brass.  The GOP elite pushes two-faced black charlatans like Michael Steele in an attempt to reel in some black conservatives while still advocating an enormous bureaucracy.  Michael Steele is nothing more than a black liberal employed by the GOP brass as evidenced by his recent statements on the GOP and black voters.  The GOP brass can't control Ben Carson, Alan West, or Thomas Sowell and it bothers them.  So they duck in the shadows while they employ the Spike Lees, Michael Eric Dysons, and Roland Martins of the world to engage in ruthless public character assaults on black conservatives.  

Just because two objects appear different doesn't mean they ARE different.  The GOP elite and black leaders want the same thing: government control over every aspect of American life, limb and body.  The only way they can achieve this is to systematically eradicate God-fearing conservatives both white and black.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Sadly we've reached the point in America where stupidity has become the rule rather than the exception.  What's worse is that stupidity seems to be trickling down.  Take for instance the curious case of Marie Harf deputy spokeswoman for the US Department of State who during an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews ridiculously asserted that the way to deter the murderous Moslem terrorist organization ISIS was to address the social ills that led to their creation and "give them jobs".  

Over the last seven years liberals and the DNC brass have created their own reality separate from the one in which 95% of Americans live.  Americans have been sold on false promises from jobs, college education, universal healthcare, racial harmony, etc., etc.  With each lie the left has become more exposed and freedom and liberty has been continuously eroded.  If none of it were true it would be funny.  A murderous organization that beheads innocents and rapes, mutilates, decapitates women and children is not however, funny.  To think that a seemingly intelligent person who has served in the highest levels of the most powerful government on earth from the CIA to the United States Department of State; whose job is to identify and assess threats to America and its citizens would propose some idealistic, college-freshman, starry eyed liberal solution to a national security threat defies all logic.  

The American Left and DNC ruling class has been and continues to play with the safety of the American people.  They've done everything humanly possible to compromise the sovereignty of America from nationalizing healthcare; granting amnesty to the dregs of Mexico and Latin America, and denying the worldwide threat that is the virus of Islam.  But should anyone be surprised?  After all this is a political party and class that has refused to even use the words "Islam" and "terrorism" in the same sentence much the same way they refer to illegal aliens as "undocumented immigrants".  This is double talk and word play employed to: 1) conceal a hidden but open agenda, 2) satisfy a violent constituency and commit voter fraud by naturalizing terrorists from terrorist nations, and 3) destroy America.

The true hypocrisy of liberals and leftists is that although they rail against the American way of life and seek to destroy our constitutional republic they seemingly offer our way of life wholesale to our enemies as a panacea to the problem.  ISIS hates ALL Americans not just some of us but ALL of us yet Harf and other liberal idiots like the Marc Lamont-Hills of the world think that if you just offer some bloodthirsty Satan loving Moslem a crappy low paying job (much like the ones this admin has create for American citizens over the past seven years) they'll all of a sudden stop beheading, flagellating, raping, mutilating, slaughtering and pillaging.  THEY WON'T!  

It's almost as if no one believes ISIS.  ISIS has gone through great lengths to let the world know they are devout Moslems yet Dems and libs will say "they don't really practice Islam". Even after locking a Jordanian pilot in a cage and setting him ablaze these liberal idiots want Americans to reason with these thugs.  They sincerely believe Americans are stupid to buy this garbage.  They've tried over and over.  Jobs, economy, healthcare, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, common core, amnesty, and now ISIS.  

There's no reasoning with ISIS.  It's just a shame that someone who should know better doesn't know something as elementary is this.  The only language ISIS and other Moslem savages understand is the language of death and that's exactly what America should give them.  The liberal answer is more government, more freebies, more handouts, more entitlements.  Sorry Marie there's just some people government can't buy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


For a moment at least the federal court in Texas halted the Obama administration hijacking of the Constitution and halted illegal amnesty.  The administration has claimed that somehow it had constitutional discretion to order DHS to grant citizen status on illegal aliens.  Josh Earnest' assertion that somehow the federal government can "set priorities in enforcing immigration laws" not only contradicts the Constitution which ascribes the powers of naturalization to Congress it is symbolic of this administration's continued assault on the freedoms and liberties of the American people.  

Citizen Worthy? WTF!
By their very presence in America illegal aliens are lawbreakers.  Yet, rather than remove them from America and the fiscal strain their very presence puts on every institution of American society this administration and the Democratic party seeks to reward them with drivers licenses, health and welfare benefits, free housing, free schooling and in many instances pardoning illegals for heinous criminal acts against American citizens and law enforcement officials.  Even worse, the administration has drafted legislation that would make it, get this, illegal to deport illegal aliens without the consent of the illegal aliens themselves.  

What the administration and the Democratic party are attempting to do is enlarge the Democratic voting bloc by granting amnesty to millions who are in this country illegally.  This is a crime and the biggest act of voter fraud ever committed in American history.  Yet, democrats, liberals and their supporters have been attempting to pass this off to the American people as a sincere attempt to better the lives of millions.  Even more disingenuous is the Democratic party's claim that there are only about 4.3 million illegal aliens currently residing in America.  How would they know?  Where did they get this number?  This administration and party have proven time and time again that when the facts and the numbers do not support their weak arguments they will just lie.  

The Constitution is clear in that it demands naturalized citizens to renounce citizenship and allegiance to its government and to accept and uphold the principles of the United States Constitution.  Yet, the Mexican Consulate has publicly criticized American law enforcement officials for apprehending illegal aliens criminals and during the Bush administration they actually helped convict to Border Patrol agents for justifiably firing on illegal alien drug dealers.  No one knows for sure the exact number of illegal aliens, mostly of Mexican and Central American descent, in America but what is for certain is that none of them took an oath of citizenship as required by the United States Constitution.

The American people have been and continue to be subjected to heinous acts of overreach by a political party that seeks only to impose a socialist dictatorship on them.  Sadly, the GOP has aided and abetted in Democratic voter fraud by standing down against the likes of scum bags like Gutierrez, Wasserman-Schultz, Warren and others who wish to grant amnesty to a horde of illegal drug runners, gang-bangers, child traffickers and disease infested inhabitants of Mexico and Latin America.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Some people have a lot of nerve.  Especially Moslems.  After the shooting deaths of three Moslems in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the terrorist organization CAIR along with a bevy of Moslem clerics are demanding that the crime be labeled a "hate crime".  The assertion is that these three people were singled out solely because they were Moslem.  Nothing can be further from the truth and the cries from CAIR and hypocrite Moslem clerics represents the typical distortion of the truth and the reality of the facts.  Like their liberal counterparts did in the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, Moslems have resorted to outright lying in order to achieve justice.  

The irony of the situation is that the perpetrator Craig Stephen Hicks was a atheist and a leftist.  The fact of the situation is that the murders were the end result of an ongoing feud between Hicks and the victims about a parking space in the property which they all resided. The reality is that Hicks would have shot just about anyone he disagreed with regardless of their religious or ethnic designation.  In other words he was a nut, a liberal nut with a firearm.  

This story presents a conundrum for liberal media outlets who have routinely pointed to GOP supporting, bible thumping, gun toting racists as the cause of many shootings.  In the Chapel Hill shootings there is an extreme left liberal who murdered three Moslems.  Yet, the liberal media has given very little attention to Hicks' political leanings.  Liberals have also yet to explain why this liberal had a firearm since part of the liberal agenda is to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights.

The utter hypocrisy of this story comes from Moslems themselves who are nothing but hypocrites.  For the duration of Obama's time in office Americans have been forced to watch as the liberal media replays countless images of Moslem terrorists beheading journalists, Christians, and children.  Yet, not one hypocrite lowlife Moslem cleric or member of the Obama administration or private Moslem citizen has come out and condemned these atrocities as "hate crimes".  ISIS or ISIL has openly and publicly stated that they behead and murder people simply because they are Christians.  They throw acid in women's faces simply because they are women. They kidnap Christian children and decapitate them and sell preteen girls as sex slaves.  Yet no outcry from the bastard coward Choudary or any other Moslem holy nut job condemning the acts of these Moslems as "hate crimes".  In order to avoid acknowledgement of these facts they claim that groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram are "not Moslems".  

This is a cop out and is just as cowardly as the bitch-made terrorists punks in ISIS, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, and Hamas who strap women and children in vests filled with C4 and send them into crowded public areas to detonate themselves killing innocents. Furthermore, liberals who want to force Sharia Law and Al-Jazeera television down the throats of American citizens refuse to acknowledge that the same Moslem slugs they support are the biggest perpetrators of violence against women, children, and homosexuals and murder on the basis of religious affiliation.  

It is sad that three people lost their lives but they lost their lives because of some nut job elevated a dispute between neighbors to another level and NOT because of their religious affiliation.  The silly and ridiculous hashtag #MuslimLivesMatter is another attempt of some group to gain sympathy for their own hypocrisy.  If #MuslimLivesMatter then why don't #ChristianLivesMatter or #ChildrensLivesMatter?  But not one of these Koran toting hypocrites will ever condemn the barbaric and senseless bloodshed being perpetrated on innocent people by Moslem thugs worldwide. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015


It really is a shame that Americans are being subjected to the whims of an administration that legitimizes circus clowns and social media freaks but ignores the reality of the very real threats facing this country.  Illegal aliens are threatening our shores and way of life by bringing disease, crime and filth.  Moslems are threatening to extend their unholy caliphate within American borders.  Meanwhile race baiters and liberals are trying their damndest to turn America into a socialist police state.  

Remember ISIS was supposed to only be a "jv team" yet, this "jv team" proved to be anything but as they burned a captured Jordanian pilot alive on YouTube.  One would think this horrific act of medieval barbarity would awaken the idiots in the Democratic party who insist on convincing America that Moslems are only peaceful.  This bullshit is characteristic of a political party and administration that not only defends Moslems but employs them at the highest levels of government.

The very fact that ISIS, Boko Haram, Hezbollah and other Moslem dirt bag terrorist organizations routinely brutalize women and children goes unacknowledged by liberals and the Democratic party. The same party that chastises Americans about the supposed ongoing "war on women" turns a blind eye to bloodthirsty Moslem cowards who crucify children and stone women to death.  These idiots have surpassed ignorance and ascended into sheer stupidity.  The ridiculous part of it all is these idiots with their LGBT-womens lib-free love lifestyle would be the first ones to be decapitated by the very same Moslems they purport to love.  

America is facing a grave danger in the chimera that is Islam, Amnesty, and political correctness. Americans may wake up one morning to find themselves being crucified by the God-hating armies of Islam or being brutalized by the uncouth and disease infested armies of illegal aliens of Mexico and Central America; or they may awaken to imprisonment of a socialist state.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


A rose by any other name...well you know the rest.  The fact is that you can dress up Islam and say nice things about it all you like but it's still a cult.  If the Paris shooting proves anything it's that any country that establishes privileges for Moslems at the expense of their own citizenry is subject to Moslem terrorism. 

France has allowed Moslems to establish whole cities ruled by Sharia law.  This has empowered Moslems in that country (radical Moslems is an oxymoron) to intimidate, harass, and threaten without provocation.  Much the same way this administration and Democrats have empowered black thugs and illegal aliens to threaten and intimidate law-abiding American citizens. 

In other words the French government has elevated Moslems by enabling them with freedoms and privileges beyond those of the average French citizen.  To be sure I'm not placing all the blame on the French government but there seems to exist a naivete on the part of the liberal elite who advocate extending privileges and freedoms to Moslems.

Some will argue that Moslems like ISIS and Boko Haram aren't Moslems.  These liberal clowns steadfastly deny the menace mutating before their own eyes.  Europe as a whole is ill-equipped to combat the Moslem menace because Europeans have for decades granted first class status to Moslems.  Like their leftist American counterparts Europeans will argue that only a small number of Moslem extremists commit these random acts of terrorism.  They further argue that Moslems that commit heinous acts of terrorism in the name of Allah are "not actually Moslems".  In spite of the brutal and savage acts of barbarism being perpetrated by Moslems from Nigeria to Iraq the liberal refuses to acknowledge the true vile nature of Islam.

These same leftists who often chide conservatives about the need to protect women's rights and embrace homosexuality routinely ignore Moslem violence against those same groups.  Humiliation and brutality against women is a core tenet of Islam and most Islamic countries punish homosexuality with a savagery not seen since the days of the pedophile prophet Mohammed.

Islam is a cult and a plague that needs to be eradicated if humanity is to survive.  No more excuses should be made for it and no more privileges should be granted to its followers.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Bill DeBlasio has rightfully earned his place as the People's Champion! He has solidified his standing in history as the lowlife defender of every no-good, bloodthirsty, race baiting, black hoodlum in the Big Apple.  DeBlasio has hit new lows even for liberals.  By giving credibility to the despicable Reverend Alfred Charles Sharpton he spit in the face of the brave men and women of the NYPD.  Even more insulting was his half hearted attempt to call for a "temporary halt" to the ridiculous protests during the funerals of two slain NYPD officers.

There's no turning back for DeBlasio he has made it clear that he's a community organizer, leftist, and socialist who sides with criminals.  This scum bag has a well documented history of backing cop killers.  He's good friends with former Al Sharpton aid and whore Rachel Noerdlinger whose thug son advocated the murder of cops on his Facebook page.  So to think that all of a sudden this guy gives a damn about Officers Liu and Ramos is insane.  Furthermore, he has allowed rioters to cause gridlock in NYC, cover the streets in filth, and mock the families and fellow officers attending ceremonies for these brave men.  In the tradition of America's black president DeBlasio has completely ignored the facts and legitimized the cause of a criminal.

Commissioner Bill Bratten can stumble over his words all he wants but DeBlasio's actions (or inaction) are unjustifiable and indefensible.  As if that weren't enough DeBlasio's master on hiatus in Hawaii is lounging on taxpayer dollars hasn't so much as issued a measly press release expressing support for the families or the NYPD.  Rather than attend the funerals himself he's sending the ever incompetent Joe Biden to NYC.  If this were Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin or some other useless black thug he'd hold a televised press conference lecturing Americans on the importance of protecting the black thug.

DeBlasio is Sharpton's prostitute he has made that clear and the NYPD and the good, law-abiding citizens of NYC shouldn't expect anything from him but lies and double talk.  They most certainly shouldn't expect justice.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Once again the GOP has sold Americans out and caved to the whims of the Emperor! The massive CRomnibus bill passed the House with the blessings of POTUS golf partner Speaker of the House John Boehner.  I warned conservatives that a GOP victory in last November's midterm elections wouldn't equal a return to prosperity for Americans but exactly the opposite.  Immediately after the elections newly crowned Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell shelved any idea of a government shutdown in opposition to the Obama imperial act of amnesty.  From the start the Washington stalwarts of the GOP signaled to Obama that he had won.  Once again taxpaying, law abiding American citizens got screwed.

For the last six weeks Americans have had to endure the rantings and ravings of leftists and their black meat puppets over grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in Missouri and New York for the deaths of two black thugs.  With the help of socialists and the liberal elite, race baiting black leaders have turned to justifiable police incidents into issues of race.  In both cases, these black racists with help from the liberal media, CNN especially, have turned black petty criminals into heroes. 

In Ferguson, citizens were terrorized by hordes of black thugs, deadbeat daddies, welfare recipients, and self proclaimed activists and revolutionaries because a grand jury would not indict Officer Darren Wilson.  Officer Wilson's shooting of neighborhood terrorist Michael Brown wasn't only justified it was necessary.  Brown attempted to attack Officer Wilson immediately after the officer identified him as fitting the description of the black thug that just robbed a convenience store.  But the idiots masquerading as activists would hear none of it because Michael Brown's accomplice lied and stated that Officer Wilson shot Brown after Brown put his hands up to surrender. 

Subsequently Brown's absentee parents Lesley McSpadden and thug Louis Head paraded around the country twisting the facts and inciting violence.  The deadbeat couple even found their way to Geneva, Switzerland where in all their stupidity they begged the UN to intervene in an American domestic issue on behalf of their slain hoodlum son.  The outright denial of the facts and the staged riots that followed put the stupidity and hypocrisy of blacks and liberals on full display. 

Across the country in New York City long time criminal and cigarette smuggler Eric Garner continued his criminal enterprise and died in a struggle with police who attempted to arrest him.  Liberals, black racists, and leftist New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio helped sparked the ridiculous #ICantBreathe campaign arguing that Eric Garner died as a result of a choke hold by NYPD officers.  In the weeks that followed Americans have been subjected to listening to the lies (despite videotape evidence) and twisting of the facts by Garners' mother and race and poverty pimp Rev. Al Sharpton.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Recently, the parents of Michael Brown boarded a flight to Geneva, Switzerland to beg the U.N. for assistance in prosecuting Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.  Who paid for the trip has yet to be disclosed but the ramifications of the trip are many. 

First, it's clear the parents of Michael Brown are ignorant and know not what they do.  They are puppets of a larger agenda by liberal forces to integrate America into a one world order with the U.N. as the governing body.  Liberal forces, likely at the behest of Soros, are playing on the Brown family's emotion and have convinced them that a Grand Jury will not indict Officer Darren Wilson.  The fact of the matter is that Officer Darren Wilson was justified in his duties as a law enforcement officer when he fatally shot Michael Brown.  The media however, much like they did with Trayvon Martin, have ignored the facts and portrayed Brown as an innocent bystander.  The Holder-led Justice Department publicly backed the Brown family tainting the very same due process it's supposed to uphold.  Ironically, little if any attention is given to the case of Vonderitt Myers, a black man who was killed by an off-duty St. Louis police officer after firing at the officer during a chase.  Initially, the Ferguson crowd, liberals, and the civil rights crowd came out protesting the shooting but faded away when the evidence revealed that not only did Myers have a gun and did fire first but he had pending felony weapons charges.

The so-called witness to the Brown shooting just happened to be the same useless black thug who helped Brown rob a convenience store prior to his fateful encounter with Officer Wilson.  He's been backpedaling every since the store surveillance camera footage was made public.  The entire fiasco has been fueled by a liberal media, specifically CNN, that wants to destroy the Second Amendment and institute a police state.  The very idea that police across America are murdering blacks wholesale is not supported by the facts.  Over %90 of all homicides in black America are committed by other blacks specifically black men. Black people, particularly black males, are responsible for over half of all crime in the United States.  A democratic controlled Congress nor a black president has changed this fact.  The presidents own hometown of Chicago, with a Democrat mayor (Rahm Emanuel), in a Democrat run state (until recently governed by the ousted Pat Quinn) has become the epicenter for black-on-black violence as black gang members and dope dealers mercilessly murder other blacks.  Yet, the black leaders, liberals, and so-called activists dare not march down the streets of Westside and Southside Chicago demanding the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords stop murdering black men and terrorizing black people.  But they'll march in Ferguson against a police officer who rightfully defended himself against a black thug like Michael Brown.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling to say the least but not surprising.  What is disturbing is that like the Martin family, the Brown family have become pawns in a larger game of exploitation for the purpose of indoctrination.  The U.N. has been attempting, with this administration, to overturn the Second Amendment and eradicate Americans' right to bear arms.  The U.N. is an international body attempting to dictate the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation.  It's already tried to intervene in American domestic affairs from the Detroit bankruptcy and water shortages to illegal immigration and the American voting process.  It also wants America to sign on to it's ridiculous Small Arms Treaty that would completely eliminate handguns.  But the Brown family knows nothing about any of this and they probably didn't even know what the U.N. was until the liberal puppet masters and Al Sharpton instructed them. 

What the Brown family also doesn't know is that they're seeking help from the same body that has furthered black suffering in Africa.  U.N. "peacekeepers" and soldiers have encouraged and participated in atrocities against blacks all over Africa, especially against African Christians.  These so-called "peacekeepers" have murdered, maimed, raped, and tortured Africans.  But the Brown family believes they've found an ally when in reality they've found Satan himself.

The forces of liberal elitism are already positioning themselves to turn the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision into a full blown race war.  It has already been orchestrated and rehearsed.  Black thugs will be turned loose on the streets of Ferguson to pillage and plunder and terrorize whites and the community.  The U.N. with the help of stooge black leaders like Cornel West and Sharpton, liberals, and Democrat gun grabbers, and socialist forces will slither in and try to integrate America into the One World Order. 

Friday, November 7, 2014


Now that the GOP has regained control over both houses of Congress it's time they attempt to put an end to the nonsense.  What's needed is more action and less rhetoric.  The American people don't need to hear new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) declaring that he won't "shut down the government" rather they need a Congress that will take charge and fix America. 

The first priority of the new Congress during this lame duck presidency should be closing the border.  POTUS has already declared that he will continue his imperial ways by doubling down and using his pen to bypass Congress.  Driven by the rantings and ravings of nut bags like Luis Gutierrez, POTUS is ready to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.  America owes these people nothing and should give them nothing.  But the burden they've placed on Americans is worrisome.  Open borders and a large illegal alien population constitute a national security threat.  Drug dealers, gang bangers, human traffickers, Chinese nationalists, Muslims and other assorted trash are crossing the Southwest border in record numbers bringing plague and misery with them.  Sycophants like Gutierrez completely dismiss the burden illegals have put on our healthcare and legal systems as well as the threat they pose to national security. 

The second priority of the new, GOP-controlled Congress should be to repeal the abominable ACA or Obamacare.  There's nothing affordable about the ACA it's a racket which profits health insurance companies by forcing Americans to choose sub par health providers and pay exorbitant premiums and outrageous deductibles.  Furthermore, the ACA gives the IRS power to punish the American people through fines and penalties.  The passage of the ACA signaled the death knell for small business owners and sparked a rise in unemployment. 

The American people didn't send the GOP to Congress to cower before the imperial power of the POTUS.  They sent them there to help loosen the grip of a tyrant. Boehner has already shown a proclivity to cave and McConnell has given indications he will compromise with POTUS.  Both are career Washington insiders and are not to be trusted.  However, it will ultimately come down to the will of the American people to make sure they are actually WORKING for the people.  The GOP agenda should include: closing and securing America's borders; repealing the ACA; mass deportation of illegal aliens; repeal of Common Core; striking down gay marriage; and the formulation of a comprehensive policy on ISIS, the Middle East, and Muslim terrorism. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Every American should be repulsed and up in arms.  Why? Not because of the justified police shooting of some savage Negro thug in Ferguson, Missouri but because of the total miscarriage of justice being perpetrated on a law-abiding citizen in New Jersey.  Over the last year I've spoken in defense of law abiding Americans who've been victims of criminals and government elitists: Delbert Belton, Christopher Lane, Cliven Bundy, Brian Tahmooressi.  But the case of Shaheen Allen is unique because it presents so many glaring contradictions in the Democratic party, liberals and the civil rights leaders on their payroll. So who exactly is Shaheen Allen?  Shaheen Allen is a mother of two and a law-abiding, gun owning citizen who crossed state lines from Pennsylvania to New Jersey with her firearm in her vehicle.  Although licensed to carry and conceal in Pennsylvania Ms. Allen was not licensed in New Jersey, the Democrat mecca of draconian gun control laws.  Ms. Allen was pulled over by law enforcement and when asked by the trooper if she had any weapons Ms. Allen immediately responded that she had her licensed firearm in her vehicle.  The rest is history.  

New Jersey Judge McClain (the same judge who let NFL thug and woman beater Ray Rice walk) is presiding over the case and is threatening to throw Ms. Allen under the jail.  That Shaheen Allen has not been allowed to go free is a subject of my outrage and illustrates not only that America is truly becoming a police state but it illustrates the outright hypocrisy of liberals and civil rights leaders everywhere.  I'll try to pick these apart one by one so follow along closely.  

The first contradiction is with the Democrat party itself which is nothing but a two faced mafia that wants to trample the rights of all Americans and turn our country into a gulag.  Democrats practically control every major American city and are attempting to strip law abiding Americans in these major cities of their Constitutional right to bear arms.  Yet, these same cities, most notably Chicago, which are defined by "tough" gun laws also have the highest murder and crime rates anywhere.  Ever since 2008 Chicago has been a murder free-for-all for black drug dealers, gangbangers, and thugs.  And in spite of stripping law-abiding Chicagoans of their Second Amendment rights the bodies have piled up in record numbers.  Recently, a 9 year old black child was assassinated by black gang members.  Yet, Rahm Emanuel, Oprah Winfrey, Rev. Jesse and the rest of Chicago Democrat brass keep insisting that stripping law-abiding Chicago citizens of their Constitutional right to bear arms will reduce violent crime.  Um, yeah, still waiting on that one.  This sheer hypocrisy is being repeated by every Democrat administration running every major American city across the country.  Last as I checked criminals obtain their guns on the black market and they don't exactly register for conceal-and-carry licenses.  Even here in Cleveland, Ohio where black thugs and neighborhood terrorists are brazenly murdering women and children, Democrat prostitute and yes-man Mayor Frank Jackson is following suit and stripping Clevelanders of their right to own firearms. 

On the national level the Democrat and liberal hypocrisy is more glaring.  The same Democrats who just voted overwhelmingly to arm ISIS-friendly Syrian Muslim hoodlums are the same ones who want to persecute law-abiding Americans like Shaheen Allen and strip them of their Second Amendment rights.  The same filthy, no-good Democrats who willingly allow and even encourage and invite illegal alien hoodlums, most of them criminals, to illegally cross the United States border and commit violent crimes against American citizens and American law enforcement officials.  The DNC, liberals and their civil rights stooges are nothing but hypocrites.  Their collective message to the American people is that "We'll protect you by stripping you of your Constitutional right to defend yourself against the thugs we allow to cross our borders". 

Another contradiction resides with the judge who wants to throw Shaheen Allen under the jail: Judge McClain.  This is the same New Jersey judge that allowed Baltimore Ravens (nor former) running back and Negro thug Ray Rice to check into an exclusive domestic violence program that is reserved for less than 1% of NJ citizens after being caught on video knocking his wife clean out and then spitting on her.  So Judge McClain's message seems to be that it's okay for a hoodlum to cold cock his wife in public rendering her unconscious but not okay for a law abiding woman to legally carry a firearm to protect herself from thugs like Ray Rice.  This deserves a big "DA FUQ!" The same Dems and liberals who routinely blare the "War on Women" motto haven't so much as uttered a word in defense of Shaheen Allen.  Over the past two weeks the NFL has been the subject of publicity as a horde of its players, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, Jonathan Dwyer, have committed heinous acts of domestic violence against women and children, in particular black women and children.  Furthermore, this behavior by black men in professional sports is a microcosm of black men's collective behavior towards black women and children in larger black America.  Black men are the NUMBER ONE perpetrators of violence against black women and children so one can see why Ms. Shaheen Allen would obtain her license to carry a firearm to protect herself and her children against this murderous and savage black hoodlum.  Over the past year here in Cleveland, Ohio there have been many high profile acts of black male thugs and goons murdering and brutalizing even dismembering black women and children.  Yet, Dem party prostitutes like Frank Jackson and other Democrat gun grabbers are attempting to strip women like Shaheen Allen of their Constitutional right to defend themselves.  Talk about hypocrisy.

I've reserved the best and most glaring hypocrisy for last and that is black people, black leaders and civil rights whores who are nothing but Democrat puppets.  Anytime law enforcement justifiably shoots some Negro thug, i.e,, Michael Brown, the Negro leadership gets up off their knees, adjusts their skirts and flocks to the side of the families of these thugs.  They chastise white America, conservatives, law enforcement, and anyone else who they think is to blame for the death of some black criminal.  They march, protest, and riot yet none of these NEGROES has so much uttered one word in defense of Shaheen Allen who is a law-abiding black woman who was exercising her Constitutional right to carry a firearm in order to protect herself and her children against the bloodthirsty Negro thug these same black misleaders so ardently defend.  Where's Sharpton? Where's Jackson? Dyson, Malveaux, Nzinga, Shabazz, and the rest of these bitch made black misleaders who march and protest only in defense of the black thugs their racist liberal and Democratic party bosses authorize them to march for?  When will these black cowards, leaders, and preachers take the Democrat penis out of their mouths and stand up in defense of REAL LAW-ABIDING black people?  The answer is NEVER!  Because these bastards are on the payroll of the same party that Judge McClain works for that is threatening to lock Shaheen Allen away for life and throw away the key!  The DNC wants to destroy the Constitution in particular the Second Amendment and have ordered black leaders to remain silent.  Friggin' cowards.  Negroes shoot Negroes like fish in a barrel in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and other Democrat run cities yet these bitch-made Negroes say nothing.  Not a word.

Excuse my language because it is not becoming but enough is enough.  Shaheen Allen is the face of LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS NOT MICHAEL BROWN AND NOT SOME TUBERCULOSIS ILLEGAL ALIEN OR SAVAGE MUSLIM.  Yet, Ms. Allen gets no air play, no air time.  Black male thugs can terrorize black women and children and whites all over the country yet get a pass.  Illegal aliens can overrun our borders and commit violence against American citizens and American law enforcement and get rewarded with government benefits.  Muslim rebels who openly support the same enemy the DNC says it wants to defeat and the same enemy that beheads American journalists get high-tech advanced firearms from the same government that wants to take away Americans' guns.  Shaheen Allen deserves justice and she deserves it now.  God bless this woman and EVERY AMERICAN should take up her cause.