Saturday, March 25, 2017


The Democratic National Party and the intolerant Left has again come out on the wrong side of humanity. First, Congressional investigations revealed that the Obama administration engaged in illegal surveillance activities against the Trump campaign. Secondly, a 14-year old was brutally raped and sodomized by illegal alien thugs in Rockville, Maryland. Finally, Islam reared its ugly head again as 52-year old Isis-recruit Khalid Masood leveled a terrorist attack against the UK Parliament. In each instance the political narratives put forward by the DNC and their surrogates were proven false. What is frightening is that as the DNC and the Left continue to push these dangerous ideas onto Americans and the world innocent people continue to die. 

That any governor or political official could advocate for "sanctuary cities" or "sanctuary states" in light of the Rockville Rape is nothing less than pure insanity. Not only are these political officials advocates for "sanctuaries" for illegal aliens and terrorist Muslim refugees; they advocate open opposition to the President of the United States of America and federal law. Their actions were emboldened by the misguided and ridiculous attack on President Trump's temporary travel-ban executive order that was nothing more than an enactment of a previous executive order issued by the Obama administration in 2015. In an unprecedented act of judicial treason the leftist Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals basically ignored the Plenary Powers granted the President by the Constitution and US Code 1182; and granted preferential immigration status to Muslims. The mainstream media, acting as the propaganda arm for the Obama Shadow White House, immediately declared the executive order a "Muslim ban". Never mind that the order excludes citizens from the largest Muslim state in the world in Pakistan and never mind it was only temporary. 

Leftists coast to coast reveled in the Ninth Circuit's unconstitutional and legally unjustifiable rebuke of President Trump's executive orders as victories in their assault on America. The recent UK terror attack by Muslim thug Khalid Masood, for which ISIS claims credit, seems to have no effect on the Left.  Sadly, enough the brutal rape and sexual assault of a 14-year old student by illegal aliens in Rockville, Maryland has not seemed to move the Intolerant Left either. The Maryland Democratic Party has been attempting to garner support to make Maryland the first "sanctuary state" which is nothing but defiance of federal law and is tantamount to treason. 

Further north in New York, state attorney general Eric Schneiderman has publicly advocated defiance to federal law. Taking it a step further embattled New York City mayor and Marxist-disciple Bill DeBlasio (currently under federal investigation for campaign fraud) has instructed New York City Public School officials to deny access to ICE officers and NYPD officials to obstruct official federal business. Such brazen defiance of federal law must no longer be tolerated if President Trump is to achieve his agenda. One or all of these public officials must be charged and prosecuted to bring an end to such arrogance. Such lawlessness must be destroyed root and branch.

The Trump administration's attack on such lawlessness must not end there. Obama deep state operatives are embedded deep within the national intelligence agencies and are undoubtedly behind national security leaks. It appears that the administration has already begun the painstaking process of rooting out intelligence leaks by career federal civil employees. The Deep State is in full out attack mode against President Trump and the goal is to incorporate America into the global community complete with open borders and rule by tax-exempt bureaucrats. President Trump is on the brink of a ground-breaking agenda that will strengthen the military; create job growth; secure America's borders; and bring God back to the public conscious. In order to achieve this promising and lofty agenda President Trump must root out and expose the Deep State. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017


He's full of carbs and fat
Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is one of America's most notorious race-hustlers. For decades Rep. Lewis has hidden behind the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to conceal his own professional and political shortcomings. Rep. Lewis is an intellectual pygmy and a legislative incompetent short on creativity and long on excuses. He plays the race card to deceive and con his constituents into believing he actually gives a damn about them when in reality he could care less. Like many in Congress and in particular the Congressional Black Caucus, being a House representative is merely a paycheck that affords otherwise useless human scum like Rep. John Lewis access to the vast bureaucracy and power brokers on Capitol Hill. As race pimps go Rep. Lewis buffoonery and filth exceeds that of even Sharpton and Jackson and he should be called to task.

This started last week when Rep. Lewis, with no evidence whatsoever, called President Elect Donald J. Trump "illegitimate" because "Russians interfered in the elections". Democrats floated the Russian Hacking Conspiracy Theory at least a year prior to the elections. Not only does it defy common sense to suggest that Vladimir Putin 'manipulated' voters into pulling the lever for Donald Trump; but it is to discredit or delegitimize the President Elect before he takes office. Hillary Clinton represents the global elite and her agenda for America and Americans mirrored that of the EU bureaucrats for Europe; mass Muslim migration, open borders, excessive regulations, federalizing America's police and communism. 

This was 1000 years ago
The Trump victory was such a shock to the system that the political and global elite have spent every waking moment since November 8th attempting to counter it. First, it was using a surrogate in Green Party candidate Jill Stein to challenge election results in three states narrowly won by Trump. When that failed it was sending out Clinton surrogates like Van Jones to "visit" electors and threaten their physical well-being to coerce them into changing their votes. They then deployed Hollywood to attack Donald J. Trump and the electors. When all that failed. They used lawyers to try and strip away Electoral College votes prior to them being reviewed by Congress. When that failed they used another slime bag in decrepit Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and some dirt bag ex-MI6 agent to sleaze up a 'dossier' full of lies about Trump to prove some alleged ties to Vladimir Putin and the Russians. Basically stating that Russia had dirt on Trump (which even if they did how does that help him win an election?). 

The 'Golden Shower Gate' story was distributed by another sleaze ball 'journalist' Ben Smith of Buzzfeed.Com a fake news distributor who basically told his writers that although the story was 'unverified' he was releasing it anyway. CNN or Communist News Network or the Clinton News Network ran with the story. The 35 page 'document' was full of so many holes even the New York Times and former Buzzfeed writers refused to touch it some even condemning the release of unsubstantiated information as irresponsible (Yet, WikiLeaks Podesta Emails have never been refuted by the mainstream media). Yet, all of this we are told by MSM is 'proof' of Donald J. Trump's ties to Russia and thus certifies a Russian attempt to 'hack' the election. 

So where did Rep. Lewis get substantiated proof or evidence of any Russian ties to Donald J. Trump to call him illegitimate? That's the point he DOES NOT have any evidence. President Elect Trump's response to Lewis outlandish remark was swift and correct. He basically told John Lewis he needed to worry about his constituents who he has neglected during his six decades in Congress. The Tweet-o-sphere along with the mainstream media went into a meltdown. Criticizing Trump for responding to Rep. Lewis's derogatory comments. How dare Trump criticize "civil rights icon" John Lewis say the critics. As though John Lewis is above reproach. 

Career Race Card Playa'
For the better part of six decades John Lewis has used the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to shield himself from criticism. To a greater degree than chicken hawks Sharpton and Jackson, John Lewis has monopolized the civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Selma to escape criticism of his legislative incompetence and intellectual impotence. Barack Obama was able to effectively avoid criticism during his two terms in office because the mainstream media used the race-card for him. All criticism of Obama was deemed to be 'racist' and therefore the mainstream media never dared (nor did they want to) criticize his scandal-plagued administration. Rep. John Lewis has done it for over 60 years. Quite an accomplishment.

Despite maintaining his cushy position as a House rep for over six decades by playing the race card at heart Rep. Lewis is a racist maggot who hates whites. His relentless attacks on the Benghazi families whose loved ones were allowed to be slaughtered by bloodthirsty jihadis while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ordered US troops to stand down was the height of repulsive. His stupid 'sit-ins' and blaming guns rather than Muslims for the ISIS-inspired terror attacks in Orlando and elsewhere in America during Obama's tenure was pure hypocrisy. Lastly, his monopolizing of Selma as some sacred holy ground where only HE can walk to relive the March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge is pure bullshit. Donald J. Trump won the election because he refused to pander to race pimps and poverty hustlers like Rep. John Lewis. Not only was Trump justified in unloading on Lewis he should actually continue the assault. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Emboldened Thug Keith Lamont Scott
Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney stated there will be no charges filed against the police officer in the shooting of Keith Lamont-Scott. The fact that charges were even considered in the first place was ridiculous. It is impossible for anyone with any common sense to view the full video of the shooting and come to any other conclusion than that Keith Lamont Scott not only posed a immediate threat to the police officers who were attempting to serve a warrant but to the community at large. The notion that someone who is given a lawful command to exit his or her vehicle by a police officer and then does so with a loaded weapon in hand should be pleaded with is not only outrageous but symbolic of the brazen lawlessness encouraged by liberals and the political elite.

Much like they have done with Muslim refugees and terrorists, liberals and the American political elite have emboldened black thugs and in many cases encouraged attacks on police. Like Michael Brown and Eric Garner before him Keith Lamont Scott believed he was above the law and openly taunted police with a loaded weapon. Did Mr. Scott believe that because he exited the vehicle with a loaded weapon in hand police were going to go away? Did he believe he was going to win an unjustified shoot out with police? Or was the marijuana he smoked laced with PCP or some other illicit substance that made him lose his damn mind? Keith Scott was not only in the wrong he explicitly threatened the police with a loaded weapon and refused with their repeated complies for him to drop his gun. 

Nappy Head Stephanie Clemons Thompson
There is no gray area in the full six minute and twenty-five second video of this goon refusing to comply with a lawful order then subsequently threatening police officers. Police were looking for a suspect with a warrant. Even if Scott fit the description once they checked his identification or driver's license they would have realized he was not the suspect and he would have been on his way. There is no way Keith Scott did not see the bright flashing lights of the police SUVs behind him on a clear sunny day in Charlotte. Yet, he still chose to hop out of his vehicle gun in hand. He was looking for a confrontation with police clearly. The notion floated by his family that Scott jumped out of his vehicle with a book in hand not only was ridiculous it is not supported by the video which clearly shows he had a gun. 

In an interview with MSNBC Scott family attorney Eduardo Curry attempted to offer some bogus account of the events that are completely debunked by the video recorded by Scott's own wife. Curry attempted to argue that the witnesses, ALL the witnesses were wrong. He must have been smoking the same ish that Keith Scott was. Curry's interview was so utterly ridiculous he should have been given a drug test live on air. After news of the shooting became public last summer black goons overran the city destroying everything in site. Police were then ordered to stand down by liberal mayor Jennifer Roberts who allowed criminals to destroy property and businesses owned by hard-working taxpayers and threaten law-abiding citizens. All the while black thugs terrorized Charlotte not a word of rebuke from the BHO administration which has done nothing but foster anti-cop hatred and lawlessness on the part of black thugs and gangsters. 

Jennifer Roberts another liberal kook
Mayor Roberts' response was no different than that of Ohio Governor John Kasich to the recent Muslim terrorist attack by Somali Muslim refugee Abdul Razak Ali Ratan. The common theme among the political elite is to allow black thugs and Muslims to engage in lawlessness then blame the cops and the victims for the actions of these thugs. Abdul Razak Ali Ratan a Somali Muslim refugee and a product of Ohio Governor John Kasich' secret importation of Muslims into Ohio; plowed over Ohio State students with a car and then exited his vehicle and began to attack students with a knife before being shot by an Ohio State University police officer. Initially Ohio State officials attempted to cover up the facts by sending an alert that there was an "active shooter" on campus knowing full well Ali Ratan did not have a gun. When the truth came out that no gun was involved they then tried to conceal his identity so the public would not know Ali Ratan was a Muslim. Once Ali Ratan's identity became public, along with his previous social media threats against the West, Kasich, who vehemently opposed Donald Trump, refused to even acknowledge that Ali Ratan's adherence to Islam was the prime motivator for the attack. Subsequently, Stephanie Clemons-Thompson an Ohio State University "diversity" president not only refused to blame Ali Ratan for the attack but claimed that "police brutality" encouraged him to perpetrate the attack and praised Black Lives Matters! 

The type of behavior exhibited by scum bag, globalist leaning politicians like Jennifer Roberts and John Kasich is exactly what enables Muslim terrorist cowards and black thugs like Abdul Razak Ali Ratan and Keith Lamont Scott to feel as though they can openly attack law-abiding Americans and police officers. This type of behavior is typical of EU bureaucrats like Angela Merkel and Francoise Hollande who have allowed Muslim thugs to not only overrun their countries but to perpetrate violence on their own citizens. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Back in 2008 Barack Obama said he wanted to "fundamentally transform America". He was right but he was also wrong. What Obama did was to create a climate of political correctness that covered America like a dark shroud. For eight years the progressive-socialist agenda has been in full swing with political correctness the order of the day. The BHO administration was a call to arms for liberals and progressives to realize their collective dream of a socialist utopia complete with transgender restrooms, illegal immigration, Muslim pandering, race riots, and government handouts. Anyone who disagreed with BHO and liberals was immediately cast as a 'racist' or 'sexist' or 'Islamophobe'. The administration had even punked the GOP led Congress who rubber stamped BHO's entire agenda. By all accounts the Obama Administration and the Left with the help of the mainstream media had been successful in silencing Christians, conservatives, and the American middle class. That is until November 8th. 

Once Hillary Clinton and the DNC brass conned and cheated their way to the Democratic nomination their collective arrogance was in full effect. They laughed when Donald J. Trump threw his hat into the race for the highest office in the land. And even though he practically destroyed the 16 other GOP candidates they brushed off his candidacy as a mere aberration. Hillary Clinton who had used her foundation to sell American sovereignty to foreign nations while serving as United States Secretary of State laughed off an FBI inquiry (i refuse to call it a real investigation) into her maintaining official government business on a private email server. Right around the July Fourth holiday FBI Director James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing calling her only 'reckless' but stating no 'prosecutor would reasonably bring charges' for this type of activity. In spite of the fact American servicemen and other government officials had previously been charged, tried, convicted and sentenced for doing the exact same thing on a smaller level. 

In the months and days leading up to November 8th Julian Assange and WikiLeaks released a blistering onslaught of thousands of emails, mainly from long time political hack and Clinton aide John Podesta, chronicling not only the crimes of Hillary Clinton herself but the criminal behavior of a Democratic National Party that sought to undermine the political system. The mainstream media on broadcast news networks, talk shows, and comedy shows laughed off Wikileaks, Donald Trump and his supporters. Hillary Clinton herself even went on national television and labeled Donald Trump supporters as 'deplorables' or racists and sexists. Rather than answer for her own behavior in attacking women sexually assaulted by her husband former president William J. Clinton, Hillary with the help of the mainstream media was successful in making Donald Trump out to be a sexist and rapist. The weekend before election day the Clinton Campaign with the help of the administration successfully laughed off another James Comey inquiry into a new discovery of 650,000 more emails found on the mobile devices and servers of pedophile husband Anthony Weiner husband of her Muslim Brotherhood aid Huma Abedin. The mainstream media, DNC and the Left were %1000 confident Hillary Clinton would occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. once again. Fake conservatives like Colin Powell and Karl Rove jumped aboard the soon to be sinking Clinton boat. Networks like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC along with the Washington Post and New York Times were already declaring Hillary Clinton the winner and president-elect. The Left and the political establishment felt successful that they had drowned out any opposition voices.

In all their bravado and arrogance the Left, the administration, and the DNC Mafia totally overestimated their own strategy. By forcing Trump supporters to remain silent polling experts were unable to fully gauge the growing support for Donald Trump among America's largest voting populace the middle class. Furthermore, the mainstream media and the Clinton camp did such a good job of convincing her followers that the election was over they basically ignored their traditional voting bases; African-Americans and Latino-Americans. The DNC in it's arrogance figured it had these traditional DNC voting blocs in the bag as evidence that Hillary Clinton spent unusually inordinate amounts of time campaigning in Michigan and Pennsylvania traditionally blue states that should have already been accounted for. Trouble was on the horizon. 

Rumblings of lower-than-expected African-American turnout made it to the mainstream media but got very little attention. Sometime in the late afternoon on Election Night the Trump Tidal Wave began to really pick up steam. Ohio, North Carolina and Florida were falling fast in spite of the mainstream media's reluctance to acknowledge it. By late evening November 8th the Left's worst nightmare would become a reality: Donald J. Trump would secure the necessary Electoral College votes to become the 45th President of these United States of America. By dawn liberals were in total and complete shock. Facebook memes of liberals threatening suicide and exodus from America were abound everywhere. Twitter was in total and complete shock as liberals took to their feeds to shout foul and disgusting profanities to voice their outrage. Hollywood celebrities in all their arrogance were in total panic mode. The American political establishment and the mainstream media stood in total disbelief. All the liberal efforts to turn America into a socialist satellite state of the European Union had utterly failed.

The Obama Administration's greatest success was not legislative it was cultural. It was joining forces with the radical Left to push God out of the American conscious; feminize men and destroy Freedom of Speech by fostering a hostile climate of political correctness through violence against Christians and conservatives. The high point of this arrogance was when BHO himself went on national television and advocated lawbreaking by declaring that illegal aliens themselves had the right to vote and they became citizens by simply doing so. The demasculation of men had been achieved through political correctness and the illegal legislative implementation of a godless agenda that sought to allow grown cross-dressing men to enter into women's and girl's restrooms. Men were told to stand down against the threats of Islamic terrorism and illegal alien violence. Millennials many of which have never worked or built anything took their lead from Bernie Sanders whose presidential campaign advocated freebies for illegals, Muslims, and freeloading parasites. Americans, Christians, and conservatives stewed with anger as BHO, Hillary Clinton and the Left ruthlessly attacked Donald J. Trump for derogatory comments made over a decade ago but gave William J. Clinton a total pass for his well-documented rape of women. Even worse after FLOTUS Michelle went live to attack Donald J. Trump for 'degrading women' she turns right around with Hillary Clinton and allows the likes of Rick Ross and Jay-Z to perform at the White House and hold fundraisers on the Clinton campaign's behalf. Whining professional black athletes who have been benefactors of American greatness disrespected the American flag by kneeling during national anthems. Illegal aliens and protesters were allowed to openly perpetrate violence against Trump supporters. No the BHO Administration's greatest success was turning weak Americans against America. Or so they thought. 

On November 8th REAL Americans the forgotten Americans. Christians, taxpayers, blue collar workers, gun-owners, real women and men stood up and destroyed the Left on Election Day. What was thought to be a 'landslide' was exactly that as Hillary Clinton was utterly destroyed in what was not even a close election. From CNN to MSNBC liberals everywhere cried like the bitches they are. Washington Post columnist and Clinton Campaign homosexual prostitute Jonathan Capehart cried like a little bitch during an interview sobbing that he was scared as a 'gay black man' to live in an America where Donald J. Trump was POTUS. Van Jones a useless mainstream media bitch and DNC prostitute went live on television calling the election a 'white-lash' as though it was only white Americans that voted for Donald J. Trump. This disgusting kind of sissified behavior on the part of two individuals who are supposed to be men is just what the BHO administration sought to achieve. Jonathan Capehart fears Donald Trump as POTUS more than he fears the wrath of God for living in his satanic and hideous lifestyle as a homosexual. 

The same media that attacked and mocked Donald J. Trump for refusing to say he would accept the results of the election now refuses to accept the results. So they call on billionaire international criminal and riot financier George Soros to spawn protests across the U.S. Pathetic little liberal punks and cowards many of whom have never collected a legitimate paycheck in their short measly lives now roam the streets destroying property they did not build. College students led by liberal professors are too 'traumatized' to attend class. Yes, BHO has spawned a generation of bitch-made adults. CNN and the mainstream media would have America believe that these little punks are a majority but the election results show different. The majority of Americans despise the little bastard protesting cowards crying like little kids who want to take their ball and go home when they lose. Not only is such behavior pathetic it is godless. This is what happens when the mainstream media and Hollywood has been emboldened by socialist politicians to craft public policy. 

The fact of the matter is that Donald J. Trump, although not perfect won by not only speaking to the hearts of Americans but showing them he actually LOVES America. While Hillary Clinton was sleeping and parading around with Hollywood idiots like Amy Schumer and prostitutes like Miley Cyrus Donald J. Trump was in Louisiana rolling up his sleeves and passing out food to flood victims. Hillary Clinton was exposed as a big money Washington insider and godless hypocrite who sought the presidency only to enrich herself at taxpayer expense. Not only did Donald Trump win in a landslide the GOP kept both houses of Congress and gained gubernatorial positions across America. The REAL American people have sent a message to Washington, Hollywood and the Left and that is that they have had enough. It is time to take America back from the God-hating political insiders and their mindless liberal minions. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016


He can rape women; talking about them is not ok
The global elite are marshaling their forces to take down Donald Trump. Whether or not you like Donald Trump he has angered the global elite and thrown a monkey wrench into their plan to eradicate American sovereignty and incorporate America into a one-world government under United Nations control. The sense is that the American people and to a larger extent people around the world have seen right through the mirage that is Hillary Clinton. 

The truth is that Hillary Clinton has no new policy initiatives and her entire career and personal life has been an exercise in utter hypocrisy. Playing the nuclear weapons card didn't work because Hillary Clinton has sold uranium to the Russians. Arguing that the Russians "hacked" the DNC primary campaign didn't work because the DNC Leaks revealed how the corrupt DNC attempted to undermine Bernie Sanders supporters and disparaged Latinos. Playing the race card didn't work because even black millennials are aware of Hillary's verbal attacks on black men in the nineties and how her husband locked away an entire generation of black people by upholding the crack to cocaine ratio. Furthermore, black voters see how Hillary skated prosecution for committing what amounts to treason by storing classified information on a personal email server outside of government offices and taking donations to provide State Department favors to foreign governments. 

During the first debate the globalist-elitist strategy was to steer away from the real issues and Hillary Clinton's failures and criminal mischief by focusing on petty insignificant issues about Trump's business life. That strategy was continued during the Vice Presidential debate with globalist puppet Tim Kaine routinely interrupting Trump and arguing that not releasing his personal tax returns somehow makes him "unfit" to hold the presidency. Such nonsense is nothing but a collaboration on part of the global-political elite and their puppets in the mainstream media to deceive the American people and eradicate American sovereignty.

In spite of all their efforts Hillary Clinton can't seem to shake Donald Trump in the polls as the two are locked in a dead heat. Hillary Clinton even went on the air to chastise the American public for her not being ahead by at least 50 points in the polls. So now the Matrix is employing the "gender card" releasing a recording of Donald Trump making comments about women over a decade ago. So fucking what! The same Democratic Party that welcomes endorsements from rappers who make millions disparaging women as "bitches" and "hoes" wants to criticize Trump for decades old comments. The same Hillary Clinton who has taken hundreds of millions of dollars through her corrupt Clinton Foundation from foreign governments (specifically Muslim) that slaughter and torture women wants to attack Trump for some stupid comments about a dumb Miss Universe who was nothing but a hooker. 

Then the worms crawl out from under their rocks. Scum bags such as Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Benjamin Sasse (R-NE) who seemingly can never muster the balls to criticize the current POTUS for enacting policies that are destroying America can somehow criticize Donald Trump for some silly locker room comment he made two decades ago. Again, this is nothing less than psychological warfare being waged on the American public and the elite aren't even being discreet about it. If that weren't enough the major tech companies, all of whom who want to stifle Internet speech (because they all supported the transfer of the IANA to ICANN which happened on October 1); Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook; have not only openly attacked Donald Trump but attempted to suppress any negative information about Hillary Clinton. 

I won't even get into the biggest hypocrisy which is the fact that Bill Clinton's history of rape is unparalleled anywhere. However, the mainstream media will continue to ignore this. Rather they'll focus on how idiot black athletes (many of whom are womanizers and rapists like Hillary's sickly husband) like LeBron James support and endorse Hillary Clinton. As though the ramblings of some ignorant black athlete who barely graduated high school are worthy of attention. It's the fourth quarter and the deck isn't just stacked against Donald Trump. It's stacked against the American people. The global elite are employing all their forces: media; phony grassroots organizations; Hollywood celebrities; athletes; criminals; to destroy the idea of America. Hillary Clinton recently praised German Chancellor and EU technocrat Angela Merkel who has subjected Germans to the migrant Islamic menace. America is in it's last days if globalist thug Hillary Clinton is elected and it's time Donald Trump leave nothing to chance. 

Friday, September 9, 2016


At one time the professional black athlete was a role model for not only black people but all Americans. Unfortunately, that time has long passed. Today's black athlete is a spoiled, overpaid, entitled, anti-intellectual and ignorant fool and a puppet of the Hollywood liberal elite. Colin Kaepernick's recent stand against the American flag and his musings about police brutality reflect not only the confusion of the professional black athlete and black people in general but the rantings of a puppet. Today's professional black athlete has been propped up by the liberal mainstream media as being a beacon of morality to a confused generation. The black athlete believes that police brutality, of which many of them never experience, is the number one problem facing America and black people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite his supposed anger towards "America" and the "system" the professional black athlete fails to understand that it is only under the American flag that he could reap the spoils of being an ignorant, overpaid thug. Professional sports in America has become such a money-making machine that it insulates many athletically gifted young black men from the harsh realities of American urban life they claim to endure. The blood sucking scum bag college recruiters and professional sports scouts seek out athletically gifted black youth and pamper them and groom them to become the next NCAA Division I athletes and professional sports phenoms. Athletically and physically gifted young black males are funneled towards posh private high schools much like LeBron James. The NCAA and high school sports work together to become a money-making scheme that yanks black men from the black community. High school football and basketball programs around America have their equipment an arenas funded by the ghetto vampires at Nike and other athletic apparel organizations all in an effort to find the next black football or basketball phenom. 

The AAU, NCAA, coaches, and professional scouts have absolutely no interest in providing moral, spiritual, intellectual and/or financial guidance to these athletically and physically gifted but fatherless young black men. Many of them routinely engage in criminal activity but are coddled by a criminal justice system that engages in selective justice. In other words, Colin Kaepernick could go out today and sexually assault a woman and get a slap on the wrist. Collegiate and professional black athletes despite their incessant whining and bitching about "racism" have become a protected class in America. Rarely, and I do mean rarely are black athletes subject to the same laws as average Americans or even average black Americans. So to see a professional black athlete like Colin Kaepernick who has a $114 million dollar contract refuse to stand for a flag that grants him privileges above and beyond that of the average American citizen either black or white is ridiculous. 

The ignorance of many black athletes is found on two levels. First their lifestyles do not mirror their arguments. Many of these collegiate and professional black athletes yap about "racism" and white privilege but many of them date, marry, and cohabit with white women. In fact, most of them do. One would think if these young men were so in tune with the harsh realities of American inner cities that they would date or marry black women. I bring this up simply for the fact that many of these collegiate and professional black athletes do not move within the same circles that bring them in contact with police brutality. It seems awfully difficult to speak about the "realities" of racism when you date and cohabit the same ethnic group you claim is oppressing you. Why then do these same black athletes have no solidarity with those they claim are being oppressed? Secondly, and more importantly the black athlete lacks a fundamental understanding of the world outside of his pampered American reality.

In  most countries particularly African nations, most black people, lack running water, functional sewage and waste systems and endure some of the most deplorable living conditions anywhere on the globe. Even the worst American ghetto the worst housing project in Chicago, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit would be considered luxurious compared to the primitive dirt huts in Uganda, Kenya, or Zaire. The American Negro athlete who attends press conferences with $400 headphones and $100,000 necklaces gripes about racism when black people in Africa are lucky to eat fly infested millet on a monthly basis. The American Negro athlete spends more on his wheels and rims than the average yearly income of 1000 Kenyans will accumulate in two decades yet he pretends as though the American flag has "oppressed" him. The American Negro athlete has access to the best doctors and healthcare in the world while black Africans die from smallpox, dysentry, and other ancient diseases unknown to Americans. This is why no one takes the American Negro athlete seriously and why many countries ban him altogether. Every time he opens his mouth he spews forth ignorance and stupidity unparalleled by any other subgroup of human culture.

If America is a three-ring circus the American Negro athlete is the clown under the big top. Even worse is that he is being manipulated by the social engineers of American pop culture to further the globalist agenda. The foolishness of the American Negro athlete reached epic proportions during this years ESPY Awards when Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Chris Paul stood up to "denounce gun violence"! Their collective stupidity signaled to the world the intellectual apathy of the American Negro athlete. Guns do not voluntarily load themselves jump into people's hands, particularly black people, and force them to shoot other black people. "Guns" also do not force black men to walk out on their own children to the tune of %75 in the black community. The collective IQ's of these four buffoons could be counted on one hand. Black people murdered by white cops is less than %1 of all homicides in America annually yet, blacks murdered by other blacks accounts for over %93 of all homicides in black America annually. The upward trends of black-on-black crime; illegitimate black birth rates, black incarceration rates; sexually transmitted disease; and black crime have persisted since the introduction of government assistance and the welfare state in America some 60-70 years ago. Simultaneously, black Americans have trended downward in marriage rates; high school graduation rates; home ownership; employment; etc. This is no coincidence. 

The introduction of the progressive movement into black America has wreaked untold havoc on generations of black people but most importantly it pushed God out of the collective black American consciousness. The misguided social and political rantings and ravings of today's American Negro athlete are word for word from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. very little that spawns from the lips of the American Negro athlete is genuine and sounds almost like they have progressive teleprompters in front of them when they speak. Many of today's American Negro athletes were born at the tail end of or after the crack baby generation. In other words, the heavy lifting of REAL racism, segregation and discrimination had been done by previous generations of black people. This generation of black Americans and American Negro athletes, those born in 1990 or later have enjoyed and enjoy privileges and opportunities previous generations could never have imagined. Yet, they are the most anti-intellectual, ungrateful, ignorant, lazy, and destructive generation of black Americans ever to inhabit America. They are the social media generation most of whom have never even lifted a book let alone read one from cover to cover. In spite of all the amazing technology available they use it to portray themselves as Facebook buffoons on the world stage rather than become intellectually competent and learn to understand the world in which they live. Colin Kaepernick is a confused, misguided member of this lost generation and it is only when he and other American Negro athletes are slaves on a United Nations plantation will they understand the true value of America and Old Glory. All Americans should help hasten their understanding of this by boycotting the NFL and the NBA.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Disgraceful, disgusting and repulsive. The nerve of Hillary Clinton to appoint herself spokeswoman for black people. In recent speeches Donald Trump has laid out the facts about how Democrat and progressive policies have failed black America. Whether you like him or not he has been on point about how these policies have failed black America. For almost 60 years the Democratic Party has had not only a monopoly on the black vote but a monopoly on leadership in America's big cities and inner cities. Democrats are the mayors, city councils, teachers unions, and school boards. They have pushed the idea that black empowerment can only be achieved by the welfare state and big government. These polices have resulted in the total decimation of inner city black communities by creating a pool of parasitic behavior and free for all mentality fomented by race and poverty pimps in the DNC. 

During his speech Donald Trump predicted Hillary Clinton would respond with race baiting and race bait she did. Somehow in the past 17 years since her despicable husband left office Hillary Clinton decided she would become the spokeswoman for black America. Despite her nineteen nineties reference to black people as "super predators" and her undying support for Planned Parenthood an organization founded by eugenicists and dismembers black babies in their sanitized urban American concentration camp abortion clinics then subsequently sells their body parts to big pharma witch doctors; SHE has appointed herself savior of black America. 

When she does crawl out of her catacombs to give speeches she rambles on about "white privilege" and refers to a man who has employed thousands of black people in his hotels and businesses as being "racist". The same woman who openly mocked black people by speaking in a southern drawl refers to Donald Trump as a "racist". A woman who sold government secrets from an unsecured personal server in another state and skated prosecution without even being charged talks about "white privilege" in front of black people. This is ironic considering her husband upheld mandatory minimum sentencing for crack-cocaine distribution ratios during his tenure in office. In other words, one can receive 5 years for selling 5 grams of crack cocaine but the politically connected and the wealthy like Hillary Clinton can sell American sovereignty through a personal unsecured email server as United States Secretary of State and not even get charged. I just have never met ONE black person who could get away with such madness yet she speaks of "white privilege".

Maybe Hillary Clinton feels that since she supports the ridiculous George-Soros financed and owned Black Lives Matter movement that somehow allows her to appoint herself the champion of black America. Black America is experiencing record levels of unemployment under a black president while she rakes in six figures giving speeches and her daughter gets cushy "consulting" jobs in which she rakes in six figures with no experience. Yet, black America is mired in joblessness, unemployment and underemployment. She supports open borders for illegal aliens who will enter into direct competition in the job market with black American citizens. She supports increasing the illegal immigration into America of Muslim refugees who despise women and Christians in spite of the fact that a large majority of black America identifies with the Christian faith. 

Besides being a mix of lunacy and silly conspiracy theories Hillary Clinton's ridiculous speech was the same old tired liberal-progressive-Democrat politics of race-baiting and poverty pimping. The same old promises and the same old lies yielding the same results. Black America is tired of Democratic politics. Why should black people have to accept failing schools, public housing, and welfare assistance when Hillary Clinton and her daughter get cushy six figure jobs giving speeches and consulting. Why should black people not be able to attend plush private schools or live in $10M apartments in downtown Manhattan. Hillary Clinton is the champion of lower living and low expectations for black people. She wants to keep them corralled in the stale stable of racial politics and mired in the muck of urban poverty. She labels herself a "pantsuit aficionado" as she hobbles around in $12,000 Armani pantsuits in front of poor black children. It is high time black people rid themselves of the filth, lies and corruption of lifelong politicians who only see them as votes.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Only a truly despicable person would use the death of his own son to further a twisted and godless political agenda. Welcome to liberal politics 2016 where no death is too horrific and no tragedy too tragic to further the anti-American, anti-God agenda. The progressive movement has the full backing of the American political establishment and its corporate puppet masters in its quest to dissolve personal liberty and freedom; and eradicate American sovereignty. The pathetic musings of professional victim politics are being used to usurp the will of God-loving, freedom loving American citizens by installing a criminal as executive who will do the bidding of the global elite.

The American political establishment is in full out attack mode because Donald Trump has refused to play by its rules. Whether or not you like Donald Trump the man has brought to the fore the truth that liberals and the global elite do not want exposed. Every dirty trick in the global elite playbook is being used to suppress his voice. Donald Trump has exposed the plan to incorporate America into a global government and now every arm of the establishment is being employed in an effort to destroy him. 

Donald Trump has exposed the fact that Americans are under attack. Much like their EU counterparts the American political elite have sanctioned amnesty allowing hordes of barbarians who would slaughter Americans to walk freely across our borders. Muslims, gang members, drug runners, child traffickers, and other assorted hoodlums are not only allowed to cross the borders freely but the Border Patrol has been instructed to aid them in illegally immigrating to America without regard for their backgrounds, intentions or health putting American citizens at risk.

The American political elite have made criminals a protected class giving them license to seek and destroy. From Baltimore to San Jose to Philadelphia law-enforcement is not only ordered to stand down (much like Europe) and let domestic terrorists wreak havoc; but are encouraged to murder law-enforcement officials. Simultaneously, the very document that separates America from Third World countries is not only being ignored it is being shredded by a political elite that wants to prod, poke, and monitor every movement of lawful American citizens while it allows terrorists and criminals to operate freely and lawlessly within Americas borders.

Donald Trump has done the one thing that lifelong bureaucrats and political hack pundits have never done and that is build businesses and create jobs. He has employed all types of people all over the globe yet, a woman who has never created a job is being propped up as the savior for all the ills of middle class Americans created by eight years of governance by her own party. 

Code words like "equality" and "diversity" are just diversionary terms used to deceive the masses into believing that the political elite stand for some greater universal good. The problem is that "God" is nowhere in their agenda. The entire American political class led by their masters in corporate America and aided by the mainstream media thought police recently led an all-out assault to give cross-dressing sexual deviant perverts access to our women, daughters, and children by allowing them in women's locker rooms and restrooms. In a blatant affront to the will of God the executive behaved like some king issuing an edict demanding schools, yes schools, allow men and boys to enter women's and girls restrooms. Nothing is sacred anymore not even the lives of our women and children.

Hillary Clinton is now the preferred establishment choice and not one of her proposed policies put God in the forefront. "Gender equality", illegal immigration, gun control and on and on. Every policy she proposes comes straight from Davos and advocates eradicating American sovereignty by first nullifying God in the consciousness of the population. This is exactly what has happened in Europe. European citizens share some of the blame for their current plight. Europeans have always arrogantly prided themselves on being different from Americans in their willingness to "accept" new ideas and "openness". It was this attitude that allowed the gradual incorporation into the corrupt European Union and the gradual infiltration of Islam into European society. Europeans now find themselves governed at military gunpoint by a group of corrupt tax exempt elites who are subjecting them to a Muslim invasion. The policies of Obama, Trudeau and Nieto differ little if at all from those of Hollande and Merkel. 

The mainstream media have manipulated ignorant millenials into believing that it is more acceptable to be "politically correct" than to be accepted by God. The major news outlets and Hollywood have always led the cultural attack against God but now they have help from social media companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter which drown out conservative opinion. These companies have globalists on their boards and as CEOs and have liberal domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and CAIR on their payrolls. They attempt to drown out the voice of anyone who dare speaks out against the liberal agenda which is really the globalist agenda.

The attack on Donald Trump is not just an attack on Donald Trump it is an attack against America and on a deeper level an attack against God. This is not to say that Donald Trump is God or a "messiah" it is just simply saying that he has voiced opinions that are diametrically opposed to the liberal policies that are part of the American-hating, God-hating globalist agenda. Now is not the time for petty arguments now is the time to take a stand against the evil that will befall our families, communities, and countries if the representative of global government like Hillary Clinton takes office. Like Donald Trump stated Hillary Clinton is pure Satan and the death of America is all but certain if she becomes president.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


The upcoming Democratic Convention in Philadelphia will give a voice to the enemies of America and the enemies of God. Communists, socialists, Muslim terrorists, illegal aliens, black thugs, and LGBT freaks will gather to spout their hatred of America. Their convention will be given favorable treatment by the liberal globalist puppet media and will embrace the ideology of hypocrisy. The reality is that the Democratic party gives a voice to those who refuse to appreciate the greatness of the country in which they live; yet want to feed at its trough. The headline of the convention will be the nomination of a woman who has spent years finding creative ways to circumvent the rule of law and to profit from her criminal misdeeds. Before Hillary Clinton is given a platform to spread her lies and propaganda she will be preceded by a lineup of the most classless, criminal, and morally repugnant characters assembled anywhere on the planet. Any event that features the disgusting and filthy Lena Dunham as a speaker is not an event where God will be present. Yet, there will be no mention of God at this event.

The only thing left to wonder about the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia is whether or not race hustlers and poverty pimps like Louis Farrakhan, Malik Zulu Shabazz and the outlandish Rev. Jeremiah Wright will be allowed to spout their black racist rhetoric live and on stage. And why not? Why not let domestic terrorist Bill Ayers or DeRay McKesson, Alicia Garza, or Patrice Cullors step up to the podium and shout death to the very same police who will be posted outside protecting their very right to spew their anti-American and anti-cop hatred. After Black Lives Matter, the Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam have all been guests at the White House at one time or another over the past eight years so why not give them an open forum at the national convention? This is the hypocrisy of the Democratic party. 

Democrats portray themselves as the party of inclusiveness. They will offer the same false arguments about Donald Trump being a modern day Hitler only to mask their own elitist and global proclivities. Democrats will speak about themselves being the voice of the poor and downtrodden minorities yet the only candidates they have to offer these so-called disenfranchised groups are an old angry socialist white guy Bernie Sanders whose only job ever was when he became a member of Congress; and a lifelong bureaucrat who has spent four decades in public service breaking federal laws. Neither Sanders nor Clinton for all their big talk about jobs has ever created a business or a job for anyone, specifically minorities, outside of their own personal staffs.

As a party Democrats have wholeheartedly supported this president's attack on law-enforcement and refusal to acknowledge the clear and present danger of Islamic fundamentalism. In fact, the only thing Democrats have to offer their misguided constituents is the promise of bigger and more intrusive government. They con their constituents into believing that wealthy, evil, Christian white men hate them and the only cure to such evil is more and bigger government. Their political ideology differs little if at all from the destructive globalist political ideology of European Union leaders Merkel and Hollande whose policies have turned Europe into a spawning ground for medieval Muslim savagery. 

Each and every policy put forth by Democrats during their Philadelphia convention will not only mean the destruction of national and personal sovereignty but the movement of America away from God. The Democratic party totally ignores America's ever increasing debt currently at 19 trillion dollars and growing but they want to eradicate the Constitution in order to absorb America fully into a global government run by the tyrants at the United Nations. They will trot out elitist Hollywood A-listers, domestic terrorists, godless sex-fiends, illegal aliens, Muslim terrorists and black racists who will all tell America how evil conservatives and America is. Subtly, they will also be telling America how evil God is and how much they hate him.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Europe is gone. The non-elected European Union bureaucracy has handed the continent and its people over to ISIS. Europeans from France to Germany are being raped, pillaged, plundered, and slaughtered by Muslim thugs while authorities stand by and stand down. Sharia law zones have been established throughout Europe and Muslim clerics openly advocate violence and an outright assault on not just Christianity but humanity. Europe has endured countless wars from the War of the Roses; Wars of Religion (French and Spanish); the Crimean War; the Napoleonic Wars; the Balkan Wars; and two devastating World Wars I and II and Europeans have always survived. This unfortunately is one war they will not survive.

The continent that brought us the concept of the nation-state is helpless against the European Union which is destroying it by erasing national cultures and identities. EU officials, non-elected, tax-exempt, wealthy bureaucrats have crafted a policy that calls for the unfettered migration of violent Muslim immigrants from the Middle East into Europe. European Union policy allows Muslims to establish a foothold in Europe by openly engaging in terrorism against Europeans. Law enforcement does little if anything to protect European citizens. Earlier this year Muslim thugs were allowed to openly rape women in the streets of Cologne, Germany. Women and children are under constant threat of being raped and sexually assaulted in Sweden. Europeans are not only discouraged from speaking out publicly and through social media against the destructive EU open borders policy: they are being arrested and prosecuted for doing so. The EU brass is crafting legislation to make it illegal to oppose Muslim migration via the Internet and taking it a step further by taking steps to require a national ID number for Europeans to even access the Internet.

Angela Merkel posed with Muslim thugs for selfies days before these same thugs perpetrated terrorist attacks on her own citizens. In France, Hollande is just as guilty as the Muslim thugs that have terrorized and slaughtered his own citizens. The liberal, government-owned mainstream media also aids and abets Muslim violence by refusing to even use the word "Islam" in reference to these terrorist acts and even worse engaging in character assassination of victims. United Kingdom citizens no doubt considered the spreading Muslim menace when casting their Brexit votes a few weeks ago. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a violent Muslim thug that defended the 9/11 attacks and Azzam Tamimi who openly called for the slaughter of those who "offended" Mohammed. When Presidential Candidate Donald Trump praised Saddam Hussein's slaughter of terrorists the liberal media called Trump a "terrorist sympathizer". Trump was historically accurate in his assessment of Saddam's ability to destroy terrorists. 

The European mainstream media specifically the Guardian and BBC News defend and promote Islam much the same way that American mainstream media outlets do. Never mind that Muslims openly torture and slaughter women and homosexuals. Facebook, which is nothing but a government owned and Nazi-run social media platform openly promotes only favorable content containing Islam. Critics of Islam are being silenced on social media throughout Europe reminiscent of book burning of centuries gone by. The mainstream media completely whitewashed details of the horrific Bataclan Massacre where Muslim thugs slaughtered theater-goers by chopping off their genitals and shoving them down the victims throats BATACLAN COVER UP. The European mainstream media is even blaming the truck used to mow down women and children rather than the Muslim perpetrator Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. This is no different than American mainstream media and politicians blaming the guns used by Muslim thug Omar Mateen for the slaughter of homosexuals at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando rather than the extremist, twisted ideology of Mateen himself (questions still surround this entire incident). 

There has been a concerted effort to silence opposition to the growing threat of Islam in the West. Whereas the European Union silences Muslim opposition by force the American mainstream media uses deception to cover up Muslim violence in Europe and the fact that it is seeping into America. The American mainstream media uses its Hollywood star power to shape favorable public opinion of Islam. ESPN which is nothing but a propaganda outlet trots out mindless black athletes who stand before the world at the ESPY's and speak out against "gun violence", a concept that exists only in the minds of naive liberals who refuse to accept the global threat of Islam. Islam is a political ideology that thrives on generating fear by threatening to slaughter all who oppose it. The problem is that the political elite are not only suppressing Muslim violence but promoting it. "Moderate" Muslims do not exist. By their very silence they are complicit in Muslim terrorism. 

The Constitution is the only defense to the spread of Islam in America. The best assessment and condemnation of the the Islamic threat came from Newt Gingrich. Despite the fact that Gingrich is a globalist his verbal assault on Islam and Sharia law was spot on and should serve as a warning to any American still supportive of the policy of unfettered Muslim immigration NEWT GINGRICH ASSAULT ON ISLAM. Gingrich eloquently outlines the severity of continued Muslim immigration and the complicity of the American political elite in integrating Islam and Sharia Law into America. American liberals will point to Gingrich's marital history as evidence that his assessment of Islam is less than credible which is total bunk. EU leaders much like Hillary Clinton are in bed with Muslim states so much so that they are absolutely silent on the atrocities committed by states that sponsor violent Muslim migrants. Saudi Arabia recently sentenced Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes 10 per week for voicing opposition to Islam. Yet, Hillary Clinton has taken millions from the wicked Saudi ruling elite and American liberal college professors who advocate "women's rights" and "freedom of speech" refuse to even acknowledge Badawi's demise BLOGGER RECEIVES 1,000 LASHES.

Europe lays at the door step of total destruction at the hands of a relentless and merciless enemy; not Islam but the ruling EU bureaucrats who seek to achieve global government at the expense of their own constituents. The truth is the West has the power to eradicate the Muslim threat but it's officials chose not to do so and as a result Europeans who lack the benefit of having a "Constitution" to protect their basic liberties are helpless against this wicked and satanic threat. Make no mistake Islam is Satan and Satan is Islam. Islam is conceived in the bowels of hell and seeks to establish hell on Earth. As much as the EU bureaucracy is to blame Europeans themselves must shoulder some of the burden for waiting to late to recognize the menace. Unfortunately for Europe it may be too late.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


You couldn't ask for a more perfect storm. An embattled presidential candidate, a DOJ, FBI Director and an administration under heavy fire for a sham investigation so much so that the liberal media could not ignore it now totally forgotten in the wake of incidents involving the police. Despite being completely exonerated by political hacks and lifelong bureaucrats the public perception was that Hillary Clinton not only lied about her personal email server but broke a number of federal laws and engaged in criminal mischief that anyone could consider treasonous. Then videotape surfaces of police shootings involving black men and white officers in Louisiana and Minnesota and poof! All is forgotten. Teflon Hillary escapes again.

I will refrain from getting into the specifics of these shootings because I simply do not know the facts regardless of cell phone video footage. Unlike the liberal media which has immediately jumped to conclusions throughout the tenure of the Obama administration. I have acknowledged before that police are like any other group they have their share of rotten apples but a few rotten apples should not cast dispersion on the group as a whole. There are very good police officers many of whom I have met and had no problems with. Then of course there are others that are not so nice. The same is said for black men and that is there are hard-working, law-abiding black men; but there also exists a sub group of black male thugs who terrorize their own communities. Having acknowledged that I simply do not know about either party, the black men, or police officers in either of these shootings to affirm their intentions. It is tragic when anyone dies and it is something all Americans and Christians should work together to avoid. 

I will say that the people marching against perceived police brutality in Dallas were engaged in a peaceful demonstration and the Dallas police securing the event rushed in to protect them at the sound of gunfire putting their own lives in danger. THIS is how not only citizens and police should interact but Americans should behave in general. As an ardent advocate of the Constitution I embrace any Americans right regardless of political ideology to exercise their First Amendment rights which is something liberals have been trying to destroy for the last eight years. And I also support the fact that the Dallas Police at the event were engaged in positive interaction with these groups. Some even posed for pictures with the Dallas Police officers.

What I do NOT accept however is the black cowards who embraced this cowardly act. First off, these police officers had nothing to do with the shootings in question. Secondly, had the idiot Black Lives Matter idiots and pseudo-revolutionary black power advocates paid attention both the demonstrators and the Dallas Police were engaged in civil and positive discourse. No cars were overturned; no windows broken; no fights, and seemingly no arrests. To celebrate such a cowardly and heinous act is typical of the millennial black power goofball who hides behind his Twitter account or poses as tough guy (or girl) on his Facebook page. 

These bitch-made black power punks like Black Lives Matter (who by the way are owned by the same establishment whites they claim to hate); the New (Old) Black Panther Pussy Cat Party; and any other ridiculous so-called black power chumps are opportunists. Many of them advocate murdering cops but few of them have the actual balls to do it. They wait behind their iPhones and tablets for an atrocity committed by someone else against innocent people and then they pounce on it. If they were so tough they would do it themselves but they refuse. 

The Dallas Police shooting sickened me because no matter what you think about the police those officers ran to the aid of people they thought were going to be harmed by sniper gunfire. They did not say "Oh I'm going to let these black protestors get shot because they hate us". Nope. They rushed in and put their lives on the line to protect the very same people that hate them. Does this obscure the fact that there are bad police officers out there that abuse their authority to victimize people. No of course not. Those officers should be rooted out arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced. I have long said that law-enforcement officials should be held to a higher standard because they have authority to enforce the law. However, that does not mean that citizens get to have NO STANDARDS. The idea that you can refuse to comply with a lawful order just because you are black or do not like the police is bullshit and usually a smokescreen to hide the fact that you are up to no good. Again I am not commenting on the Minneapolis and Louisiana police shootings I am making a general observation. 

As a Christian my heart bled with all those who died and all those involved in these shootings because in the end all of it could have been avoided. The problem is that we have allowed the political elite and their media minions to desensitize us and play up on tragedies and misunderstandings to promote their one-world government political agenda. In the end the political elite care not about the citizens or the police themselves. THEY have no respect for any of them. Hillary Clinton and this administration has already disgraced the memories of these fallen officers by openly flaunting their lawbreaking before the American people by coercing the FBI Director to refrain from charging her for treason. If they cared so much about the law and these officers Hillary Clinton would have on a jumpsuit and be in a bus on her way to Florence Super Max. Let us not be like them.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Brexit has unleashed a wave of establishment furor forcing the global elite and their mainstream media puppets into full scale attack mode. The first step is attempting to sway public opinion and convince the European (and American) public that Brexit voters have "buyers remorse" as one CNN correspondent so aptly put it. This is an outright lie and typical of mainstream media attempts at damage control. Were this an accurate statement Angela Merkel would not have already publicly attempted to put measures in place to dissolve the borders of the other existing EU states thereby creating a super state to prevent the secession of those states 👉 EU SUPERSTATE. The very notion that a few wealthy global elitist bureaucrats can force hundreds of millions in sovereign nations to discard their national identities, cultures, economies and individual sovereignty is outrageous and illustrates the pure arrogance of a small global elite of which Hillary Clinton is part.

The EU is run by a group of wealthy, lifelong bureaucrats who remain unbound to the very laws they attempt to superimpose upon hundreds of millions of Europeans. Not only do these hypocrites remain above the law they remain tax exempt which in and of itself is pure evidence that they are attempting to enslave the collective populace of continental Europe. Global speak is the dialect of the global elite and their political puppets who manipulate currencies; foment crises; disseminate propaganda; talk down markets; and dissolve human rights in order to achieve their dream of a global government. Immediately following Brexit European countries including France, Sweden, and Italy to name a few openly expressed exploration of secession from the EU racket. Merkel, being the dictator she is, immediately publicly responded by declaring the EU will initiate its plan to create a "super state" from the remaining EU countries. In other words, when the global elite cannot get their way they simply just create their own laws and take it by force.  

Such arrogance is what powered the Brexit vote and what has made Donald Trump a force to be dealt with. Whether or not one agrees with Trump the very fact that he has forced a public discussion of this type of elitist deceit simply crushes all rules of establishment political discourse. Plummeting mainstream media news viewership (NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and even FOX); outright rejection of bureaucrat blowhards (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi) and disdain for elitist puppet political pundits (Bill Kristol and George Will) has sent shock waves through the establishment. People simply refuse to accept the narratives put forth by globalist puppets. UK citizens derive no economic, financial or social benefit from having Muslim illegal immigration forced on them. UK citizens, like citizens of other respective EU states, have been forced by elite thugs to accept the devaluation of their currency; forfeiture of their own decision making and national identity; erasure of their own national and religious heritage; dissolution of their borders; and expression of their own independent political thought. Basically what amounts to high-tech slavery.

Globalism is not independence rather globalism is submission to wealthy elitists who are beholden to no one or nothing but themselves. These elitists not only operate outside the realm of laws they create for their subjects but outside the laws of God. Merkel and other EU leaders have already proven they are willing to sacrifice the lives of countless Europeans to bloodthirsty Muslim jihadis and wreck the economies of European nations in order to create their "super state". The media assault on Brexit voters has already begun especially here in America with a presidential election on the horizon. The global elitists will operate without restraint in waging psychological warfare to sway the minds of the voting American public to back their EU governors. They have also proven that if they cannot achieve their goal by simple persuasion then they will take it by force. See Angela Merkel.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Cameron Resigns
Yesterday's Brexit vote sent a clear signal to the globalist elite that people are tired of their propaganda and lies.  The mainstream media--BBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX--were besides themselves trying to explain the Brexit vote. UK citizens tired of David Cameron and his cheer-leading not only voted to leave the EU they forced the boring globalist boy toy to resign. The liberal mainstream media offered up the same tired excuses to explain away the Brexit vote. The globalist arrogance still shone through even in defeat as ragged CNN correspondent Christianne Amanpour argued that the "politics of hate and fear" symbolized by "Donald Trump" caused the Brexit vote. People of the UK also tired of being dictated to by corporate vampires masking as a global governing body. They tired of Muslim thugs invading their shores and being told by the likes of Cameron and Merkel that they had to not only accept Muslim invaders but accept the establishment of oppressive Sharia law.

The good people of the UK also rejected the notion of being chastised and insulted by POTUS who in his typical arrogant fashion finger waved and threatened the UK if they dare shunned the EU. In other words, either accept the EU forcing Muslim refugees down your throat; decimating your national economy; erasing your civil liberties; and being taxed by foreigners in Brussels or be left out of the EU. The UK wisely chose the latter. The European Union is a conglomerate of global corporate elitists that wants to perpetuate a one world government. The European Union takes its cue directly from the United Nations and seeks to bury Europeans' right to self governance under Muslim immigration; exorbitant taxes; and the outright restriction of civil liberties. UK citizens were told they not only were they to accept waves of Muslim terrorist refugees catapulted directly into Europe by terrorist Muslim states; but they could not even criticize this EU policy. There are numerous cases of UK citizens being arrested and convicted for criticizing the EU policy of Muslim immigration. The EU also is seeking to control the narrative by restricting Internet access to all citizens in the Eurozone by mandating a government (EU) issued identification to even access the internet.

The Brexit vote not only sent a shock wave through the British government forcing resignations from David Cameron to UK European Commissioner Lord Hill; but further awakening the anti-establishment and anti-corporate governance sentiment in other countries under EU dictatorship. The Brexit vote shredded the ridiculous globalist notion that bringing in waves of military age male Muslim thugs from Middle East terrorist states would "benefit" EU constituents. UK citizens see a few wealthy global elitists in Brussels catering to the wealthy mullahs of Saudi Arabia. The same Saudi Arabia that brutalizes women and has refused to take in one Muslim refugee; but demand UK citizens accept Muslim immigrants and fund them with their tax dollars. 

Two Elitist Puppets
The Brexit vote was not about hatred of immigrants as the elitists and the liberal mainstream media would have one believe. It was about the right of UK citizens to maintain their sovereignty, culture, customs and economy without being dictated to by few wealthy and paternalistic lifelong bureaucrats in a land far away. Global warming and carbon emissions are naturally occurring in nature and UK citizens rejected the notion that their tax dollars should go to enrich the wealthy global elitists in Brussels under the guise of decreasing carbon footprints. UK citizens do not hate Muslims but they clearly do not appreciate being threatened and terrorized by Muslim thugs and terrorists and being forced to accept Islam in their own homeland. Furthermore, they rejected the idea put forth by Cameron and his buddies that UK citizens should not only accept Islamic invaders: but allow them to establish Sharia law in THEIR land and stand down while Muslims rape, pillage, and plunder.

The wealthy global bureaucrats and liberal media running out of explanations then resorted to blaming Brexit on Donald Trump. As though UK citizens needed Trump to tell them about the dangers of Muslim illegal immigration and how much of a racket the European Union really is. Brexit was a blow to the global elite to let them know that the worlds' citizens do not accept the idea of a one world government. The mainstream media wants the world to believe that only THEY know what is best for them. They want people to believe that transgender restrooms, illegal immigration, gun control, climate change, and rule by a few wealthy elite are normal and necessary to enhance the quality of life. UK citizens rejected this nonsense and other countries, Italy, France, Sweden, Hungary to name a few, seek to follow. Americans stood aghast as POTUS traveled to the UK to lecture and chastise UK citizens but not surprised. POTUS, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, Trudeau, etc all want their constituents to stand down and accept their twisted globalist ideologies. The proud people of the UK stood in one voice and demanded otherwise.