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‘No reason for alarm’ proclaimed Sadiq Khan the Muslim mayor of London after bloodthirsty jihadis launched terrorist attacks on the city this past weekend. Sadiq Khan and British Prime minister Teresa May subsequently engaged in a coordinated public relations whitewash of the attacks and the imminent threat posed by the metastasizing Islamic menace within Great Britain. Teresa May is directly responsible for embracing the European Union policy of unfettered importation of unscreened Muslim refugees. Sadiq Khan is just a flat-out terrorist plain and simple. The people of London also share the blame for bringing about their own demise. One has to wonder about the sanity and competence of a people that vote a terrorist in as mayor. This is not an attack on all Londoners but clearly they have taken a page from the San Francisco playbook. London is a burgeoning progressive-led metropolis populated by bleeding heart leftists who truly believe it is their duty to cater to violent third-world barbarians. Decades of social engineering combined with draconian regulations against self-defense and free speech have turned London into a dumping ground for European Union third-world Islamic waste.

Helping to turn London into the capital of the western Islamic caliphate is terrorist London Mayor Sadiq Khan; a proven apologist and advocate of Islamic terrorism. Khan’s track record is impressive in the sense that he has a well-documented history of support for Islamic terrorist actors and is a proven enemy of America and humanity. Not only does Khan have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, he acted as lawyer for 9-11 terror suspect Zacarias Moussaoui. David Cameron was roundly attacked for pointing out Khan’s ties to the most notorious Islamic terror groups including Al-Qaeda (which is ISIS). Khan also has connections to Palestinian terrorist groups; and defended Guantanomo Bay prisoners some of whom went on to commit further terrorist attacks after being released by former Muslim-American president Barack Obama. Interestingly enough in light of the recent Gulf Arab states dispute with Qatar Khan defended Qatar cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi who openly advocated the murder of homosexuals.

Khan’s ties to ISIS are well documented as members of his own family coordinated with the terrorist organization Al-Muhajiroun to openly call for ‘holy war’ against America and the United Kingdom. It is no wonder that Sadiq Khan refuses to use the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ because he in fact is a terrorist himself. If Londoners elected this thug without knowledge of this well-documented history it proves either their complete incompetence or denial of the facts. As a cherry on top Khan also defended American religious con-man and black racist Louis Farrakhan who has repeatedly and publicly called for the slaughter of whites. Muslims will continue to wage war within London because the city is run by a mayor who embraces Islam and jihad on ‘nonbelievers’. Even more frightening for Londoners is that immediately in the aftermath of the attacks Prime Minister May publicly called for the suppression of Internet speech implying that it is access to the Internet that radicalizes Muslims. What May was really doing was pushing the EU-global elitist line that if people just do not criticize Muslims or Islam then Muslims will not engage in terrorism. Therefore, the British government and Sadiq Khan will prosecute ‘hate speech’ or any expression of speech that voices opposition to Islam or the British government’s open border policies.

Meanwhile the British people are left to fend for themselves and ‘run, hide, and tell’ whenever a terrorist attack occurs. Brits will have to allow themselves to be run over or hacked to death by crazed Muslim terrorists while they wait for the unarmed London police to arrive and try to talk down their attackers. This is pure and total insanity. Even worse is that Brits can be prosecuted by the British government for defending themselves against Muslim terrorists!? Because of the UK’s draconian firearms Brits are not allowed to defend themselves against Muslim terrorists even if those terrorists have firearms. President Trump was right to openly criticize Sadiq Khan and he should have criticized Teresa May. London has truly fallen. 


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