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Deep State watchdog Jeff Bezos
Journalism is dead. We can thank Barack Obama for that. Not that the mainstream media was ever objective but it has taken subjectivity to another level. The Washington Post has clearly thrown in with the Deep State against the American people. The newspaper a staple of the American political establishment, guard dog of the global elite and under the control of renowned Trump-hater, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, have made it their mission to assassinate President Trump's character and undermine his presidency. 

The Washington Post has kept up the false Russian narrative by utilizing Obama's Deep State leaks embedded in the bureaucracy or so-called 'anonymous sources' to keep raising suspicion of normal everyday activities that all presidents and their administrations engage in. The Washington Post would have the American public believe that all engagement with Russia is prohibited as though there is some rule determining what nations a POTUS is allowed to engage with. When Barack Obama cut a deal with Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, that allowed it to proliferate nuclear weapons Obama was hailed by the Washington Post as a 'genius'. A nation that has called for terrorist attacks on both Israel and the United States and referred to America as the 'Great Satan' is somehow worthy of American dipolomacy; but Russia which stamps out Muslim terrorism somehow is not.

The entire idea that Russia somehow caused Donald Trump to win Election 2016 by 'meddling" is totally ludicrous, yet somehow the Washington Post continues to push this silly narrative. First, ALL nations meddle in elections to protect their interests. After all, Obama meddled in the Israeli elections. According to CNN, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), the State Department allowed over $300,000 in American taxpayer dollars to fund a group to vote against Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. More recently, Obama meddled in the French elections helping to elect globalist banker puppet Emanuel Macron. 

There is not one thread of evidence that Russia cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 General Election. We know this because the Obama Administration spied on the Trump campaign and found no evidence of any coordinated effort with Russia to influence the election. The very notion is silly on it's surface when one takes into consideration that each state monitors it's own polling places and some states only use paper ballots. So unless there were Russian agents outside of EVERY polling place across the 50 states forcing Americans to vote for Donald J. Trump the very idea is nonsense. However, the Obama administration has a track record of also meddling in American elections as former United States Attorney General Eric Holder allowed domestic terrorists from the Black Panther Party to post themselves outside of polling places and run off white voters with the threat of violence. But the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, Yahoo, BuzzFeed, and the other fake news mainstream media outlets specialize in revisionist history by ignoring eight years of Obama treason.

Conservative radio talk show host Andrew Wilkow refers to progressive revisionist history as the 'History of Now'; where progressives and MSM accuse President Trump of things previous Democrat politicians and presidents have done. For instance, listening to the mainstream media one would never know that both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama instituted travel bans on Muslim countries. In the wake of Iran's transgressions in the late seventies then President Carter levied a travel ban on immigrants from Iran. Barack Obama levied an immigration ban on the same seven countries President Trump highlighted in his two executive orders and for the exact same reason. Yet, the MSM, particularly the Washington Post and the New York Times act as though Obama's ban never happened. In terms of Russia, then candidate Barack Obama's trusted adviser Mike McFaul had numerous clandestine meetings with Russian officials leading up to Election 2008 and during the campaign period. Yet, no mention of this from any of the MSM hypocrites. 

President Trump's only crime was actually being an outsider who won the Presidency. Democrats and progressives would have tolerated a Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio because these were establishment candidates who would have furthered the domestic big government and foreign globalist agendas. Yes, some liberal nut-jobs would have protested Bush or Rubio but nothing like what we have seen against President Trump. Both Bush and Rubio were pro-illegal immigrant advocates and would have basically caved into the Dems demands (much the same way the GOP-led Congress is doing now). The Democrats would have been allowed to maintain their bureaucratic power. What Donald J. Trump did was campaign on uprooting the Beltway Bureaucracy and tossing them from the throes of power. In other words, he threatened to root out and destroy the Deep State, something no presidential candidate, much less a political outsider has ever threatened to do before. 

The Deep State is more than just the Beltway Bureaucracy, it is a coalition of Washington bureaucrats, technocrats, the courts, Congress, intelligence agencies, globalists, and the business and financial sector. The Deep State's tentacles extend into every aspect of American society. These tentacles are firmly wrapped around the three major institutions of American society that manipulate public opinion; Hollywood (cultural); academia (intellectual); and the mainstream media (journalism). The latter three act as the watchdogs for the former by disseminating propaganda and engaging in character assassination while the former maneuver behind the scenes to thwart President Trump's agenda. Any candidate who campaigned on uprooting and destroying the Deep State like then candidate Donald Trump did would have been subject to this same onslaught of propaganda. The Deep State will go to any lengths to maintain it's grip on power and move America closer to a one world government even if it means risking a major world war. MSM has already publicly advocated violence against President Trump in some instances calling for his outright assassination. Such behavior would have never been tolerated during the Obama administration. Government officials (Obama loyalists) have also openly leaked classified information to their Washington Post and New York Times contacts and have openly defied the will of the President. Such behavior is outright criminal and treasonous. 

It is interesting how the liberals, progressive, black power advocates, and other groups who formerly despised "the system" suddenly seem to be in lock step with the same mainstream media and billionaire business and corporate interests in opposition to President Trump. America is under siege by those who want to eradicate not only our way of life but to eradicate God from the public conscious. We must sift through the lies and propaganda and stand by President Trump because in doing so we are standing with God. 


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