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The mainstream media has reported that recent domestic policy snafus and foreign policy decisions has weakened the Trump base. They point specifically to the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare and the missile strike on a Syrian air force base where Basheer Al-Assad is believed to have launched a chemical weapons strike on Syrian citizens. Let us first deal with the debacle to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Alone against the Deep State
The failure to repeal Obamacare was more a reflection of the impotence of Paul Ryan and the establishment GOP than President Trump. Paul Ryan and the GOP had almost seven years to find a viable alternative the disastrous data-tax-collection behemoth known as the Affordable Care Act. What Ryan and his GOP RINOs did was attempt to pull a fast one on the American people by keeping the structure of Obamacare intact. The perception is that the Freedom Caucus' opposition to the bill was what sank it in the House when in reality it was also opposed by many moderate GOP representatives facing re-election bids. Even more disturbing is that Ryan made the incredulous claim that he had been working on healthcare reform for nearly two decades.

The very realization that in January Ryan won unanimous support from House conservatives to continue his speakership and failed to pass his first major legislative test proves his ineptness as a leader. Paul Ryan is a Boehner disciple and John Boehner himself was nothing more than a golf caddy for Barack Hussein Obama. Ryan's failure to pass a bill, any bill is a bad sign for the GOP if it hopes to maintain control of Congress throughout the duration of Trump's tenure. Where I do differ with President Trump is on his attack of the Freedom Caucus but this is more a reflection of the President's style more than anything. In reality, the Freedom Caucus may have saved President Trump by refusing to pass a Ryan-crafted bill that not only would have maintained the skeleton of Obamacare but increased the penalties on the American people. I strongly believe the American people saw past Ryan's attempted magic act and do not hold President Trump responsible for this failure.

It is on the foreign policy side that President Trump has garnered the most criticism in particular for the recent missile strike on a Syrian airport where it is believed that Syrian President Basheer al-Assad launched a chemical weapons strike on Syrian citizens. To be sure Assad is a thug of that there is no doubt. I do not believe he launched the chemical weapons strike on Syrian citizens because he had no incentive to do so. I also do not believe President Trump is seeking regime change in Syria. However, there appear to be globalist elements within the hierarchy of the DoD who are seeking regime change particularly H.R. McMaster who along with disgraced General David Petraeus maybe secretly engaging in a ground war in Syria according to claims by author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich SECRET GROUND WAR IN SYRIA? 

President Trump ran on the idea of making America great again and respected and feared by terrorist actors and states. An idea that I absolutely agree with. The problem however, is that 16 years of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq coupled with Barack Obama's social engineering of the United States armed forces has severely weakened the military. Aging destroyer vessels and aircraft along with deployment fatigue have weakened military readiness considerably CRISIS OF MILITARY READINESS. America is not equipped to engage in any significant conflict in Syria much less Russia, Iran or North Korea. President Trump and other key Republicans have requested $640 billion in the defense budget for the fiscal year to address military readiness. Critics of President Trump have argued that he has backtracked on his campaign promise to abstain from any interventionist foreign policy. However, these critics fail to acknowledge that Barack Obama's hands off approach and coddling of terrorist states such as Iran severely weakened respect for America by these states. Even worse Obama's willingness to aid the global spread of Islam allowed Isis or Al-Qaeda to spread. Many of these issues could not be addressed without some level of intervention. That does not mean that President Trump is backtracking it simply means he is living up to his campaign promise to squash threats while not advocating the core tenets of neo-conservatism such as regime change and conquest.

It is important to remember that President Trump has accomplished plenty in his first three months in office. Confirming Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice was huge. And although the activist Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overreached by temporary banning President Trumps' executive orders on immigration, illegal immigration has declined drastically. Other accomplishments include pulling America from the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement or TPP and severely weakening ISIS. The job market has also experienced significant growth during President Trump's first three months. The first attempt at Obamacare repeal was a failure but there is still time to craft a better bill. Significant issues still remain such as tax reform, addressing military readiness, and filling all cabinet positions many of which have been held up by the obstructionist Democrat party and the entrenched bureaucrats of Obama's Deep State. It is also important to remember that President Trump is not only NOT a politician he is facing an entrenched and well-funded liberal establishment that has embedded its tentacles in every important facet of American society including the judiciary, academia, local and state government, and business. It is too early to jump ship on President Trump he is one man facing a tremendous assault from the globalist forces that wish to fundamentally incorporate America into a One World Order.



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