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The Gateway Pundit recently disclosed that former United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed off on all FISA requests by the Obama administration to engage in surveillance of the Trump Campaign. This is the same USAG who refused to investigate Hillary Clinton's blatant violation of the Espionage Act and the same USAG who recently released a video calling for bloody riots in America's streets.  Also in 2016 then USAG Loretta Lynch' DOJ sent a directive to every school district in the nation demanding they implement 'gender neutral' restrooms or lose funding. Lynch's actions follow on the heels of four years of then Obama USAG Eric Holder who's tenure oversaw allowing black domestic terrorist groups to monitor polling places during the 2012 election; Operation Fast and Furious; and Benghazi.  

The Gateway Pundit article goes on to say about the Obama administrations' FISA request: "With only two applications denied out of 10,700 from 2009 through 2015, the fact that the Obama Administration’s application was denied by the FISA Court is very disturbing.  The odds of this happening were 0.02%." Clearly the FISA court (which is stacked with Obama-friendly judges until at least 2121) did not believe the Trump campaign or any of it's associates were involved in any criminal activity. Subsequently, Obama operatives planned to take any information obtained from surveillance of the Trump campaign and disseminate it among mid to lower level civil service employees. These mid to lower-level bureaucrats would in turn disseminate information to their sources in the mainstream media [New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc.] who could then cast suspicion and doubt over the Trump campaign in order to discredit his presidency.

Meanwhile Obama and his cast of henchman including Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and Valerie Jarrett set up shop in close proximity to the White House in order to coordinate the Deep State campaign against President Donald Trump. Obama loyalists embedded in the DOJ and the State Department (with help from establishment GOP moles) have continued to leak false information to the media as part of this character assassination campaign. Recently, Obama loyalist Evelyn Farkas former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia publicly admitted during an MSNBC television interview that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign.  Such activity is not only criminal but it has the sole purpose of spreading misinformation through a coordinated effort with the mainstream media to undermine not only the character of President Donald Trump but national security.

The mainstream media attacks on the Trump administration serve two purposes: 1. to discredit President Donald Trump, and 2. to counteract the truth about government and mainstream media corruption stemming from the explosion of factual alternative news sources. The Obama administration and the Clinton Campaign realized that the American public rebuked their narratives about their globalist intentions and the true nature of their crimes. MSM lost it's grip on the hearts and souls of the American populace therefore, the Clinton campaign including Hillary Clinton herself; Obama bureaucrats; politicians; and Hollywood began engaging in a widespread propaganda attack on conservative talk radio personalities and alternative media news sources like Breitbart News and INFOWARS. Hillary Clinton personally attacked Alex Jones in a speech on Capitol Hill lending credence to the idea that INFOWARS is not just a guys with tinfoil hats running around spouting baseless conspiracy theories. In fact, it is the mainstream media that looks like MSM outlets like the Washington Post and New York Times need the tinfoil hats as they continue to probe for evidence of "collusion" between the Russians and the Trump campaign that simply does not exist. 


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