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He's full of carbs and fat
Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is one of America's most notorious race-hustlers. For decades Rep. Lewis has hidden behind the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to conceal his own professional and political shortcomings. Rep. Lewis is an intellectual pygmy and a legislative incompetent short on creativity and long on excuses. He plays the race card to deceive and con his constituents into believing he actually gives a damn about them when in reality he could care less. Like many in Congress and in particular the Congressional Black Caucus, being a House representative is merely a paycheck that affords otherwise useless human scum like Rep. John Lewis access to the vast bureaucracy and power brokers on Capitol Hill. As race pimps go Rep. Lewis buffoonery and filth exceeds that of even Sharpton and Jackson and he should be called to task.

This started last week when Rep. Lewis, with no evidence whatsoever, called President Elect Donald J. Trump "illegitimate" because "Russians interfered in the elections". Democrats floated the Russian Hacking Conspiracy Theory at least a year prior to the elections. Not only does it defy common sense to suggest that Vladimir Putin 'manipulated' voters into pulling the lever for Donald Trump; but it is to discredit or delegitimize the President Elect before he takes office. Hillary Clinton represents the global elite and her agenda for America and Americans mirrored that of the EU bureaucrats for Europe; mass Muslim migration, open borders, excessive regulations, federalizing America's police and communism. 

This was 1000 years ago
The Trump victory was such a shock to the system that the political and global elite have spent every waking moment since November 8th attempting to counter it. First, it was using a surrogate in Green Party candidate Jill Stein to challenge election results in three states narrowly won by Trump. When that failed it was sending out Clinton surrogates like Van Jones to "visit" electors and threaten their physical well-being to coerce them into changing their votes. They then deployed Hollywood to attack Donald J. Trump and the electors. When all that failed. They used lawyers to try and strip away Electoral College votes prior to them being reviewed by Congress. When that failed they used another slime bag in decrepit Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and some dirt bag ex-MI6 agent to sleaze up a 'dossier' full of lies about Trump to prove some alleged ties to Vladimir Putin and the Russians. Basically stating that Russia had dirt on Trump (which even if they did how does that help him win an election?). 

The 'Golden Shower Gate' story was distributed by another sleaze ball 'journalist' Ben Smith of Buzzfeed.Com a fake news distributor who basically told his writers that although the story was 'unverified' he was releasing it anyway. CNN or Communist News Network or the Clinton News Network ran with the story. The 35 page 'document' was full of so many holes even the New York Times and former Buzzfeed writers refused to touch it some even condemning the release of unsubstantiated information as irresponsible (Yet, WikiLeaks Podesta Emails have never been refuted by the mainstream media). Yet, all of this we are told by MSM is 'proof' of Donald J. Trump's ties to Russia and thus certifies a Russian attempt to 'hack' the election. 

So where did Rep. Lewis get substantiated proof or evidence of any Russian ties to Donald J. Trump to call him illegitimate? That's the point he DOES NOT have any evidence. President Elect Trump's response to Lewis outlandish remark was swift and correct. He basically told John Lewis he needed to worry about his constituents who he has neglected during his six decades in Congress. The Tweet-o-sphere along with the mainstream media went into a meltdown. Criticizing Trump for responding to Rep. Lewis's derogatory comments. How dare Trump criticize "civil rights icon" John Lewis say the critics. As though John Lewis is above reproach. 

Career Race Card Playa'
For the better part of six decades John Lewis has used the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to shield himself from criticism. To a greater degree than chicken hawks Sharpton and Jackson, John Lewis has monopolized the civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Selma to escape criticism of his legislative incompetence and intellectual impotence. Barack Obama was able to effectively avoid criticism during his two terms in office because the mainstream media used the race-card for him. All criticism of Obama was deemed to be 'racist' and therefore the mainstream media never dared (nor did they want to) criticize his scandal-plagued administration. Rep. John Lewis has done it for over 60 years. Quite an accomplishment.

Despite maintaining his cushy position as a House rep for over six decades by playing the race card at heart Rep. Lewis is a racist maggot who hates whites. His relentless attacks on the Benghazi families whose loved ones were allowed to be slaughtered by bloodthirsty jihadis while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ordered US troops to stand down was the height of repulsive. His stupid 'sit-ins' and blaming guns rather than Muslims for the ISIS-inspired terror attacks in Orlando and elsewhere in America during Obama's tenure was pure hypocrisy. Lastly, his monopolizing of Selma as some sacred holy ground where only HE can walk to relive the March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge is pure bullshit. Donald J. Trump won the election because he refused to pander to race pimps and poverty hustlers like Rep. John Lewis. Not only was Trump justified in unloading on Lewis he should actually continue the assault. 


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