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Emboldened Thug Keith Lamont Scott
Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney stated there will be no charges filed against the police officer in the shooting of Keith Lamont-Scott. The fact that charges were even considered in the first place was ridiculous. It is impossible for anyone with any common sense to view the full video of the shooting and come to any other conclusion than that Keith Lamont Scott not only posed a immediate threat to the police officers who were attempting to serve a warrant but to the community at large. The notion that someone who is given a lawful command to exit his or her vehicle by a police officer and then does so with a loaded weapon in hand should be pleaded with is not only outrageous but symbolic of the brazen lawlessness encouraged by liberals and the political elite.

Much like they have done with Muslim refugees and terrorists, liberals and the American political elite have emboldened black thugs and in many cases encouraged attacks on police. Like Michael Brown and Eric Garner before him Keith Lamont Scott believed he was above the law and openly taunted police with a loaded weapon. Did Mr. Scott believe that because he exited the vehicle with a loaded weapon in hand police were going to go away? Did he believe he was going to win an unjustified shoot out with police? Or was the marijuana he smoked laced with PCP or some other illicit substance that made him lose his damn mind? Keith Scott was not only in the wrong he explicitly threatened the police with a loaded weapon and refused with their repeated complies for him to drop his gun. 

Nappy Head Stephanie Clemons Thompson
There is no gray area in the full six minute and twenty-five second video of this goon refusing to comply with a lawful order then subsequently threatening police officers. Police were looking for a suspect with a warrant. Even if Scott fit the description once they checked his identification or driver's license they would have realized he was not the suspect and he would have been on his way. There is no way Keith Scott did not see the bright flashing lights of the police SUVs behind him on a clear sunny day in Charlotte. Yet, he still chose to hop out of his vehicle gun in hand. He was looking for a confrontation with police clearly. The notion floated by his family that Scott jumped out of his vehicle with a book in hand not only was ridiculous it is not supported by the video which clearly shows he had a gun. 

In an interview with MSNBC Scott family attorney Eduardo Curry attempted to offer some bogus account of the events that are completely debunked by the video recorded by Scott's own wife. Curry attempted to argue that the witnesses, ALL the witnesses were wrong. He must have been smoking the same ish that Keith Scott was. Curry's interview was so utterly ridiculous he should have been given a drug test live on air. After news of the shooting became public last summer black goons overran the city destroying everything in site. Police were then ordered to stand down by liberal mayor Jennifer Roberts who allowed criminals to destroy property and businesses owned by hard-working taxpayers and threaten law-abiding citizens. All the while black thugs terrorized Charlotte not a word of rebuke from the BHO administration which has done nothing but foster anti-cop hatred and lawlessness on the part of black thugs and gangsters. 

Jennifer Roberts another liberal kook
Mayor Roberts' response was no different than that of Ohio Governor John Kasich to the recent Muslim terrorist attack by Somali Muslim refugee Abdul Razak Ali Ratan. The common theme among the political elite is to allow black thugs and Muslims to engage in lawlessness then blame the cops and the victims for the actions of these thugs. Abdul Razak Ali Ratan a Somali Muslim refugee and a product of Ohio Governor John Kasich' secret importation of Muslims into Ohio; plowed over Ohio State students with a car and then exited his vehicle and began to attack students with a knife before being shot by an Ohio State University police officer. Initially Ohio State officials attempted to cover up the facts by sending an alert that there was an "active shooter" on campus knowing full well Ali Ratan did not have a gun. When the truth came out that no gun was involved they then tried to conceal his identity so the public would not know Ali Ratan was a Muslim. Once Ali Ratan's identity became public, along with his previous social media threats against the West, Kasich, who vehemently opposed Donald Trump, refused to even acknowledge that Ali Ratan's adherence to Islam was the prime motivator for the attack. Subsequently, Stephanie Clemons-Thompson an Ohio State University "diversity" president not only refused to blame Ali Ratan for the attack but claimed that "police brutality" encouraged him to perpetrate the attack and praised Black Lives Matters! 

The type of behavior exhibited by scum bag, globalist leaning politicians like Jennifer Roberts and John Kasich is exactly what enables Muslim terrorist cowards and black thugs like Abdul Razak Ali Ratan and Keith Lamont Scott to feel as though they can openly attack law-abiding Americans and police officers. This type of behavior is typical of EU bureaucrats like Angela Merkel and Francoise Hollande who have allowed Muslim thugs to not only overrun their countries but to perpetrate violence on their own citizens. 


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