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Back in 2008 Barack Obama said he wanted to "fundamentally transform America". He was right but he was also wrong. What Obama did was to create a climate of political correctness that covered America like a dark shroud. For eight years the progressive-socialist agenda has been in full swing with political correctness the order of the day. The BHO administration was a call to arms for liberals and progressives to realize their collective dream of a socialist utopia complete with transgender restrooms, illegal immigration, Muslim pandering, race riots, and government handouts. Anyone who disagreed with BHO and liberals was immediately cast as a 'racist' or 'sexist' or 'Islamophobe'. The administration had even punked the GOP led Congress who rubber stamped BHO's entire agenda. By all accounts the Obama Administration and the Left with the help of the mainstream media had been successful in silencing Christians, conservatives, and the American middle class. That is until November 8th. 

Once Hillary Clinton and the DNC brass conned and cheated their way to the Democratic nomination their collective arrogance was in full effect. They laughed when Donald J. Trump threw his hat into the race for the highest office in the land. And even though he practically destroyed the 16 other GOP candidates they brushed off his candidacy as a mere aberration. Hillary Clinton who had used her foundation to sell American sovereignty to foreign nations while serving as United States Secretary of State laughed off an FBI inquiry (i refuse to call it a real investigation) into her maintaining official government business on a private email server. Right around the July Fourth holiday FBI Director James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing calling her only 'reckless' but stating no 'prosecutor would reasonably bring charges' for this type of activity. In spite of the fact American servicemen and other government officials had previously been charged, tried, convicted and sentenced for doing the exact same thing on a smaller level. 

In the months and days leading up to November 8th Julian Assange and WikiLeaks released a blistering onslaught of thousands of emails, mainly from long time political hack and Clinton aide John Podesta, chronicling not only the crimes of Hillary Clinton herself but the criminal behavior of a Democratic National Party that sought to undermine the political system. The mainstream media on broadcast news networks, talk shows, and comedy shows laughed off Wikileaks, Donald Trump and his supporters. Hillary Clinton herself even went on national television and labeled Donald Trump supporters as 'deplorables' or racists and sexists. Rather than answer for her own behavior in attacking women sexually assaulted by her husband former president William J. Clinton, Hillary with the help of the mainstream media was successful in making Donald Trump out to be a sexist and rapist. The weekend before election day the Clinton Campaign with the help of the administration successfully laughed off another James Comey inquiry into a new discovery of 650,000 more emails found on the mobile devices and servers of pedophile husband Anthony Weiner husband of her Muslim Brotherhood aid Huma Abedin. The mainstream media, DNC and the Left were %1000 confident Hillary Clinton would occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. once again. Fake conservatives like Colin Powell and Karl Rove jumped aboard the soon to be sinking Clinton boat. Networks like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC along with the Washington Post and New York Times were already declaring Hillary Clinton the winner and president-elect. The Left and the political establishment felt successful that they had drowned out any opposition voices.

In all their bravado and arrogance the Left, the administration, and the DNC Mafia totally overestimated their own strategy. By forcing Trump supporters to remain silent polling experts were unable to fully gauge the growing support for Donald Trump among America's largest voting populace the middle class. Furthermore, the mainstream media and the Clinton camp did such a good job of convincing her followers that the election was over they basically ignored their traditional voting bases; African-Americans and Latino-Americans. The DNC in it's arrogance figured it had these traditional DNC voting blocs in the bag as evidence that Hillary Clinton spent unusually inordinate amounts of time campaigning in Michigan and Pennsylvania traditionally blue states that should have already been accounted for. Trouble was on the horizon. 

Rumblings of lower-than-expected African-American turnout made it to the mainstream media but got very little attention. Sometime in the late afternoon on Election Night the Trump Tidal Wave began to really pick up steam. Ohio, North Carolina and Florida were falling fast in spite of the mainstream media's reluctance to acknowledge it. By late evening November 8th the Left's worst nightmare would become a reality: Donald J. Trump would secure the necessary Electoral College votes to become the 45th President of these United States of America. By dawn liberals were in total and complete shock. Facebook memes of liberals threatening suicide and exodus from America were abound everywhere. Twitter was in total and complete shock as liberals took to their feeds to shout foul and disgusting profanities to voice their outrage. Hollywood celebrities in all their arrogance were in total panic mode. The American political establishment and the mainstream media stood in total disbelief. All the liberal efforts to turn America into a socialist satellite state of the European Union had utterly failed.

The Obama Administration's greatest success was not legislative it was cultural. It was joining forces with the radical Left to push God out of the American conscious; feminize men and destroy Freedom of Speech by fostering a hostile climate of political correctness through violence against Christians and conservatives. The high point of this arrogance was when BHO himself went on national television and advocated lawbreaking by declaring that illegal aliens themselves had the right to vote and they became citizens by simply doing so. The demasculation of men had been achieved through political correctness and the illegal legislative implementation of a godless agenda that sought to allow grown cross-dressing men to enter into women's and girl's restrooms. Men were told to stand down against the threats of Islamic terrorism and illegal alien violence. Millennials many of which have never worked or built anything took their lead from Bernie Sanders whose presidential campaign advocated freebies for illegals, Muslims, and freeloading parasites. Americans, Christians, and conservatives stewed with anger as BHO, Hillary Clinton and the Left ruthlessly attacked Donald J. Trump for derogatory comments made over a decade ago but gave William J. Clinton a total pass for his well-documented rape of women. Even worse after FLOTUS Michelle went live to attack Donald J. Trump for 'degrading women' she turns right around with Hillary Clinton and allows the likes of Rick Ross and Jay-Z to perform at the White House and hold fundraisers on the Clinton campaign's behalf. Whining professional black athletes who have been benefactors of American greatness disrespected the American flag by kneeling during national anthems. Illegal aliens and protesters were allowed to openly perpetrate violence against Trump supporters. No the BHO Administration's greatest success was turning weak Americans against America. Or so they thought. 

On November 8th REAL Americans the forgotten Americans. Christians, taxpayers, blue collar workers, gun-owners, real women and men stood up and destroyed the Left on Election Day. What was thought to be a 'landslide' was exactly that as Hillary Clinton was utterly destroyed in what was not even a close election. From CNN to MSNBC liberals everywhere cried like the bitches they are. Washington Post columnist and Clinton Campaign homosexual prostitute Jonathan Capehart cried like a little bitch during an interview sobbing that he was scared as a 'gay black man' to live in an America where Donald J. Trump was POTUS. Van Jones a useless mainstream media bitch and DNC prostitute went live on television calling the election a 'white-lash' as though it was only white Americans that voted for Donald J. Trump. This disgusting kind of sissified behavior on the part of two individuals who are supposed to be men is just what the BHO administration sought to achieve. Jonathan Capehart fears Donald Trump as POTUS more than he fears the wrath of God for living in his satanic and hideous lifestyle as a homosexual. 

The same media that attacked and mocked Donald J. Trump for refusing to say he would accept the results of the election now refuses to accept the results. So they call on billionaire international criminal and riot financier George Soros to spawn protests across the U.S. Pathetic little liberal punks and cowards many of whom have never collected a legitimate paycheck in their short measly lives now roam the streets destroying property they did not build. College students led by liberal professors are too 'traumatized' to attend class. Yes, BHO has spawned a generation of bitch-made adults. CNN and the mainstream media would have America believe that these little punks are a majority but the election results show different. The majority of Americans despise the little bastard protesting cowards crying like little kids who want to take their ball and go home when they lose. Not only is such behavior pathetic it is godless. This is what happens when the mainstream media and Hollywood has been emboldened by socialist politicians to craft public policy. 

The fact of the matter is that Donald J. Trump, although not perfect won by not only speaking to the hearts of Americans but showing them he actually LOVES America. While Hillary Clinton was sleeping and parading around with Hollywood idiots like Amy Schumer and prostitutes like Miley Cyrus Donald J. Trump was in Louisiana rolling up his sleeves and passing out food to flood victims. Hillary Clinton was exposed as a big money Washington insider and godless hypocrite who sought the presidency only to enrich herself at taxpayer expense. Not only did Donald Trump win in a landslide the GOP kept both houses of Congress and gained gubernatorial positions across America. The REAL American people have sent a message to Washington, Hollywood and the Left and that is that they have had enough. It is time to take America back from the God-hating political insiders and their mindless liberal minions. 


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