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At one time the professional black athlete was a role model for not only black people but all Americans. Unfortunately, that time has long passed. Today's black athlete is a spoiled, overpaid, entitled, anti-intellectual and ignorant fool and a puppet of the Hollywood liberal elite. Colin Kaepernick's recent stand against the American flag and his musings about police brutality reflect not only the confusion of the professional black athlete and black people in general but the rantings of a puppet. Today's professional black athlete has been propped up by the liberal mainstream media as being a beacon of morality to a confused generation. The black athlete believes that police brutality, of which many of them never experience, is the number one problem facing America and black people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite his supposed anger towards "America" and the "system" the professional black athlete fails to understand that it is only under the American flag that he could reap the spoils of being an ignorant, overpaid thug. Professional sports in America has become such a money-making machine that it insulates many athletically gifted young black men from the harsh realities of American urban life they claim to endure. The blood sucking scum bag college recruiters and professional sports scouts seek out athletically gifted black youth and pamper them and groom them to become the next NCAA Division I athletes and professional sports phenoms. Athletically and physically gifted young black males are funneled towards posh private high schools much like LeBron James. The NCAA and high school sports work together to become a money-making scheme that yanks black men from the black community. High school football and basketball programs around America have their equipment an arenas funded by the ghetto vampires at Nike and other athletic apparel organizations all in an effort to find the next black football or basketball phenom. 

The AAU, NCAA, coaches, and professional scouts have absolutely no interest in providing moral, spiritual, intellectual and/or financial guidance to these athletically and physically gifted but fatherless young black men. Many of them routinely engage in criminal activity but are coddled by a criminal justice system that engages in selective justice. In other words, Colin Kaepernick could go out today and sexually assault a woman and get a slap on the wrist. Collegiate and professional black athletes despite their incessant whining and bitching about "racism" have become a protected class in America. Rarely, and I do mean rarely are black athletes subject to the same laws as average Americans or even average black Americans. So to see a professional black athlete like Colin Kaepernick who has a $114 million dollar contract refuse to stand for a flag that grants him privileges above and beyond that of the average American citizen either black or white is ridiculous. 

The ignorance of many black athletes is found on two levels. First their lifestyles do not mirror their arguments. Many of these collegiate and professional black athletes yap about "racism" and white privilege but many of them date, marry, and cohabit with white women. In fact, most of them do. One would think if these young men were so in tune with the harsh realities of American inner cities that they would date or marry black women. I bring this up simply for the fact that many of these collegiate and professional black athletes do not move within the same circles that bring them in contact with police brutality. It seems awfully difficult to speak about the "realities" of racism when you date and cohabit the same ethnic group you claim is oppressing you. Why then do these same black athletes have no solidarity with those they claim are being oppressed? Secondly, and more importantly the black athlete lacks a fundamental understanding of the world outside of his pampered American reality.

In  most countries particularly African nations, most black people, lack running water, functional sewage and waste systems and endure some of the most deplorable living conditions anywhere on the globe. Even the worst American ghetto the worst housing project in Chicago, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit would be considered luxurious compared to the primitive dirt huts in Uganda, Kenya, or Zaire. The American Negro athlete who attends press conferences with $400 headphones and $100,000 necklaces gripes about racism when black people in Africa are lucky to eat fly infested millet on a monthly basis. The American Negro athlete spends more on his wheels and rims than the average yearly income of 1000 Kenyans will accumulate in two decades yet he pretends as though the American flag has "oppressed" him. The American Negro athlete has access to the best doctors and healthcare in the world while black Africans die from smallpox, dysentry, and other ancient diseases unknown to Americans. This is why no one takes the American Negro athlete seriously and why many countries ban him altogether. Every time he opens his mouth he spews forth ignorance and stupidity unparalleled by any other subgroup of human culture.

If America is a three-ring circus the American Negro athlete is the clown under the big top. Even worse is that he is being manipulated by the social engineers of American pop culture to further the globalist agenda. The foolishness of the American Negro athlete reached epic proportions during this years ESPY Awards when Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Chris Paul stood up to "denounce gun violence"! Their collective stupidity signaled to the world the intellectual apathy of the American Negro athlete. Guns do not voluntarily load themselves jump into people's hands, particularly black people, and force them to shoot other black people. "Guns" also do not force black men to walk out on their own children to the tune of %75 in the black community. The collective IQ's of these four buffoons could be counted on one hand. Black people murdered by white cops is less than %1 of all homicides in America annually yet, blacks murdered by other blacks accounts for over %93 of all homicides in black America annually. The upward trends of black-on-black crime; illegitimate black birth rates, black incarceration rates; sexually transmitted disease; and black crime have persisted since the introduction of government assistance and the welfare state in America some 60-70 years ago. Simultaneously, black Americans have trended downward in marriage rates; high school graduation rates; home ownership; employment; etc. This is no coincidence. 

The introduction of the progressive movement into black America has wreaked untold havoc on generations of black people but most importantly it pushed God out of the collective black American consciousness. The misguided social and political rantings and ravings of today's American Negro athlete are word for word from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Very little that spawns from the lips of the American Negro athlete is genuine and sounds almost like they have progressive teleprompters in front of them when they speak. Many of today's American Negro athletes were born at the tail end of or after the crack baby generation. In other words, the heavy lifting of REAL racism, segregation and discrimination had been done by previous generations of black people. This generation of black Americans and American Negro athletes, those born in 1990 or later have enjoyed and enjoy privileges and opportunities previous generations could never have imagined. Yet, they are the most anti-intellectual, ungrateful, ignorant, lazy, and destructive generation of black Americans ever to inhabit America. They are the social media generation most of whom have never even lifted a book let alone read one from cover to cover. In spite of all the amazing technology available they use it to portray themselves as Facebook buffoons on the world stage rather than become intellectually competent and learn to understand the world in which they live. Colin Kaepernick is a confused, misguided member of this lost generation and it is only when he and other American Negro athletes are slaves on a United Nations plantation will they understand the true value of America and Old Glory. All Americans should help hasten their understanding of this by boycotting the NFL and the NBA.


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