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Only a truly despicable person would use the death of his own son to further a twisted and godless political agenda. Welcome to liberal politics 2016 where no death is too horrific and no tragedy too tragic to further the anti-American, anti-God agenda. The progressive movement has the full backing of the American political establishment and its corporate puppet masters in its quest to dissolve personal liberty and freedom; and eradicate American sovereignty. The pathetic musings of professional victim politics are being used to usurp the will of God-loving, freedom loving American citizens by installing a criminal as executive who will do the bidding of the global elite.

The American political establishment is in full out attack mode because Donald Trump has refused to play by its rules. Whether or not you like Donald Trump the man has brought to the fore the truth that liberals and the global elite do not want exposed. Every dirty trick in the global elite playbook is being used to suppress his voice. Donald Trump has exposed the plan to incorporate America into a global government and now every arm of the establishment is being employed in an effort to destroy him. 

Donald Trump has exposed the fact that Americans are under attack. Much like their EU counterparts the American political elite have sanctioned amnesty allowing hordes of barbarians who would slaughter Americans to walk freely across our borders. Muslims, gang members, drug runners, child traffickers, and other assorted hoodlums are not only allowed to cross the borders freely but the Border Patrol has been instructed to aid them in illegally immigrating to America without regard for their backgrounds, intentions or health putting American citizens at risk.

The American political elite have made criminals a protected class giving them license to seek and destroy. From Baltimore to San Jose to Philadelphia law-enforcement is not only ordered to stand down (much like Europe) and let domestic terrorists wreak havoc; but are encouraged to murder law-enforcement officials. Simultaneously, the very document that separates America from Third World countries is not only being ignored it is being shredded by a political elite that wants to prod, poke, and monitor every movement of lawful American citizens while it allows terrorists and criminals to operate freely and lawlessly within Americas borders.

Donald Trump has done the one thing that lifelong bureaucrats and political hack pundits have never done and that is build businesses and create jobs. He has employed all types of people all over the globe yet, a woman who has never created a job is being propped up as the savior for all the ills of middle class Americans created by eight years of governance by her own party. 

Code words like "equality" and "diversity" are just diversionary terms used to deceive the masses into believing that the political elite stand for some greater universal good. The problem is that "God" is nowhere in their agenda. The entire American political class led by their masters in corporate America and aided by the mainstream media thought police recently led an all-out assault to give cross-dressing sexual deviant perverts access to our women, daughters, and children by allowing them in women's locker rooms and restrooms. In a blatant affront to the will of God the executive behaved like some king issuing an edict demanding schools, yes schools, allow men and boys to enter women's and girls restrooms. Nothing is sacred anymore not even the lives of our women and children.

Hillary Clinton is now the preferred establishment choice and not one of her proposed policies put God in the forefront. "Gender equality", illegal immigration, gun control and on and on. Every policy she proposes comes straight from Davos and advocates eradicating American sovereignty by first nullifying God in the consciousness of the population. This is exactly what has happened in Europe. European citizens share some of the blame for their current plight. Europeans have always arrogantly prided themselves on being different from Americans in their willingness to "accept" new ideas and "openness". It was this attitude that allowed the gradual incorporation into the corrupt European Union and the gradual infiltration of Islam into European society. Europeans now find themselves governed at military gunpoint by a group of corrupt tax exempt elites who are subjecting them to a Muslim invasion. The policies of Obama, Trudeau and Nieto differ little if at all from those of Hollande and Merkel. 

The mainstream media have manipulated ignorant millenials into believing that it is more acceptable to be "politically correct" than to be accepted by God. The major news outlets and Hollywood have always led the cultural attack against God but now they have help from social media companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter which drown out conservative opinion. These companies have globalists on their boards and as CEOs and have liberal domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and CAIR on their payrolls. They attempt to drown out the voice of anyone who dare speaks out against the liberal agenda which is really the globalist agenda.

The attack on Donald Trump is not just an attack on Donald Trump it is an attack against America and on a deeper level an attack against God. This is not to say that Donald Trump is God or a "messiah" it is just simply saying that he has voiced opinions that are diametrically opposed to the liberal policies that are part of the American-hating, God-hating globalist agenda. Now is not the time for petty arguments now is the time to take a stand against the evil that will befall our families, communities, and countries if the representative of global government like Hillary Clinton takes office. Like Donald Trump stated Hillary Clinton is pure Satan and the death of America is all but certain if she becomes president.


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