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Disgraceful, disgusting and repulsive. The nerve of Hillary Clinton to appoint herself spokeswoman for black people. In recent speeches Donald Trump has laid out the facts about how Democrat and progressive policies have failed black America. Whether you like him or not he has been on point about how these policies have failed black America. For almost 60 years the Democratic Party has had not only a monopoly on the black vote but a monopoly on leadership in America's big cities and inner cities. Democrats are the mayors, city councils, teachers unions, and school boards. They have pushed the idea that black empowerment can only be achieved by the welfare state and big government. These polices have resulted in the total decimation of inner city black communities by creating a pool of parasitic behavior and free for all mentality fomented by race and poverty pimps in the DNC. 

During his speech Donald Trump predicted Hillary Clinton would respond with race baiting and race bait she did. Somehow in the past 17 years since her despicable husband left office Hillary Clinton decided she would become the spokeswoman for black America. Despite her nineteen nineties reference to black people as "super predators" and her undying support for Planned Parenthood an organization founded by eugenicists and dismembers black babies in their sanitized urban American concentration camp abortion clinics then subsequently sells their body parts to big pharma witch doctors; SHE has appointed herself savior of black America. 

When she does crawl out of her catacombs to give speeches she rambles on about "white privilege" and refers to a man who has employed thousands of black people in his hotels and businesses as being "racist". The same woman who openly mocked black people by speaking in a southern drawl refers to Donald Trump as a "racist". A woman who sold government secrets from an unsecured personal server in another state and skated prosecution without even being charged talks about "white privilege" in front of black people. This is ironic considering her husband upheld mandatory minimum sentencing for crack-cocaine distribution ratios during his tenure in office. In other words, one can receive 5 years for selling 5 grams of crack cocaine but the politically connected and the wealthy like Hillary Clinton can sell American sovereignty through a personal unsecured email server as United States Secretary of State and not even get charged. I just have never met ONE black person who could get away with such madness yet she speaks of "white privilege".

Maybe Hillary Clinton feels that since she supports the ridiculous George-Soros financed and owned Black Lives Matter movement that somehow allows her to appoint herself the champion of black America. Black America is experiencing record levels of unemployment under a black president while she rakes in six figures giving speeches and her daughter gets cushy "consulting" jobs in which she rakes in six figures with no experience. Yet, black America is mired in joblessness, unemployment and underemployment. She supports open borders for illegal aliens who will enter into direct competition in the job market with black American citizens. She supports increasing the illegal immigration into America of Muslim refugees who despise women and Christians in spite of the fact that a large majority of black America identifies with the Christian faith. 

Besides being a mix of lunacy and silly conspiracy theories Hillary Clinton's ridiculous speech was the same old tired liberal-progressive-Democrat politics of race-baiting and poverty pimping. The same old promises and the same old lies yielding the same results. Black America is tired of Democratic politics. Why should black people have to accept failing schools, public housing, and welfare assistance when Hillary Clinton and her daughter get cushy six figure jobs giving speeches and consulting. Why should black people not be able to attend plush private schools or live in $10M apartments in downtown Manhattan. Hillary Clinton is the champion of lower living and low expectations for black people. She wants to keep them corralled in the stale stable of racial politics and mired in the muck of urban poverty. She labels herself a "pantsuit aficionado" as she hobbles around in $12,000 Armani pantsuits in front of poor black children. It is high time black people rid themselves of the filth, lies and corruption of lifelong politicians who only see them as votes.


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