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Europe is gone. The non-elected European Union bureaucracy has handed the continent and its people over to ISIS. Europeans from France to Germany are being raped, pillaged, plundered, and slaughtered by Muslim thugs while authorities stand by and stand down. Sharia law zones have been established throughout Europe and Muslim clerics openly advocate violence and an outright assault on not just Christianity but humanity. Europe has endured countless wars from the War of the Roses; Wars of Religion (French and Spanish); the Crimean War; the Napoleonic Wars; the Balkan Wars; and two devastating World Wars I and II and Europeans have always survived. This unfortunately is one war they will not survive.

The continent that brought us the concept of the nation-state is helpless against the European Union which is destroying it by erasing national cultures and identities. EU officials, non-elected, tax-exempt, wealthy bureaucrats have crafted a policy that calls for the unfettered migration of violent Muslim immigrants from the Middle East into Europe. European Union policy allows Muslims to establish a foothold in Europe by openly engaging in terrorism against Europeans. Law enforcement does little if anything to protect European citizens. Earlier this year Muslim thugs were allowed to openly rape women in the streets of Cologne, Germany. Women and children are under constant threat of being raped and sexually assaulted in Sweden. Europeans are not only discouraged from speaking out publicly and through social media against the destructive EU open borders policy: they are being arrested and prosecuted for doing so. The EU brass is crafting legislation to make it illegal to oppose Muslim migration via the Internet and taking it a step further by taking steps to require a national ID number for Europeans to even access the Internet.

Angela Merkel posed with Muslim thugs for selfies days before these same thugs perpetrated terrorist attacks on her own citizens. In France, Hollande is just as guilty as the Muslim thugs that have terrorized and slaughtered his own citizens. The liberal, government-owned mainstream media also aids and abets Muslim violence by refusing to even use the word "Islam" in reference to these terrorist acts and even worse engaging in character assassination of victims. United Kingdom citizens no doubt considered the spreading Muslim menace when casting their Brexit votes a few weeks ago. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a violent Muslim thug that defended the 9/11 attacks and Azzam Tamimi who openly called for the slaughter of those who "offended" Mohammed. When Presidential Candidate Donald Trump praised Saddam Hussein's slaughter of terrorists the liberal media called Trump a "terrorist sympathizer". Trump was historically accurate in his assessment of Saddam's ability to destroy terrorists. 

The European mainstream media specifically the Guardian and BBC News defend and promote Islam much the same way that American mainstream media outlets do. Never mind that Muslims openly torture and slaughter women and homosexuals. Facebook, which is nothing but a government owned and Nazi-run social media platform openly promotes only favorable content containing Islam. Critics of Islam are being silenced on social media throughout Europe reminiscent of book burning of centuries gone by. The mainstream media completely whitewashed details of the horrific Bataclan Massacre where Muslim thugs slaughtered theater-goers by chopping off their genitals and shoving them down the victims throats BATACLAN COVER UP. The European mainstream media is even blaming the truck used to mow down women and children rather than the Muslim perpetrator Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. This is no different than American mainstream media and politicians blaming the guns used by Muslim thug Omar Mateen for the slaughter of homosexuals at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando rather than the extremist, twisted ideology of Mateen himself (questions still surround this entire incident). 

There has been a concerted effort to silence opposition to the growing threat of Islam in the West. Whereas the European Union silences Muslim opposition by force the American mainstream media uses deception to cover up Muslim violence in Europe and the fact that it is seeping into America. The American mainstream media uses its Hollywood star power to shape favorable public opinion of Islam. ESPN which is nothing but a propaganda outlet trots out mindless black athletes who stand before the world at the ESPY's and speak out against "gun violence", a concept that exists only in the minds of naive liberals who refuse to accept the global threat of Islam. Islam is a political ideology that thrives on generating fear by threatening to slaughter all who oppose it. The problem is that the political elite are not only suppressing Muslim violence but promoting it. "Moderate" Muslims do not exist. By their very silence they are complicit in Muslim terrorism. 

The Constitution is the only defense to the spread of Islam in America. The best assessment and condemnation of the the Islamic threat came from Newt Gingrich. Despite the fact that Gingrich is a globalist his verbal assault on Islam and Sharia law was spot on and should serve as a warning to any American still supportive of the policy of unfettered Muslim immigration NEWT GINGRICH ASSAULT ON ISLAM. Gingrich eloquently outlines the severity of continued Muslim immigration and the complicity of the American political elite in integrating Islam and Sharia Law into America. American liberals will point to Gingrich's marital history as evidence that his assessment of Islam is less than credible which is total bunk. EU leaders much like Hillary Clinton are in bed with Muslim states so much so that they are absolutely silent on the atrocities committed by states that sponsor violent Muslim migrants. Saudi Arabia recently sentenced Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes 10 per week for voicing opposition to Islam. Yet, Hillary Clinton has taken millions from the wicked Saudi ruling elite and American liberal college professors who advocate "women's rights" and "freedom of speech" refuse to even acknowledge Badawi's demise BLOGGER RECEIVES 1,000 LASHES.

Europe lays at the door step of total destruction at the hands of a relentless and merciless enemy; not Islam but the ruling EU bureaucrats who seek to achieve global government at the expense of their own constituents. The truth is the West has the power to eradicate the Muslim threat but it's officials chose not to do so and as a result Europeans who lack the benefit of having a "Constitution" to protect their basic liberties are helpless against this wicked and satanic threat. Make no mistake Islam is Satan and Satan is Islam. Islam is conceived in the bowels of hell and seeks to establish hell on Earth. As much as the EU bureaucracy is to blame Europeans themselves must shoulder some of the burden for waiting to late to recognize the menace. Unfortunately for Europe it may be too late.


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