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The upcoming Democratic Convention in Philadelphia will give a voice to the enemies of America and the enemies of God. Communists, socialists, Muslim terrorists, illegal aliens, black thugs, and LGBT freaks will gather to spout their hatred of America. Their convention will be given favorable treatment by the liberal globalist puppet media and will embrace the ideology of hypocrisy. The reality is that the Democratic party gives a voice to those who refuse to appreciate the greatness of the country in which they live; yet want to feed at its trough. The headline of the convention will be the nomination of a woman who has spent years finding creative ways to circumvent the rule of law and to profit from her criminal misdeeds. Before Hillary Clinton is given a platform to spread her lies and propaganda she will be preceded by a lineup of the most classless, criminal, and morally repugnant characters assembled anywhere on the planet. Any event that features the disgusting and filthy Lena Dunham as a speaker is not an event where God will be present. Yet, there will be no mention of God at this event.

The only thing left to wonder about the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia is whether or not race hustlers and poverty pimps like Louis Farrakhan, Malik Zulu Shabazz and the outlandish Rev. Jeremiah Wright will be allowed to spout their black racist rhetoric live and on stage. And why not? Why not let domestic terrorist Bill Ayers or DeRay McKesson, Alicia Garza, or Patrice Cullors step up to the podium and shout death to the very same police who will be posted outside protecting their very right to spew their anti-American and anti-cop hatred. After Black Lives Matter, the Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam have all been guests at the White House at one time or another over the past eight years so why not give them an open forum at the national convention? This is the hypocrisy of the Democratic party. 

Democrats portray themselves as the party of inclusiveness. They will offer the same false arguments about Donald Trump being a modern day Hitler only to mask their own elitist and global proclivities. Democrats will speak about themselves being the voice of the poor and downtrodden minorities yet the only candidates they have to offer these so-called disenfranchised groups are an old angry socialist white guy Bernie Sanders whose only job ever was when he became a member of Congress; and a lifelong bureaucrat who has spent four decades in public service breaking federal laws. Neither Sanders nor Clinton for all their big talk about jobs has ever created a business or a job for anyone, specifically minorities, outside of their own personal staffs.

As a party Democrats have wholeheartedly supported this president's attack on law-enforcement and refusal to acknowledge the clear and present danger of Islamic fundamentalism. In fact, the only thing Democrats have to offer their misguided constituents is the promise of bigger and more intrusive government. They con their constituents into believing that wealthy, evil, Christian white men hate them and the only cure to such evil is more and bigger government. Their political ideology differs little if at all from the destructive globalist political ideology of European Union leaders Merkel and Hollande whose policies have turned Europe into a spawning ground for medieval Muslim savagery. 

Each and every policy put forth by Democrats during their Philadelphia convention will not only mean the destruction of national and personal sovereignty but the movement of America away from God. The Democratic party totally ignores America's ever increasing debt currently at 19 trillion dollars and growing but they want to eradicate the Constitution in order to absorb America fully into a global government run by the tyrants at the United Nations. They will trot out elitist Hollywood A-listers, domestic terrorists, godless sex-fiends, illegal aliens, Muslim terrorists and black racists who will all tell America how evil conservatives and America is. Subtly, they will also be telling America how evil God is and how much they hate him.


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