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You couldn't ask for a more perfect storm. An embattled presidential candidate, a DOJ, FBI Director and an administration under heavy fire for a sham investigation so much so that the liberal media could not ignore it now totally forgotten in the wake of incidents involving the police. Despite being completely exonerated by political hacks and lifelong bureaucrats the public perception was that Hillary Clinton not only lied about her personal email server but broke a number of federal laws and engaged in criminal mischief that anyone could consider treasonous. Then videotape surfaces of police shootings involving black men and white officers in Louisiana and Minnesota and poof! All is forgotten. Teflon Hillary escapes again.

I will refrain from getting into the specifics of these shootings because I simply do not know the facts regardless of cell phone video footage. Unlike the liberal media which has immediately jumped to conclusions throughout the tenure of the Obama administration. I have acknowledged before that police are like any other group they have their share of rotten apples but a few rotten apples should not cast dispersion on the group as a whole. There are very good police officers many of whom I have met and had no problems with. Then of course there are others that are not so nice. The same is said for black men and that is there are hard-working, law-abiding black men; but there also exists a sub group of black male thugs who terrorize their own communities. Having acknowledged that I simply do not know about either party, the black men, or police officers in either of these shootings to affirm their intentions. It is tragic when anyone dies and it is something all Americans and Christians should work together to avoid. 

I will say that the people marching against perceived police brutality in Dallas were engaged in a peaceful demonstration and the Dallas police securing the event rushed in to protect them at the sound of gunfire putting their own lives in danger. THIS is how not only citizens and police should interact but Americans should behave in general. As an ardent advocate of the Constitution I embrace any Americans right regardless of political ideology to exercise their First Amendment rights which is something liberals have been trying to destroy for the last eight years. And I also support the fact that the Dallas Police at the event were engaged in positive interaction with these groups. Some even posed for pictures with the Dallas Police officers.

What I do NOT accept however is the black cowards who embraced this cowardly act. First off, these police officers had nothing to do with the shootings in question. Secondly, had the idiot Black Lives Matter idiots and pseudo-revolutionary black power advocates paid attention both the demonstrators and the Dallas Police were engaged in civil and positive discourse. No cars were overturned; no windows broken; no fights, and seemingly no arrests. To celebrate such a cowardly and heinous act is typical of the millennial black power goofball who hides behind his Twitter account or poses as tough guy (or girl) on his Facebook page. 

These bitch-made black power punks like Black Lives Matter (who by the way are owned by the same establishment whites they claim to hate); the New (Old) Black Panther Pussy Cat Party; and any other ridiculous so-called black power chumps are opportunists. Many of them advocate murdering cops but few of them have the actual balls to do it. They wait behind their iPhones and tablets for an atrocity committed by someone else against innocent people and then they pounce on it. If they were so tough they would do it themselves but they refuse. 

The Dallas Police shooting sickened me because no matter what you think about the police those officers ran to the aid of people they thought were going to be harmed by sniper gunfire. They did not say "Oh I'm going to let these black protestors get shot because they hate us". Nope. They rushed in and put their lives on the line to protect the very same people that hate them. Does this obscure the fact that there are bad police officers out there that abuse their authority to victimize people. No of course not. Those officers should be rooted out arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced. I have long said that law-enforcement officials should be held to a higher standard because they have authority to enforce the law. However, that does not mean that citizens get to have NO STANDARDS. The idea that you can refuse to comply with a lawful order just because you are black or do not like the police is bullshit and usually a smokescreen to hide the fact that you are up to no good. Again I am not commenting on the Minneapolis and Louisiana police shootings I am making a general observation. 

As a Christian my heart bled with all those who died and all those involved in these shootings because in the end all of it could have been avoided. The problem is that we have allowed the political elite and their media minions to desensitize us and play up on tragedies and misunderstandings to promote their one-world government political agenda. In the end the political elite care not about the citizens or the police themselves. THEY have no respect for any of them. Hillary Clinton and this administration has already disgraced the memories of these fallen officers by openly flaunting their lawbreaking before the American people by coercing the FBI Director to refrain from charging her for treason. If they cared so much about the law and these officers Hillary Clinton would have on a jumpsuit and be in a bus on her way to Florence Super Max. Let us not be like them.


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