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Here's a look back at some of the ridiculous rantings of the idiots who comprise the American Left. Remember, only in America that guarantees the right to Freedom of Speech is such idiocy tolerated.


Susan Sarandon commenting on Woody Allen: "I think he sexually assaulted a child and I don't think that's right," Of course it isn't "right" but has this sagging old hag ever spoken out on the decades long sexual assault on women and young girls by Hillary's hubby? Don't think so. 


George Clooney assailing Americans for not taking in Syrian Refugees: The Undisputed King of All Douche Bags and Hypocrite of All Hypocrites has to be this mumbling, bumbling idiot George Clooney.  While this son-of-a-bitch dares attack working class Americans for not accepting Muslim refugees (many of whom are military aged men that hate America); this bastard has five mansions and has yet to take in one damn refugee. Typical Hollywood liberal who thinks he's a moral authority when really he's an elitist and a hypocrite. 


If this weren't enough Clooney had the unmitigated gall to talk about how money is "corrupting" politics yet he held a $350,000 per table fundraiser for the murderous Hillary Clinton. Sometimes you wonder if this guy really believes the bulls---t he spews.  I guess he thinks since he's married to a Middle Eastern woman that gives him the right to chastise hard working Americans, Christians, for not agreeing to fund the illegal immigration into America of American-hating, Christian hating Muslim thugs with their hard-earned tax dollars. The reality is no one but CNN gives a turd about this turd. Clooney has never been anything but a scum bag and a hypocrite who seems to echo the motto of other Hollywood liberals: Do As I Say Not As I Do.


I'd rank this jack ass higher on the list but unfortunately for him George Clooney is in the way. Here's another liberal idiot, and a foreigner at that, who thinks it acceptable to lecture American citizens on what else: accepting Muslim refugees. Never mind the fact that like the aforementioned George Looney and the Gulf Muslim states this globetrotting pud wacker has yet to accept one damn swine sucking Muslim refugee into one of his many mansions and oceanfront properties. Even worse this gerbil lover has donated less than a measly 1% of the millions of donations received by his corrupt ONE Foundation charity to the Third World peasants he claims to love so much.  Rather, Bono, or Little Boner, like the typical lying liberal elitist spent most of the funds on himself and the rest paying lavish salaries to his employees. What a b---h! 

Talk about cowardly. Even worse is that the United States Congress which is supposed to serve the American people (only in theory) actually invited this idiot to testify before them where he not only leveled a relentless and unjustified verbal assault on American taxpayers and Christians, but suggested that Congress combat Muslim extremism by sending American comedians to "entertain" them. Talk about a total f-----g idiot! Every member of the United States Congress that supported this garbage should be tried and convicted for treason for allowing this foreigner to declare war on American citizens. 


In a tribute to Beezlebub and Caligula the Democrat-led WH issued a decree threatening every school system in the nation to allow cross-dressing men who think they are women to entire women's restrooms and locker rooms. This sickening edict was only eclipsed by the actual language contained within it that basically stated that people are "assigned" their "sex at birth". In one fell swoop the spiritual darkness in high places gave rapists, pedophiles, sadists and every other pervert unfettered access to our women and children but outright denied the existence of God. Even worse at the crux of their argument is that same-sex bathrooms (based on the observable female and male genitalia) are "discriminatory". The United States AG herself a black woman argued that same-sex bathrooms are tantamount to Jim Crow and segregation. The very idea that anyone could concoct such an asinine argument is sickening and perverse. Never mind that not only are these the same liberals and Democrats who argue FOR same-sex marriage but none of them will ever share a restroom with the opposite sex. 


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